What is a Sea kayak? A thorough guide on how to enjoy Sea kayak, clothes, recommended spots, etc. that you want to know before experiencing!

A thorough guide on how to enjoy Sea kayak, clothes, recommended spots, etc. that you want to know before experiencing!

A "Sea kayak" that moves forward over the sea while watering with a paddle.
It seems difficult at first glance, but anyone can easily row as long as they get the hang of it, so this is a water Activity that even beginners can easily try. This time, we will introduce the clothes you should experience when you experience Sea kayak, the points you should be aware of, and the recommended spots in Okinawa, Chiba, and Kanagawa.

What Activity Sea kayak?

What Activity Sea kayak?

" Sea kayak" means a Kayak to enjoy at the sea.
The hull is covered by the deck except the seats. "Closed deck" The feature is that it is a specification. Therefore, it is difficult for water to enter the ship even when the waves come and it is difficult to dive.

Also, compared to Kayak used in rivers and lakes, The hull is made elongated so that it is not easily affected by waves, wind and tides..
Sea kayak have excellent stability and straightness, so they are used not only as an Activity but also when moving from one island to another.

Tell us about the charm of Sea kayak!

Tell us about the charm of Sea kayak!

Sea kayak 's first attraction is Enjoying a different view from what you see from the ground it might be.

When I got on the Sea kayak for the first time, Closeness to the water surface Is amazed by. Therefore, if you are on a daytime tour, you can see the underwater terrain, coral reefs, and school of fish with the naked eye.

Also, if you participate in an evening tour you can see the scenery of the sea that is dyed by the sunset, if you participate in an evening tour you can see the starry sky of the sky, You can see a completely different landscape depending on the season and the Tour Time The real pleasure of Sea kayak.

In addition, depending on the area, there are many tours that offer ways to enjoy the plus alpha, such as landing on an uninhabited island or entering a cave.

There are endless ways to enjoy Sea kayak, so you'll surely find the one that suits your taste!

What do you want to pay attention to with a Sea kayak?

What do you want to pay attention to with a Sea kayak?

There are some points to note because Sea kayak is done in nature.
Therefore, Important points to know in order to enjoy safely I have summarized.

If you look sweet, you will get burned! Beware of sunburn

Since there is nothing that blocks the sun's rays on the sea, the skin is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays. Moreover, Not only the sunlight pouring from above, but also the "reflection" reflected by the water surface must be taken into consideration.. Therefore, you should be careful about sunburn not only in summer but also in spring and autumn.

During the experience, keep your skin exposed as much as possible, and use sunscreen cream to protect yourself from sunburn.

Be careful of heat stroke in summer!

If you are going to experience Sea kayak in the middle of summer, you should be careful about heat stroke.
When the sea breeze blows, the heat may feel less I thought I was fine, but in reality I was dehydrated without realizing it... It's quite possible.

Let's try to prevent heat stroke more usual by frequently rehydrating. As a measure, We recommend sports drinks that can replenish salt and sugar at the same time. is.

Beware of sudden weather changes!

Since the sea conditions are unstable, it is difficult for beginners to properly judge when, where and how the weather will change...
If you participate in the tour, it is safe because an experienced instructor will guide you while considering the weather and tides of the On the day, but sometimes Unexpected high waves due to sudden strong wind There may be something.

If the weather suddenly deteriorates, please evacuate immediately following the instructions of the instructor.

I want to know how to dress when doing Sea kayak!

I want to know how to dress when doing Sea kayak!

During the experience of Sea kayak, we have to be careful about getting wet with water and strong ultraviolet rays, so choosing clothes is a difficult problem.
Well then Introducing basic clothes for Sea kayak To do.

In the summer, swimsuit + rash guard will prevent sunburn!

Sea kayak departs from the beach, you will be immersed in the sea up to your knees when boarding.
Even if you think about waterproofing, you want to enjoy yourself with one swimsuit in summer, but with swimsuits alone you are worried about the burden on your skin due to sunburn.
So if you wear a swimsuit We recommend wearing clothes that are combined with a rash guard or rush torenka. is.

