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In the hang glider, a single-blade glide itself with a chemical fiber sail over a frame made of aluminum alloy or carbon is called a hang glider, and the rider hangs on the belt "hang" From the thing that glides on the glider in the state ", it is a sky sport called hang glider. The aircraft is lightly about 20 kg to 35 kg and can be lifted by the power of one person. Because the passenger is hung on the swing line attached to the position of the center of gravity of the fuselage while wearing the harness and lying down, even if it is mistaken, it grips with just the force of the hand like the Nave of the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind It is safe because it is not because it is flying. The hang glider is exceptional in its speed feeling and it is also possible to reach an altitude of 1000 to 2000 m if you ride on the ascending air current, it is exactly what you can experience like a person flying in the sky with wings.

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