Introducing the charm and plan of the "Rokuro Experience" that even beginners of pottery can enjoy! There are also plans for couples and children

A potter's wheel experience that even beginners of potter's wheel and pottery can enjoy. Introducing plans for couples and children

The potter's wheel experience, where you can easily make pottery, is perfect for those who want to start pottery. We will send you the information you need to know before the lesson, such as basic knowledge of potter's wheel, attention of clothes, variation of experience plan.

What is the attraction of "Rokuro Experience"?

What is the attraction of the potter's wheel experience?

The lump of clay on the potter's wheel becomes a beautiful container as you see it... Pottery I think that there are many people who have seen one scene, movie or drama. The advantage of using a potter's wheel is Using the centrifugal force of rotation, you can easily make a well-shaped container. thing. It takes some time for beginners to get used to it, but the impression and accomplishment when you can make a container as you want is just one.

All over Japan Pottery class Then, in order to let many people know the charm of pottery, Beginner's welcome "Rokuro experience" plan Is open a lot. Even if you make a mistake in the molding process, the teacher will help you. You may want to master the world of pottery if you know the joy of creating one "original" container in the world.

Ceramic techniques are roughly divided into "hand-rolling" and "electric wheel".

The potter's wheel and pottery techniques are roughly divided into "hand-rolling" and "motorized potter's wheel".

Making clay for clay into the shape of the work "Molding" Say big "Handmade" When "Electric wheel" There is a technique.

Handbill without using an electric wheel Method of molding while stretching the soil with your fingertips so, Hand kneading It is sometimes said that. Often Hand wheel, You don't pile up strings made of soil or make holes in the lump of soil, I will make the shape of the container freely..

On the other hand, the electric wheel With a wheel with a motor, you can rotate the base just by stepping on the pedal at your feet can do. Unlike hand-cranked wheel Both hands are free Therefore, taking advantage of the potter's wheel performance You can enjoy making more authentic vessels Is also an advantage.

Features of "electric wheel" and "hand wheel"

Features of potter's wheel, "electric wheel" and "hand-held wheel"

In the first place, what is a potter's wheel? Rotatable yen-shaped table That. It has a motor, and the stand rotates just by stepping on the pedal at your feet. "Electric wheel" And a manual type without a motor "Rotating hand wheel" There are two types.

Generally speaking, when you say "experience in potter's wheel", more people imagine the pottery using electric potter's wheel. Since the rotation speed of the electric wheel is fast, it may take some time to get used to it. But If you improve, you can make a container that is beautiful, thin, light and easy to use. can do.

On the other hand, Easier to handle than electric wheel is. You cannot rotate it as fast as an electric wheel, but you can work slowly and calmly. A wealth of experience plans for beginners and children.. For those who want to practice pottery while chatting with children and friends, "Hand-kneading experience" using hand-cranked wheel is perfect is.

What kind of electric wheel can you make?

What kind of potter's wheel and electric potter's wheel can make?

If you use an electric wheel, Relatively easy for beginners, Such as mugs and bowls Practical tableware Can be made. For example, you can make a container like this.

A cup of tea

Potter's wheel and teacup

The teacup used to drink tea is A shape that is simple and easy to challenge One of. If you make a slight dent in the part that your thumb touches, your hands will not slip and the attachment will increase.


Potter's wheel mug

Coffee to drink with a handmade mug is exceptional! So that it fits your fingers Pay attention to the design of the handle Please give me. A slightly larger size is also convenient for drinking warm soup.


Potter's wheel

Freshly cooked rice that you eat with your own bowl is the best! You can also make a bowl that makes the rice more delicious. Or Any size So you can make a small bowl of diet separately from the usual one.

Flat bowl

Potter's wheel/flat bowl

A flat bowl that looks like a flat bowl crushed flat is a bowl that can be enjoyed for various purposes, such as making a matcha bowl or serving side dishes. Characteristic that steam and flavor are easy to spread There is a rich meal time.