Also, In addition to strong ultraviolet rays in the midsummer sea, there is also reflection from the sea surface, so be careful about sunburn. is.
A sunburn that is not only tingling, but can also cause blisters like burns when it gets worse. To avoid it, Clothing that does not expose the skin Let's keep in mind.

In spring and autumn, wear thin clothes and control your body temperature!

In spring and autumn, when the temperature varies significantly depending on the day and Tour Time, Wearing several thin layers is preferable so that you can put on and take off according to the temperature of the day. Will
Outerwear brand innerwear and waterproof jackets are recommended because they are warm and easy to move.

In addition, some tour companies also offer wet suit Rental services (short sleeves, sleeveless, etc.), so if you wish, please check in advance.

Wetsuits and drysuits protect the winter in winter!

In winter, it prevents the heat from escaping. Wet suit It is also used for Diving in cold areas. Dry suit You can enjoy Sea kayak comfortably even in winter if you wear" etc.
If you combine it with an inner that has a high heat retention effect, you can feel more secure.

Also, if you are a tour company that holds Sea kayak in the winter, there are probably plenty of Rental services for winter clothes and cold weather items, so please check in advance if you wish.

Choose shoes that can get wet!

Choose shoes that can get wet!

Sea kayak experience, your feet will be soaked.
Although Barefoot is NG. Be sure to have shoes that are good for getting wet as you may get injured by corals or shells when you board a boat or walk on the beach.
If it's summer,Best marine shoes and sports sandals to secure your heels. If it’s autumn or winter,Rain boots are recommended for protection against the cold is.

On the other hand, shoes without heels or shoes with open insteps are dangerous because they will come off immediately when getting on or off the ship or in the unlikely event that the ship rolls over.
Also, shoes with too thick soles or shoes with high heels should be avoided as it is difficult to sit in the cockpit due to the structure of the ship.

This is a sun protection product that does not burn in the sea!

This is a sun protection product that does not burn in the sea!

Sea kayak is Activity, which is performed on the sea, so naturally there are no buildings that block the ultraviolet rays.
In addition to that, The skin tans due to "reflection" caused by the reflection of ultraviolet rays on the sea surface and beaches. So, the sun protection goods are Required.
If you don't want to tan as much as you can in the sea, make sure you have at least less items.

Big brim hat

Ultraviolet rays, which are said to accumulate in the body as much as they are bathed, Causes of various skin problems such as sunburn, spots, wrinkles, and rough skin Will be.
To protect the skin from such ultraviolet rays, Wear hats as much as possible during the experience Let's do it.

At that time, rather than a cap or sun visor, A hat type with a collar at 360° is recommended is. It is safer to choose an outdoor brand with excellent UV protection and waterproofing.

Even if the sea breeze blows, it will not be blown away A hat with a string is the best However, if there is no strap, you can clip the collar and hat with clips etc. Hat closure Is useful.

UV cut sunglasses

In addition to UV protection for the skin, UV protection for eyes Also, don't forget.
In fact, like skin, eyes are affected by UV rays. Accumulation of damage may lead to unexpected eye disease risk So Use sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses equipped with UV protection let's do it.

Also, with UV cut function Polarized sunglasses In addition to protecting your eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet rays, it also reduces the glare of light that is diffusely reflected from the water surface.
If you often go for Sea kayak, you may want to bring a pair of polarized sunglasses, as the sea conditions will become clearer.

sunscreen cream

sunscreen is an essential item for UV protection.
However, I don't think it's easy to get the sunscreen cream reapplied during the experience, so Choose sunscreen cream with high SPF and PA value as much as possible Let's do it.
It is difficult to remove even with water or sweat waterproof", and strong against friction and rubbing" Friction proof It is recommended to use one that supports ".

However, strong sunscreen are highly irritating to the skin and are not recommended for everyday use. It is also necessary to use them properly depending on the application.

Also, near Year made, it centered on high component of antioxidant in the "sunscreen supplements to drink Is also a topic that will prevent damage from sunburn. You can expect more effects when used in combination with sunscreen.

■ What is SPF?

Skin begins to produce melanin pigment when exposed to UV rays for 20 minutes It is said that.
"SPF" represents the effect of preventing UVB (ultraviolet B wave) that leads to blackening of the skin, Delayed melanin pigment production for 20 minutes can do.
In other words, with SPF50, you can expect an effect of 1,000 minutes (a little over 16 hours).

