GEMBA Monozukuri Expo
GEMBA Monozukuri Expo
GEMBA Monozukuri Expo
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GEMBA Monozukuri Expo Our factory,

Stone, clay, base material, container, fiber, machine, building material ...
Many of our craftsmanship cannot see the user's face, which should be beyond that.
That is why Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture has the world-class technology that we have pursued so that anyone can enjoy it at any time.

City of Creation

Manufacturing town "Komatsu"

Komatsu City, located in the center of the Kanazawa Plain, south of Kanazawa
From traditional industries such as stone, Kutani ware, roof tiles, agriculture, and sake
To global manufacturers of vehicles, textiles, building materials, etc.
It is a center of local industries with a wide base

There are Komatsu Airport and Hokuriku Expressway Komatsu Interchange in the city.
The Hokuriku Shinkansen is scheduled to be extended in 2024, making it convenient for transportation.
Many people involved in Komatsu's manufacturing have been
I have visited this place

"GEMBA Monozukuri Expo"
The general public, who is usually a "user" who cannot see his face
This is a unique opportunity to see Komatsu's diverse industries.

Event Detail

Detailed event information

"GEMBA Monozukuri Expo" is
A secret storehouse where the eyes of craftsmen and archives of more than 100 years sleep, with the same feeling.
Machines that enable the world's most advanced expression
Always in this town where we live
It is an open factory event where you can take a look at "that factory that is a little worrisome"

Event overview

  • name GEMBA Monozukuri Expo 2021
  • Date From Friday, November 12, 2021 to Monday, November 15, 2021
  • venue Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • General information EATLAB (96-1 Sonomachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
GEMBA Monozukuri Expo

GEMBA Monozukuri Expo 2021 Experience Plan

In the experience program of "GEMBA Monozukuri Expo", you can "visit" various factories and workshops in Komatsu city where various industries are concentrated, and you can actually move your hands while receiving professional help at the site. "Experience" is available. Please enjoy a wide range of programs, from traditional crafts that represent Japan to giant manufacturers that boast a global market share.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Experience the thoughts of a young brewer, Mori, who is trying to brew sake in a wooden tub, and the particular sake brewing.

Nishide Sake Brewery [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
1,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Pursuing the ultimate local sake brewing! If you want to make local sake that only we can do, we are particular about rice, yeast, and water, which are the raw materials, and if there is no craftsman who makes steaming rice and wooden tubs for preparation, we will be motivated. The sake produced by Nishide Sake Brewery is the result of extraordinary efforts, such as dispatching a flood of young carpenters to other areas to grow it. In this program

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Visit and compare drinks at Komatsu's long-established sake brewery "Shinsen", which is prepared in a Japanese heritage stone warehouse.

Higashi Sake Brewery [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
1,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Higashi Sake Brewery is said to have used the stone brewery, which is suitable for temperature control, which is important for sake brewing, for the first time in this area. The brewery made of Kanagasoishi, which is dug out in Komatsu, is so particular that you can dig up different patterns for each. Komatsu, which was also certified as a Japanese heritage site in this program

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Visit a state-of-the-art textile factory from Mona Lisa to Prince Jacquard's treasure

Original Cross Jacquard [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
1,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Your child's drawings and photos can also be used as cloth! ?? Let's go see the ultra-high precision machine! Komatsu has long been a producer of jacquard fabrics. Original cross jacquard, which used to be a division of labor system and consignment production was the mainstream, started its own design department 30 years ago and continues to pursue the possibilities of new textiles. With that spirit, the factory is now using pictures and photos drawn by children.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Let's go see the only surviving legendary roof tile shop in Komatsu, which was a roof tile producing area!

Komatsu tile [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Komatsu Tile's "Iraka no Nami" is a factory tour that boasts one of the largest scales of the GEMBA program, which was an architectural culture nurtured by the climate of Hokuriku. The site of soil preparation and the kiln with a total length of 70 m have a great impact. The sight of thousands of roof tiles burning like dominoes is a sight to behold. In this program, Kutani ware and other areas that originally flourished in the ceramic industry remain the only ones.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Meet a young craftsman who confronts a megalith in the unexplored region of Komatsu that attracts people.

Aratani Shoten [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
6,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Takigaharamachi, Komatsu City, which produces beautiful blue-gray Takigahara stone. Many stone-cutting grounds (choba) with a history of more than 100 years and arch bridges made only of stone are the main reasons why Komatsu City is recognized as a Japanese heritage site in stone culture. Aratani Shoten is the only stone quarry that manages the active quarry in Takigahara, which used to have many quarries. Cave-type mining sites are in summer

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Experience the potter's wheel with craftsman Kibun while observing various Kutani ware molding methods

Miyayoshi Ceramics [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
4,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Various shapes! A professional kiln that creates a "shape" and makes a base in Kutani ware, where you can also visit the kiln that boasts the best molding type in Kutani. Miyayoshi Ceramics is one of the largest in the Kutani ware production area, creating a wide variety of shapes, from chopstick rests for small ones to urns and plates with a diameter of 50 cm or more for large ones. That should be that, Miyayoshi Ceramics

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] GEMBA's original ceramic art experience taught by an active prototype master who is rare even in the production area!