Potter's wheel and platter

The platter that makes full use of originality If you're used to the basics, you'll want to challenge yourself.. Draw your favorite pattern with a brush "Painting" The process of is also a showcase of the arm.


A large and tall vase Work I want to make when I get used to electric wheel is. Use a stamp to make the surface uneven "Inka" A technique called, or make a hole in the surface "Hole" It is also recommended to devise a design using the technique called.

Gui only

Only potter's wheel

If you are a sake lover, you can make handmade guipure only. Gui only is one size larger than Choco and has a deep bottom. You can pour more sake.. The shape that fits perfectly in your hand will make the evening drink more delicious.


Potter's wheel, sake bottle

What is sake bottle A container for pouring sake Then, when you pour alcohol, you will hear a pleasant sound. If you can make a distinctive shape with a narrow neck and wide shoulders, the potency of pottery is considerable. Pay attention to the balance of the spout and create a sake bottle that you can drink alcohol comfortably.

Beer tumbler

A beer tumbler is something that beer lovers should definitely try. The fine bumps on the surface of the pottery Makes beer foam creamier.. A slightly larger size is recommended so that you can pour a generous amount and drink up. It would be nice if the handle could be firm and sturdy and fit into the palm of your hand to make it easy to hold.

What is the recommended outfit for your "Rokuro experience"?

What are the recommended clothes for the potter's wheel experience?

The appeal of pottery is that you can get to know the soil as if you were a child, and be able to devote yourself to the creation. Maybe I'm surprisingly focused, It's not uncommon to wear dirt or glaze on clothes..
Especially in the case of an electric potter's wheel, muddy water is scattered around because it is formed by adding water to the rotating soil. In the hands-on classroom, we often lend you an apron, but the cuffs and feet tend to get dirty without being noticed. It is safe to take lessons with clothes and shoes that you can care for at home, even if they are dirty is.

Also, It is important to wear clothes that fit your body and are easy to move... Long sleeves, Design that makes it easy to roll your arms To. When using an electric wheel, a Female will spread her legs and sandwich her wheel Pants style rather than a skirt Is suitable.
Considering pedaling a wheel, Sneakers without heels are recommended.. You should avoid whitish shoes and leather shoes that are contaminated.

What do you need to carry out the "Rokuro Experience"?

What are the things you need to have for a potter's wheel and a potter's wheel experience?

The potter's wheel experience is basically Most of the things you can feel free to join is.
If you are told to bring your apron, An apron with a type that does not cause the shoulder straps to slip off or a cooking type is recommended.. If the shoulder straps fall during the work of the potter's wheel, it will be difficult to fix, and you will not be able to concentrate because you are worried.
For those with long hair and those who don't like falling bangs, It is convenient to have hair elastics and hair clips is.

Preparation before "Rotary Experience"

Since the hands of pottery are soiled with mud, dirt often enters between the nails. if you can Cut your nails short and remove any accessories at hand. Let's take a lesson. Please be careful not to forget your clock and accessories when you return.
Wash your hands after work, It is safe to have a towel.. To store towels and dirty clothes after use, It is convenient to have a plastic bag is.

Introducing the plan of "Rokuro Experience"

Introducing plans for potter's wheel and "roller experience"

Activity Japan, there are various Potter's wheel experience We are introducing the plan. Introducing some of them let's do it.

Feel free to experience potter's wheel at a fashionable spot

Feel free to experience potter's wheel at potter's wheel and fashionable spot

Aoyama, Shibuya, Omotesando For fashionable spots such as Lots of stylish pottery workshops for young people..
1 minute walk from Aoyama-itchome Station You can make tea bowls, teacups, beer cups, mugs, etc. in this workshop that is easy to access. You can also engrave a nice message on the container made by turning the potter's wheel.