■ What is PA+?

"PA" represents the effect of preventing UVA (ultraviolet A wave), which causes the skin to lose its elasticity.
this The larger the number of +, the more effective not only the blackening of the skin, but also the prevention of spots, wrinkles, and sagging. I can do it.

Introducing recommended Sea kayak spots!

Introducing recommended Sea kayak spots!

There are many spots where you can enjoy Sea kayak all over Japan. Introducing popular spots especially recommended for beginners To do. Let's use it as a reference and try Sea kayak!

Okinawa Prefecture Sea kayak spot

A classic Sea kayak! Iriomote Island

A classic Sea kayak! Iriomote Island

Speaking of Iriomote Island, the "Mangrove Forest" of Nakama River, which boasts the largest scale in Japan, is famous. is.
On a Sea kayak tour through the forests of mangroves, you may encounter plants and rare creatures you have never seen.
It makes me wonder, "Is Japan here?" Overwhelmingly magnificent views and the mystery of nature Iriomote Island is recommended for those who want to enjoy.

Blue season Iriomote (BLUE SEASON IRIOMOTE)

[Waterfall of Okinawa Iriomote-Pinaisara] popularity No.1 course! The view is superb. Canoe & trekking tour


It is a tour that aims at the pinaysara waterfall pot by canoe of about one hour and trekking for about 30 minutes while enjoying jungle and mangrove. You can also swim in the waterfall pot. The veteran mountain guides will teach you carefully, so children can enjoy with peace of mind. If you do not have time half-day You can be satisfied with the course or the one-day course that you can fully enjoy.

Iriomote Island ADVENTURE PiPi


西表島 ADVENTURE PiPi(ピピ)
8,9007,900yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

【地域共通クーポン対象プラン!】 このプランは地域共通クーポンがご利用可能です! ※クーポン利用は現地決済のみとなります。事前決済は利用不可ですのでお気を付けください。 ↓詳しくは弊社HPにて↓ https://iriomote-pipi.com/local_coupon この機会に格安でアクティビティに参加しましょう! 【マングローブSUP/カヌー】 西表島の雄大なマングローブの中をSUPorカヌーでクルージングした後、トレッキングをして幸運の滝と呼ばれる『クーラ滝』を目指すコースです。 【PiPiのアピールポイント】 ・写真データ無料プレゼント!ツアー中はガイドが皆様の写真をお撮りします! ・西表島上原エリア無料送迎! ・ガイドがしっかりサポート!PiPiのガイドは全員が水難救助員の資格を保有しています。ゆっくり丁寧にレクチャーいたしますので小さなお子様から泳ぎの苦手な方までご参加大歓迎です! ・圧倒的な口コミ数!実際、ツアーにご参加いただいた皆様からの評価がPiPiツアーの満足度の高さを物語っています。 ・石垣島からの日帰りでご参加可能です! 【ツアー当日のスケジュール例】 ①9:30/13:30 上原港/ご宿泊先お迎え(上原地区限定) ↓ ②9:50/13:50 フィールドに到着 ↓ ③10:00/14:00 クーラ川にてアクティビティ開始! ↓ ④10:30/14:30 マングローブ林でのSUP・カヌー体験をしたあと、トレッキング! ↓ ⑤10:45/14:45 クーラの滝に到着!滝つぼ遊びもできちゃいます! ↓ ⑥11:15/15:15 トレッキングとSUP・カヌーで、きた道を戻ります。 ↓ ⑦11:30/15:30 アクティビティ終了! ↓ ⑧12:00/16:00 上原港/ご宿泊先へお送りいたします。 ※当日の天候・潮位によりスケジュールは変動します。

Iriomote Island ADVENTURE PiPi

【西表島 人気No.1ツアー】⑨地域共通クーポンOK!選べるマングローブSUPorカヌー&鍾乳洞探検&バラス島上陸

西表島 ADVENTURE PiPi(ピピ)
21,70015,000yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