Ryuko Kiln Sano Pottery [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
3,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Parents and children are also recommended to participate. Let's knead clay instead of childhood! Yawata, Komatsu City, where many kilns specializing in Kutani ware figurines were once lined up. Most of the figurine bases are made of plaster molds, but in order to make the plaster molds, a prototype master who can create the prototype of the figurine is required. It is very difficult to create prototypes that require creativity, and now the number of active prototype masters is very small.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Average age over 70! Critically endangered craftsmanship with offers from the Maisons of the world

Kokura Textile [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Kokura textiles have been strong in jacquard silk fabrics. Industrial jacquard looms have 14,200 warp threads, and weft threads come and go between them, but silk is a natural fiber, so even within the same thread. There is a slight unevenness in the thickness. The craftsmen can adjust them and thread them so that the loom can move smoothly.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] A workshop tour where you can experience the passion of Mr. Yajukichi, the 4th generation, up close!

Tokuda Yasokichi Pottery [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
1,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

A workshop tour where many Kutani ware craftsmen train to learn about their deep love and energy for manufacturing. Many craftsmen involved in Kutani have studied under the first and second generation Tokuda Yasokichi, and many of the former master craftsmen. I have been training in this kiln. A beautiful color technique called "Yosai" is inherited by such a famous Kutani ware family. Colors created by the first generation

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Go meet a next-generation agricultural magician who controls temperature, humidity, and CO2 with an iPad!

Honda Farm [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Grow delicious tomatoes by visualizing the environment inside the greenhouse. Honda Farm practices agriculture utilizing ICT with the support of Komatsu City Hall, JA Komatsu City, and local companies. By visualizing temperature, humidity, CO2, and illuminance, we share information not only with our own company but also with local producers. In this program, techno from Honda Farm, which mainly grows tomatoes

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Instantly sort a large amount of tomatoes! Visit the state-of-the-art fruit selection system

JA Komatsu City Vegetable Collection and Shipping Area [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
600 Yen ~ (tax included)

Komatsu tomatoes boast the highest production in Hokuriku. It is rare for farmers to go directly to the market, and the size, color, shape, etc. are checked and shipped with a fruit sorting plant in between. Fruits are sorted at a large-scale fruit sorting plant that just opened in May 2021. In this program, we will see how the fruits are selected smoothly using the latest machines.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Original goods are produced at the factory in the weaving name production area, which boasts the second largest share in Japan.

Nakagawa Sangyo [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
1,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

-The world of original design that started with the woven name-Some people may not be able to come up with the woven name, but the woven name is the name of the manufacturer and everywhere in the fabric products we usually wear and use. "Are" attached to display the brand name. Komatsu City's woven name production is made in Japan next to Maruoka City in Fukui Prefecture

[Ishikawa / Nomi City] New discoveries! Experience the world of textiles at Komatsu Matere

Komatsu Matere [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
600 Yen ~ (tax included)

Komatsu Matere has played a major role in the history of Ishikawa's textile industry development, where you can learn about the latest environmentally friendly dyeing technology. It is currently located in Nomi City, which is adjacent to Komatsu City, but when it was founded, it was located near the current Komatsu City Hall, and its predecessor has a history of being established as part of the Komatsu Textile Industry Cooperative. Various fabrics to suit your needs

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] A clay factory tour where a clay prince born and raised in Hanasaka, the production area, talks about his love for clay at the factory.

Taniguchi Soil Factory [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
2,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Clay factory, which is rare even in the production area Among the Kutani ware production areas, there is only a clay factory in Komatsu city that makes clay from the mining of pottery stone. We will observe the process of extracting clay from the Hanasaka pottery stone used for Kutani ware at the Taniguchi ware, one of the rare lands that can be said to be an endangered species, with explanations. I want to see the origin of pottery at the moment when clay is born from pottery stone, which can be said to be the root of Kutani ware.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Visit the Ishikiri work, where adjustment in millimeters is essential! With the president's hot stone talk

Onishi Stone [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Onishi stone has been processed in various ways, centering on local stone. Because stones are heavy, the technology for processing stones in that area has been developed and developed specifically in that area. In this program, Mr. Onishi, a stone nerd who can talk about stones all the time, will guide you through the factory. Onishi stone works of graves and stones that have been made so far

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] The 5th generation of Kutani ware type store opens the world's first archive for over 100 years!