ゆう工房 東京青山教室


ゆう工房 東京青山教室
4,9504,290yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

The electric rokuro experience feels like a potter ♪ Amazed by the movement of the soil as if it were alive! ☆ The staff in charge of the pottery special course carefully lectures ☆ Yu Kobo's own textbooks and teaching materials are prepared ☆ 1 teacup 2 hot water only 3 free cup 4 small plate 5 small bowl 1 piece of work is produced. ※ Experiment day, management number are engraved on the back of work. ☆ Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or concerns regarding work production. ★ For customers from overseas ★ When you book an experience class, if you have an interpreter, you can take a course in our class. I am sorry that I can not prepare the staff who can interpret in the classroom.

It's easy even for beginners! Hand wheel

Easy for potters and beginners! Hand wheel

Use a hand wheel "Handmade experience" Is Attractive even for beginners in pottery..
With this plan, Mino ware soil You can use to make a full-scale container. Groups, girls-only gatherings, couples and families with children are welcome.

工芸の教室☆ゆう工房&cafeゆう 大阪梅田店


工芸の教室☆ゆう工房&cafeゆう 大阪梅田店
3,8503,300yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

"One hand experience that you can make your favorite bowl day experience ★ It is a pottery class that you can learn with confidence for the first time ♪" I want to immerse in something! I want to start something new! I want to be healed beautifully! Yu Kobo is a pottery experience that will make your mind come to a kinder mind with a variety of feelings ♪ The kindly specialized staff will help you to suit the speed of each person ☆ You can enjoy your rice with the finished bowl ♪ ☆ It is a pottery day experience that twists the soil of Mino ware and slowly turns Rocro! ☆ It is a course where you can create a work of one customer with 90 minutes of lessons. ☆ You can also paint with iron painting hands. Before the experience, you can handcraft a good vessel if you think in advance the drawing design to draw on the vessel. ☆ In the experience, I use a hand-operated Rokuro, but I will give a lecture on the same “water drip” technique as an electric Rokuro. It is possible to make a work that is not different from the electric rokuro, even with the manual rokuro. ☆ Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or concerns regarding work production. ★ For customers from overseas ★ When you book an experience class, if you have an interpreter, you can take a course in our class. I am sorry that I can not prepare the staff who can interpret in the classroom.

工芸の教室☆ゆう工房&cafeゆう 大阪梅田店


工芸の教室☆ゆう工房&cafeゆう 大阪梅田店
2,9702,750yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

● Ceramics experience course to make a special dish made with plates that you can enjoy an important diet ♪ ● I want to immerse myself in something! I want to start something new! I want to heal my heart cleanly! A variety of feelings come to Yu Kobo ☆ It is a pottery experience that will make your heart gentle ~ Patterns, designs and letters drawn on the plate can be drawn freely, and your own vessel will be completed ☆ ☆ Board making As for the plate, one piece of plate plate with a size of 14-15mm was produced. ☆ White makeup and iron painting are available. ☆ 60 minutes lesson. ☆ Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your work. ☆ Weekday Sale There is also a casual experience course ☆ It is a recommended pottery experience for groups and groups ☆ This course can also be used for the “business trip ceramic art course” to be held at the desired location and venue. Company events and Events Please use for children's party. ☆ Glass crafts, silver accessories, dyeing, lighting crafts, and leather crafts are also being held ♪ ★ For customers from overseas ★ If you are going to book an experience class, if the interpreter is together, this class You can attend. I am sorry that the staff who can interpret in the classroom is not available.

"Rokuro experience" to enjoy with parents and children

"Rokuro experience" to enjoy with potter's wheel and parent and child

Baked in a ceramic artist mood Hand-making can enjoy "electric potter's wheel". It may seem difficult at first glance, but you can rest assured that the experience plan will be supported by the teacher.
"Handmade" from 3 years old, "Electric wheel" from 4 years old There is also a plan that you can use and you can make 2 to 4 works in 1 hour experience. If you participate as a parent and child, the tuition fee may be Sale!