【地域共通クーポン対象プラン!】 このプランは地域共通クーポンがご利用可能です! ※クーポン利用は現地決済のみとなります。事前決済は利用不可ですのでお気を付けください。 ↓詳しくは弊社HPにて↓ https://iriomote-pipi.com/local_coupon この機会に格安でアクティビティに参加しましょう! 【バラス島上陸+マングローブSUP/カヌー+鍾乳洞探検】 西表島大人気3ツアーを楽しめるコースです。「奇跡の島」ことバラス島、大自然のマングローブ、手付かずの鍾乳洞。どれも西表島に来た際は欠かせません! 【PiPiのアピールポイント】 ・写真データ無料プレゼント!ツアー中はガイドが皆様の写真をお撮りします! ・西表島上原エリア無料送迎! ・ガイドがしっかりサポート!PiPiのガイドは全員が水難救助員の資格を保有しています。ゆっくり丁寧にレクチャーいたしますので小さなお子様から泳ぎの苦手な方までご参加大歓迎です! ・圧倒的な口コミ数!実際、ツアーにご参加いただいた皆様からの評価がPiPiツアーの満足度の高さを物語っています。 ・石垣島からの日帰りでご参加可能です! 【ツアー当日のスケジュール例】 ①9:30 上原港/ご宿泊先お迎え(上原地区限定) ↓ ②9:50 フィールドに到着 ↓ ③10:00 1つ目のアクティビティ開始! ↓ ④10:30 マングローブ林でのSUP・カヌー体験をしたあと、トレッキング! ↓ ⑤10:45 クーラの滝に到着!滝つぼ遊びもできちゃいます! ↓ ⑥11:15 トレッキングとSUP・カヌーで、きた道を戻ります。 ↓ ⑦11:30 1つ目のアクティビティ終了!次のフィールドへ向かいます。 ↓ ⑧11:40 次のフィールドに到着!2つ目のアクティビティ、鍾乳洞探検開始! ↓ ⑨12:30 2つ目のアクティビティ終了! ↓ ⑩12:40 お昼休憩。昼食を自由にお取りいただけるエリアにお連れ致します。 ↓ ⑩13:50 休憩終了。港に向かいます。 ↓ ⑪14:00 港に到着!バラス島に向け出航! ↓ ⑫14:15 バラス島に上陸! ↓ ⑬15:15 バラス島を出発して、港に戻ります。 ↓ ⑭15:30 港に到着。 ↓ ⑮16:00 上原港/ご宿泊先へお送りいたします。 ※当日の天候・潮位によりスケジュールは変動します。

You can explore the cave! Ishigaki island

You can explore the cave! Ishigaki island

Okinawa is famous for Cape Maeda on the main island. Did you know that Ishigaki island also has it?
The inside of the blue cave at Ishigaki island is a large hollow, Stalactite You can also see.
One of the reasons why Ishigaki island is so popular is that you can ride Sea kayak and head to the blue cave, and then play a plus alpha in the cave such as Snorkeling ♪.


"Ishigaki City/New Corona Infection Prevention Implementation Cooperation" Sea kayak tour to a mysterious blue cave on Ishigaki island!


石垣島、米原ビーチからカヤックを楽しみながら青の洞窟へ!米原の海、沖縄県で一番高い「於茂登岳」を眺め、自然の音に耳を済ませ、風を感じながら遊べます。青の洞窟では洞窟内の散策とガイドによる解説付き・是非神秘的な青の洞窟に行ってみませんか? ※青の洞窟シーカヤックツアーは海況が良いのと、満潮時ではないと遂行できません。ご了承くださいませ 当日の海の状況でツアーを遂行できないと判断したら、米原ビーチでのシュノーケルツアーに振り替えになる場合もございますのでご了承ください ※只今、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大防止の為、当日などの間近のご予約の受付、受け入れはしておりません。予め、ご理解、ご了承ください。またツアーは少人数で開催しております。多数のグループでの混同は控えさせて頂いております

Ishigaki island ADVENTURE PiPi


石垣島 ADVENTURE PiPi(ピピ)
15,80013,500yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

