Hang gliding in Japan

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Hang glider, the aluminum alloy and one wing of the glider itself was covered with a sale of chemical fibers in a frame made of such as carbon is called a hang glider, a passenger was hanging in the "belt for that aircraft (hang) since the glider to glide ride to (glider) "in the state, is the Sky Sports called a hang-glider (hang glider). Aircraft in the 35kg about from lightly 20kg, can be lifted by the force of one person human. The rider because it hung in the swing line which is attached to the position of the center of gravity of the aircraft in the state of prone to wear a harness, and caught only the force of the hand as M?we of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is also wrong Rest assured that is not necessarily flying. Hang glider is its sense of speed is exceptional, that can be also be highly arrival of 1000 ~ 2000m if ride in updraft, is attractive that it is exactly what people like or fly in the air to obtain a wing experience.

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