[Tokyo/ Akabanebashi] Parent and child experience 10% OFF! Gather small potters! Children electric potter's wheel pottery experience, reservation on the On the day OK!

7,7006,930yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

It is an electric potter's wheel pottery experience where you can make works as if you were a potter. Let's knead the clay at ease and make your favorite vessels, dolls and ornaments. You can experience hand-rolling on the table from the age of three, and electric potters from the age of four. Pottery that draws on imagination and joy of making is perfect for learning. You can enjoy it even in the rain because it is indoors. On the day reservations OK! Pottery classes are available in English on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays.


[Tokyo/ Akabanebashi] Parent and child experience 10% OFF! Gather small potters! Child hands-on pottery experience, reservation on the On the day OK!

7,7006,930yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

It is a pottery plan for children. The production method is hand-kneaded and you can make it happily with the same feeling as playing clay. Children's ideas are endless, including figurines, cups, and bowls of favorite characters. Make use of your child's unique creativity and sensibility to create a unique piece in the world. option You can draw pictures on your own works and add multiple colors to one work. On the day Reservation OK! Pottery classes are available in English on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Making memories at a spot full of Kyoto atmosphere

Making memories at a spot full of potter's wheel and Kyoto atmosphere

Kyoto atmosphere overflows Electric potter's wheel experience at sightseeing spot Higashiyama Want to try
The experience time is around 20 minutes, this plan that you can easily and easily create works, Perfect for Activity while traveling.. The work will be mailed to you in two weeks, so you don't have to worry about luggage.


[Kyoto/ Higashiyama] Kiyomizu Temple-6 minutes on foot! A 20-minute easy-to-roll experience at a popular spot with plenty of Kyoto emotions


Let's enjoy the pottery that I wanted to do once in a popular spot where everyone feels as " Kyoto seems to be!" ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

陶あん 本店

[Kyoto /Higashiyama]-Sengakuji Temple/Tofukuji Temple-Freely make ceramics at the Kyo ware kiln! Potter's wheel experience

陶あん 本店

It is a pottery experience at a long-established pottery pottery. In this plan, we have a potter's wheel experience. As there is a craftsman, you can experience with confidence. Why don't you make your own vessel to commemorate your trip in the vicinity of Higashiyama Sengakuji Temple and Tofukuji Temple where quiet time flows?

"Ceramics date" at the elegant townhouse workshop

"Ceramics date" at the workshop of a potter's wheel and elegant townhouse

If you visit Kyoto as a couple, Challenge pottery in a tasteful townhouse workshop It is also good to do.
This is Couples limited You can enjoy making works using an electric wheel. It's a workshop run by a potter, and you can make wonderful memories and souvenirs.


[Kyoto/ Kamigyo Ward] Pottery-Electric potter's wheel experience at a townhouse in Nishijin, Kyoto! "Couples limited"


*地域共通クーポン利用可能プランです。 米澤工房に待望の電動ろくろコースが加わりました!カップル限定(1~2人)40分のコースになります。1部屋貸切なので気楽に思う存分楽しんでいただけます。お友達同士、ご家族でもどうぞ!完全サポートしますので初心者でも安心ですよ。

瑞光窯 京都清水店(zuikougama)

[Kyoto Shimizu] Beginners welcome! Create your favorite shape! Rolling wheel experience standard plan (30 minutes)

瑞光窯 京都清水店(zuikougama)

※地域共通クーポン利用可能プランです くるくる回る粘土を集中して形成する電動ろくろ体験。 少しの歪みで形が崩れてしまったり、すぐに簡単にできるものではありません。 最大限のサポートをさせていただきますので、初心者の方もお気軽に陶芸を体験してみてください。 出来上がりの達成感は素晴らしいものですよ。

Drink coffee with your own mug in the morning and decorate the table with original tableware at night-every more homemade vessels will enrich your daily life. Please experience the deep world of pottery with the experience of potter's wheel.

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