【地域共通クーポン対象プラン!】 このプランは地域共通クーポンがご利用可能です! ※クーポン利用は現地決済のみとなります。事前決済は利用不可ですのでお気を付けください。 ↓詳しくは弊社HPにて↓ https://ishigaki-pipi.com/local_coupon この機会に格安でアクティビティに参加しましょう! 【青の洞窟シュノーケリングxマングローブSUP/カヌー】 天然記念物として国の文化財に指定されているマングローブ河川「宮良川」でのSUP/カヌークルージングと人気シュノーケリングスポット「青の洞窟」でのシュノーケリングがパックになったお得なツアー! 【PiPiのアピールポイント】 ・写真データ無料プレゼント!ツアー中はガイドが皆様の写真をお撮りします! ・石垣島南部エリア無料送迎!(西:ANAインターコンチネンタルから東:フサキリゾートまで) ・ガイドがしっかりサポート!PiPiのガイドは全員が水難救助員の資格を保有しています。ゆっくり丁寧にレクチャーいたしますので小さなお子様から泳ぎの苦手な方までご参加大歓迎です! ・圧倒的な口コミ数!実際、ツアーにご参加いただいた皆様からの評価がPiPiツアーの満足度の高さを物語っています。 【ツアー当日のスケジュール例】 ①9:30 石垣港離島ターミナル/ご宿泊先お迎え(ご希望のお客様のみ) ↓ ②10:00 フィールドに到着! ↓ ③10:15 アクティビティ開始!まずは青の洞窟へ! ↓ ④10:30 青の洞窟内を探検! ↓ ⑤10:45 青の洞窟周辺にてシュノーケリング。 ↓ ⑥11:30 アクティビティ終了 ↓ ⑦12:00 お昼休憩。昼食を自由にお取りいただけるエリアへお連れ致します。 ↓ ⑧13:30 休憩終了。次のフィールドへ向かいます。 ↓ ⑨13:45 フィールドに到着! ↓ ⑩14:00 宮良川にてアクティビティ開始 ↓ ⑪14:45 マングローブ林をクルージング ↓ ⑫15:30 アクティビティ終了。 ↓ ⑬16:00 石垣港離島ターミナル/ご宿泊先へ到着。 ※当日の天候・潮位によりスケジュールは変動します。

Ishigaki-jima Leisure Guide Sea Heart



Mangrove exploration & sunset & night tour is a great deals! Even the shooting star & night lolita can be seen. . . Flow of tour: · At the beginning, I will lecture about how to use paddle and precautions. When you have finished (5 to 10 minutes) Lecture, Kayak boarded to, evening Sun ornamental. (20 minutes to 30 minutes) - Ishigaki Island in, evening Sun will not be dark soon also sunk. Go to the mangrove forest until the orange sunset turns into the night sky. (30 minutes to 40 minutes) · When stars start to appear, look at the starry sky and enjoy the time when you feel relaxed. (30 minutes to 40 minutes) ※ There is no mangrove exploration at low tide. Please note.

Sea turtles and touring too! Miyakojima

Sea turtles and touring too! Miyakojima

Miyakojima is dotted with many beaches where you can see sea turtles with a fairly high probability.
Many of them come to experience Sea kayak for sea turtles, Miyakojima is a great sea turtle spot It is said that.
If you want to meet a wild sea turtle, take a tour of Miyakojima.

Summer Resort Miyakojima

[Okinawa Miyakojima] \ Let's all ride a transparent Kayak! / Clear Kayak Tour! shower and Hairdryer ♡


Kayak Cruising the nature of Miyakojima! It will be held with a relaxing course for beginners. All in a transparent Kayak and enjoy Miyako Blue easily! ? ■ Course Flow ■ ①Summer Resort Miyakojima Meeting ②Program Application Form ③Equipment and Equipment ④Lecture (Explanations Precautions) ⑤Departure from Shop (Arrival of points in about 10-20 minutes) ⑥Clear Clear Kayak (Experience time about 40 minute) ⑦ shop arrival ⑧ shower, change of clothes (Hairdryer and mirrors also equipped) ⑨ dissolution, Thank you ☆

Miyakojima Blue

[ Okinawa · Miyakojima 】 Kayak Going by Phantom Island (Yuni no beach) Land tour


Take the Kayak and land on a phantom island (Yuni no Hama). A professional Okinawa Kayak Association Certified Guide from Miyakojima, who is qualified for national lifesaving, will guide you through the new ways to enjoy Miyakojima unique to your local area . Water sports that can be enjoyed through 1 Year regardless of the season. Children and beginners will be able to teach you the basics of Kayak, so don't worry. You can see the experience in real time with the Instagram account miyakojima_blue