Miyaso Ceramics Factory [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
3,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Finally open the book! The world of Kutani ware, which has been closed to the public, is a stand-alone world. Miyaso Ceramics Co., Ltd. has been making only figurines for over 100 years, even in the work of the potters who make the base of Kutani ware. The existence of molds is also indispensable in order to continue to elaborately create figurines of complex shapes. At the Miyaso Ceramics Factory, the figurines that have been accumulated in the warehouse for 100 years along with the technique of making figurines

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] GEMBA limited experience! Backyard sketching and overpainting, taught by POP Kutani's pronoun

Ukita Kiln [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
6,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Painting experience in the great outdoors. Let's make "fashionable" Kutani ware in Ukita kiln Mr. Kengo Ukita of Ukita kiln who has a history of attending a design school in Tokyo after training at Tokuda Yasokichi Kobo. The pottery environment he got from around Komatsu Airport to the point where he moved from around Komatsu Airport is a source of playful inspiration when he actually visits it. Engineering

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Mr. Ichika gives direct guidance! Experience a ceramic plate drawn in the legendary Asazo color using Japanese paint

Isokichi Asakura Pottery Kiln [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
10,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Let's enjoy "Kutani with overpainting" with Japanese paint! Isokichi Asakura pottery kiln located in Yawata where kilns for making figurines are concentrated. The first generation had its roots in being a kiln specializing in base materials, and is still engaged in everything from base material production to painting. In the GEMBA program, the three-dimensional ceramic plate prepared for this day is painted with Japanese paint to create an original ceramic plate.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] A gallery tour and Kinrande experience where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful world of gold behind the glaze built by the Living National Treasure.

Nishikiyama Kiln [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
12,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

The back side of the colorful color. Among the many "traditions" and "evolutions" of Nishikiyama kiln, there are many fans in the world view and charm of the work, and we pursue "Kinrande" works using gold leaf that we create independently. Kinrande kiln. The second generation owner, Minori Yoshita, is widely known as a living national treasure of Kutani ware. In this program, it can be said that it is a transcendental technique that looks very profane.

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Making a My Mask using a retro sewing machine that makes a light sound.

Komatsu Sewing [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
2,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

You can also visit a small sewing factory, which is rare in Japan. Komatsu Sewing is a factory that produces various fabric products with complete orders. However, although there are many fabrics in the factory, it does not mean that the workers and sewing machines are lined up in a row. The products are made by about 100 in-house workers, mainly in the South Kaga area. plant

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Became a disciple of a Kutani ware artist's teacher in a painting experience using Kutani style designs!

Kunimori Yamanaka Studio [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
10,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

A valuable experience where you can learn the transcendental techniques of Kutani from a craftsman's training instructor. Mr. Kunimori Yamanaka, a writer and a lecturer at Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani Ware Technical Training Institute, which currently produces many writers and craftsmen, can teach me about the techniques and copying of Kutani, which is my subject. Private painting experience. At home where Mr. Yamanaka usually paints, the mountains

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Enjoy the era of tradesman culture with Kutani-style painting experience and matcha

Yukio Uchida / Toraya Ceramics Store [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
5,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Enjoy Kutani and the stylish tradesman culture in a retro-modern townhouse. Komatsu's old town area was formed around Komatsu Castle, which used to be here. The artist, Yukio Uchida, is the only artist in this area where the stylish tradesman culture, including Kabuki and Hikiyama, still remains, and is the only person involved in the production of Kutani ware. A renovated building of the traditional architectural style "Komatsu Machiya"

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] From Kutani ware sneakers to tea rooms in the Edo period, an intriguing painting experience

Taketaka Kiln [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
6,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

I'm going to meet Kazuyoshi Kitamura, who is pursuing a new way to charm Kutani ware! The bamboo kiln has many fans all over the country for its dynamic brushstrokes, with the style of painting the entire vessel with the traditional techniques of Kutani ware, detailed patterns, and decorations. The second generation Kazuyoshi's work is a writer with many innovative works and collaborations and many fans. The brewery's bamboo kiln workshop has a history of Kutani ware

[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] "Making a nonagonal pen stand" taught by the Meisters who have made all kinds of wooden boxes

Kitamura Wooden Box [GEMBA Monozukuri Expo]
Kaga / Komatsu / Tatsunokuchi
1,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Kitamura wooden box was founded as a paulownia box shop for Kutani ware. The technique of measuring the size of each pottery and making a wooden box has been handed down to the present, and even now, when we are producing a wide variety of wooden boxes other than Kutani ware, we can handle orders from one to hundreds of thousands. doing. There, you will meet the technology cultivated in making Kutani ware wooden boxes and making custom-made wooden boxes.

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