Sea melt

[Okinawa Miyakojima] Sea kayak (Clear Kayak) & sea turtle tour [3 hours] ☆ Tour high quality photo gift ☆


シーカヤック&海亀シュノーケルが一度に短時間で体験できる、お得なプラン! 1本目:シュノーケリング ※レンタカー(or送迎車)にて、ポイント移動 2本目:シーカヤックorクリアカヤック ※(クリアカヤックは2名様or4名様のみ受付可) 海亀と至近距離シュノーケリングや、もちろんサンゴ礁・熱帯魚や宮古島の大自然の美しさを眺めながらカヤックでも大満喫できます。 ■申込可能人数:2人~12人 ■最小催行人数:2人 (1名様予約はメールや電話にて、要確認) 海メルト代表者番号:080-3246-0399 meltingspot.seamelt@gmail.com

Sea kayak spots in Kagoshima

Sea kayak spots in Kagoshima

You can see through to the bottom of the sea! Yoronjima

Yoronjima, one of the Amami archipelago, is the southernmost island in Kagoshima prefecture.
Only about 23km to Okinawa main island. Floating a sea Sea kayak on the beautiful emerald green sea, commonly known as “Yoron blue” A mysterious experience as if you were floating in the air I can.

Also, Off the coast of Okaneku, there is a pure white sand beach called "Yurigahama" during the spring and summer mid-tide to low tide. Appears. In this Yurigahama, You can be happy if you pick up star sand (star-shaped sand) for each Ageo/Okegawa There is also the legend "" that attracts many tourists.

Yoron Island Beach Boy Club

[Yoron] jewel! Uninhabited land on sea kayak! Let's look at clownfish! (Yurikehama tour also available!)


That a jewel among there are a number of plan "Yoron Island Beach Boy Club", this sea kayak. Preparing gymnastics, if you wear a life jacket, emergency to sea kayak. How to use the paddle, until the stroke, experienced dedicated staff will tell you politely. After touring to a deserted island, the next step is snorkeling. Including the popular clownfish, colorful tropical fish for us to welcome you.

Another name: Oriental Galapagos! Amami Oshima

About 70 minutes by direct flight from Fukuoka. Amami Oshima, located in the southwest of the mainland of Kagoshima, Famous for its "Mangrove primeval forest," which is commonly known as the "Oriental Galapagos" is.
Japan in Okinawa Prefecture Second size after Iriomote Island However, since navigation by power ship is prohibited, Only the Sea kayak can observe this mangrove primeval forest Will be.
The special feeling of going to a place that can only be reached by Sea kayak is also a nice point.

Mangrove Chaya

[Kagoshima-Amami Oshima] Guided! Mangrove canoe (90 minutes leisurely course)

Amami Oshima Islands/Okinoerabujima

Peace of mind even for beginners. Consent. Chillin, you can enjoy a leisurely Amami beautiful mangrove.

Island Service


アイランドサービス(Island Service)
Amami Oshima Islands/Okinoerabujima

ベテランガイドの先導で初めてでも安心!干潮時には広い干潟に上陸して、散策しながら可愛い生き物たちを観察。満潮時にはうっそうとしたジャングルの通り抜けができます。 地域共通クーポン(紙)ご利用可能です。

Coral Chaya

[Kagoshima-Amami Oshima] snorkeling and mangrove canoe (1 day tour)

Amami Oshima Islands/Okinoerabujima

With canoe of mangrove in one day Snorkeling A reasonable tour that can be done! Diving Recommended for those who want to enjoy the sea more easily. The canoes always make their way to the back of the mangroves by watching the tide time of the day. It is a tour that you can enjoy your day totally.

Shizuoka Prefecture Sea kayak spot

Shizuoka Prefecture Sea kayak spot

Certified by UNESCO Global Geopark! Minamiizu /Shimoda

The Izu Peninsula, where caves, cliffs made of lava, and unusual islands can be seen here and there An area that is so valuable in the world that it is recognized as a “UNESCO Global Geopark” is.
Because they act as breakwaters, There are many fields where the waves are calm, so it is also recommended for those who are new to Sea kayak It is said that.

Also, because the sea of Shimoda at the tip of the Izu Peninsula is affected by the Kuroshio, Excellent transparency of water is. You can see colorful tropical fish and coral reefs and feel as if you were on a southern island.

KAI'TO sea kayak school

[Izu Shimoda] Aloha! Sea kayak & Snorkeling experience tour (elementary school students Sale ♪)


● Experience with family, enjoy with friends, couples and groups! This is a tour where you can experience Sea kayak and Snorkeling at the same time, with a clubhouse on the quietest coast of Sotoura in Izu Peninsula Geopark Shimoda, with the emerald green sea spreading out in front of you. ● Japan this first started the tour is a two-part system of morning and afternoon, all participants are half-day is enough your satisfaction enhancement plan. The School is led by Junji Nagatake, who is the first Japanese to be certified as an ACA (American Canoe Association) Certified Instructor, and is a full-fledged experience School that can provide safe and fun tours for beginners. Kayak used is made of a Viking Kayak, which boasts the highest quality standards worldwide, and is currently the only domestic Kayak. Basic, 3-seater, elementary school students Teigaku Year against child one person of adult can ride in three people in the passenger of two people. Elementary school and high science Year If you were adult can ride with two people in the passenger of one person. adult can ride with two people.

Yumigahara Canoe school

【伊豆/南伊豆・下田】初心者大歓迎! 1人乗りシーカヤック1日体験♪ 高学年の子供用カヤックも人気! 夏はシュノーケルも楽しい♪ 


少人数制なので、シーカヤックが初めての方から経験者まで楽しめます。 船はもちろん1人乗り♪ 海から見る南伊豆の景色は最高です♪ 洞窟や海底火山の作った景色も迫力あります! 伊豆半島の南の端は、黒潮のおかげで水が綺麗~魚も珊瑚もたくさん♪ 小学校高学年で、海が静かな日なら、お子様用カヤックをご用意出来ます。 暖かい時期(7月~9月)は、シュノーケルが楽しいです 自分に合ったシュノーケルを是非ご持参ください

Kayaking Resort Minamiizu Wonderful World (WONDERFUL-WORLD)

[Shizuoka Minamiizu] one day explore the mysterious cave! Sea kayak tour (2-3 seater)

カヤックリゾート南伊豆 ワンダフルワールド(WONDERFUL-WORLD)

Rent a board of two or three-seater has become a plan to go paddling in the sea. Your family, you will be riding along the boards with such friends to enjoy the world of the sea. Please feel free to participate in the walk of the sea because even organizations like you correspond.

Sea kayak spots in the Kanto Region

Sea kayak spots in the Kanto Region

Shonan /Zushi (Kanagawa Prefecture)

If the weather is nice You can overlook Enoshima, Izu Peninsula, Mt. Fuji, etc. Kanagawa Prefecture Shonan /Zushi area.
Access from the city center in about 1 hour one way So it's attractive that you can feel free to visit and enjoy Sea kayak.
Even though it is close to the city center, Hayama and Miura Peninsula are full of greenery and you can enjoy the magnificent nature I can do it.

Zushi sea kayak school

[Shonan ・ Dumpling】 For beginners! Sea kayak Experience (half-day course)


At seaKayakLet's enjoy!KayakPaddle sports like this are whole body exercises using the core and trunk. The momentum isWedIt is said to be comparable to swimming. Once you go over the sea, the refreshing effect is excellent. Both heart and body are refreshing! ! Recommended for such people! 1Sea kayakinterested in! 2 I want to be healed on the sea ♪ I want to crawl on the sea at will. 4 I want to do marine sports for the first time etc. ACA (American Canoe Association)SchoolThen, even if you are new to marine sports or you are worried about the sea, it is safe and funSea kayakYou can experience


【Shonan / Zushi】 Let's go for a sea kayaking and go eat seafood. With lunch

LOUNGE EVER(ラウンジエバー)

Even the first person can participate 1DAY Sea kayak tour. After practicing in the shallow, let's go out for adventure a bit off the coast! Lunch to eat outdoor is tasty 100 times! For girls' trips, on the sea date, there is plenty of privacy for the small Number of participants system. The view from the ocean is another world, the best relaxation can be experienced. Just 60 minutes from the city center! Fully equipped amenities such as bath towels, shampoo and rinse are very popular at Changing room with a sense of cleanliness! After going up from the sea, there is also 1 drink service, please enjoy the resort feeling 1Sun. It will be a program of about 6 hours of the start from 10 o'clock to 15 o'clock.

Core Outfitters

[Kanagawa-Hayama-Akiya Beginner & Family Welcome! ] Experience Kayak(half-day course)


OK from the very first person half-day Experience class. There are morning classes and afternoon classes. You may also go to an island where you can usually see in the distance. first Kayak Please enjoy the experience! !

Minamiboso/Tateyama (Chiba)

The Boso Peninsula, where the Kuroshio current is applied, is also known as a cold-wetland that has been nurtured in a mild climate.
Minamiboso/Tateyama area In addition to the highly transparent water quality, the waves are gentle and the sea is shallow.. For those who have experienced Sea kayak for the first time, Popular with families with children is.

Paddling Archipelago

[Chiba-South Boso-half-day Kayak Experience] Feel free to the sea! You can taste the extraordinary!

パドリング アーキペラゴ
Tateyama/Minami Boso

half-day Kayak We carry out the experience. For the first time in this plan Kayak Provide an experience. You can taste the blue sea in just one and a half hours from Tokyo. Do you not spend leisurely sea time in experience time of two hours?

Paddling Archipelago


パドリング アーキペラゴ
Tateyama/Minami Boso

I am carrying out a one day kayak experience. In this plan, we provide kayak experience for first time visitors. You can taste the blue sea in only one and a half hour from the capital. Why do not you spend your leisurely time with a relaxing day experience?

Paddling Archipelago

【Chiba · Minami Boso · Sea kayaking】 To the clear sea of ​​the inner chamber. Experience Tour

パドリング アーキペラゴ
Tateyama/Minami Boso

We are carrying out a sea kayaking tour one day. This plan provides tours for experienced people. You can taste the blue sea in only one and a half hour from the capital. Why do not you spend your leisurely time with a relaxing day experience?

Ogasawara (Eastern Kyoto)

Eastern Kyoto is in the Ogasawara, the beautiful thing is of course the sea, Beautiful beaches are also attractive. There are many tours that are packed with ways to enjoy the resort, such as snorkeling and BBQ beach.
Also, enjoy fishing on a Kayak Kayak fishing It is also popular as a place for

Chantilly bungalows & Chantilly Bobby's

[Ogasawara] taste the Ogasawara of happiness! Kayak Fishing & BBQ course


Get prey in the go swimming fishing and hand harpoon kayak. Cooked in a bungalow & BBQ.

Chantilly bungalows & Chantilly Bobby's

[Ogasawara] kayaking offshore of Yunagi change of moment to moment and color, Sunset plan


Ogasawara It is a plan to watch the sunset of the islands from the water. The sunset that colors the sky and Pacific Ocean in Chikajima will heal the fatigue of the day's play. Sunset time Kayak Enjoy the sunset on the horizon.

Chantilly bungalows & Chantilly Bobby's

[Ogasawara]Sea kayak so Ogasawara Enjoy the charm of the sea, half-day Easy plan of the course!


Even beginners at ease with polite lectures of veteran guide Sea kayak You can enjoy Ogasawara You can taste the nature of water from the water. The main courses are various, such as Kominato beach, John beach, Genie beach, Sakaiura beach, Ogiura beach, Copepe beach. On the beach that landed Snorkeling You can also enjoy the beautiful sea by interacting with many fish and corals in the clear sea.

Sea kayak summary

more it is, Sea kayak will be the point I want to know before you experience.
Sea kayak are available all over Japan Activity can be enjoyed almost Whole year is.
It will show a completely different charm depending on the region and season, so there is no doubt that you will want to try various tours once you experience it!
There are many tours that even beginners can feel free to experience, so if you want to try something new, why not try Sea kayak at this opportunity?

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