OK with children! Let's make only one work in the world with painting experience! Introducing how to choose design tips and hands-on lessons

OK with children! Let's make only one work in the world with painting experience!

Mugs and plates that are indispensable for everyday meals. If I could make these myself, it would be more fun at the table.
However, there are many who think that it may be a little difficult to suddenly try "electric wheel" and "handcraft".
In that case, we recommend starting with a painting experience.

We will introduce what kind of things you can make and popular painting experience plans at once!

What is "pottery" in the first place?

What is "pottery" in the first place?

Pottery Means that clay is molded into tableware, vases, etc. and baked at high temperature. "Yakimono" Refers to the technology of making.

Also, for baked goods "Pottery" When "porcelain" There are two types, and they differ in the manufacturing method and the properties when they are completed.

The difference between pottery and porcelain lies in the raw materials!

Pottery "Ceramics" Clay is called the main raw material, while porcelain is "Ceramic stone" The main raw material is rock.
Also, the pottery 800-1250 degree It is common to bake it in 1200-1400 degrees And it burns at a higher temperature than pottery.

What are the main characteristics of pottery?

Because it uses soil as its raw material, you can feel the soft texture and warmth.
Also, because it has high water absorption The flavor changes as you use it, and the taste increases. There is also a feature.
In Japan, Setoyaki-Karatsu, Mino, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Hagi is famous, such as baked, grilled Kasama.

What are the main characteristics of porcelain?

Since porcelain tableware is light and durable, it is widely used in a wide range of dining tables, both in Japan, Western countries and China.
It also has excellent heat resistance, so unlike ceramics Microwave can be used It is also a feature.
Arita ware, Kutani ware, Tobe ware, Hasami ware, etc. are famous in Japan.

What does pottery experience do?

What does pottery experience do?

Pottery experience Then, because of its ease of making There is a tendency for more classrooms to handle pottery than porcelain..
The flow of production is to knead clay to make a shape "Molding" After doing, draw and color the vessel "Painting" Let's get started.


A plan where you can experience both molding and painting

Pottery experience Then A plan where you can experience both molding and painting There are many.
However, it takes a few hours between molding and painting. "Dry" Let "Grilled" Of course, one day does not end. You will be in the classroom for at least two days to complete the work.

On the other hand, Painting experience only If the plan is Pre-baked dough is prepared So you can experience it easily in a short time.

If you would like to feel free to touch pottery, or if you would like to challenge yourself with your children, we recommend that you first participate in the painting experience plan.

Painting experience is so fun!

Painting experience is so fun!

In the painting experience, since the already molded container is used, Even children and beginners can finish beautiful works as if they were professionals is.

Time required is about 90 minutes Compared to the molding experience, it is considerably shorter and can be completed in one experience, so it is perfect for people who can not take time or those who want to experience pottery at a travel destination.

Also, just because it is a painting experience I have to draw illustrations firmly! You don't have to stretch your shoulders.
In most classrooms, there are a wide variety of color variations of paints used for painting, so for example, You can create fashionable works by simply drawing simple shapes such as dots, lines, and polka dots...
Furthermore, since a brush is used for painting, it is possible to write names and messages in addition to patterns and illustrations.

Let's make full use of our imagination and design original works that are unique in the world!

Is there anything I need to prepare before the painting experience?

Is there anything I need to prepare before the painting experience?

All the tools and materials necessary for the painting experience are prepared in the classroom, so on the On the day Participation is OK by hand is.

But, Paints may stain clothes and shoes Therefore, we recommend that you wear clothes and shoes that will not bother you even if it gets dirty.
Depending on the classroom Some places even rent out aprons So, if you want to Rental it, please check it once.

I want to know the tips when painting!

I want to know the tips when painting!

It can be a little difficult to get used to at the beginning, because painting ceramic art has different difficulties than drawing on paper.
Therefore, Tips for painting I summarized it.

First, let's draft with a ballpoint pen!

The plates and mugs have curved surfaces, so if you suddenly start drawing with a new brush, I couldn't get the balance right, and the finish was different from what I had expected... It could be something like that.

In that case, First, draw a draft on the container Would be
If it is a ballpoint pen, after painting is completed "Kyaki" It completely disappears with, so it is okay to draw as much as you want.

Let's draw a little thicker than the image!

When clay is heated, the water inside it evaporates. for that reason, The size of the container when completed is slightly smaller than the painting stage..
If that happens, naturally the drawn line will also be thin, so We will continue to work while always imagining the completed form Let's do it.

Be careful of color coating!

The paint used in the painting experience is made of metal and stone, so it does not grow as well as general watercolor paint. If you paint over and over again, Only that part may be thick...
Please note that if the thickness is not uniform, unevenness may occur when drying and may cause cracking in severe cases.

Also "Kyaki" If you do, the color of the paint will also change, so in advance Check the image of the color after baking Let's do it.

Things to keep in mind during the painting experience!

Things to keep in mind during the painting experience!

A few hours after painting "Dry" Let "Kyaki" Will be completed.
In these steps, It takes a few weeks to about a month and a half As it is often the case, I cannot bring home the painted works on the On the day.

For delivery of the completed work, you can go to the classroom directly or have it delivered to you, but in that case Separate delivery fee will be charged You may.

If you're making it as a gift, or if you have a specific date you want to use it, make sure you check the date when your work arrives.

Tell me how to choose a painting experience plan!

Tell me how to choose a painting experience plan!

Even if I say it as a painting experience, there are various plans depending on the classroom, so I am confused about choosing.
In that case, "Who and where do you want to experience?" "What kind of work do you want to make?" You should think about it first.
Please refer to the less to find the classroom that best suits your image!

Let's decide the classroom from the work I want to make!

The vessels prepared for the painting experience vary depending on the classroom.
I think that most of the classrooms handle plates and mugs, but if you want a little unusual work such as octopus, ashtray, brazier, please choose from the classroom that has handling.

Also," I'm worried about that and that, and I can't really focus on what I want... In that case, choose a classroom with as many kinds of vessels as possible and choose the one you want to inspire on the On the day! That's one hand.

Forest Pottery Museum (Mori Touki Kan)

[Kyoto Higashiyama] Participation is OK from 3 years old! Painting experience that you can choose from 10 types of unglazed dishes

森陶器館(Mori Touki Kan)
Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa Area

Decorating experience, cup, mug, choose the one you like from among the pottery that was 10 kinds of biscuit, such as rice, tea bowl, is a plan where I am writing your favorite pictures and letters in the paint.

Yu Kobo Osaka Minamihorie


ゆう工房 大阪南堀江教室
3,8503,300yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

"Challenging school? Healing school? Art school? Handmade trip near Namba station ♪" I want to immerse in something! I want to start something new! I want to heal your heart clean! A variety of feelings come to Yu studio ☆ It is a pottery experience that makes my heart gentle ♪ Friendly and gentle professional staff will help you according to the speed of each one ☆ You can enjoy rice with rice in the finished unit ☆ ♪ ☆ This is a pottery painting course that draws pictures and letters on unglazed cloth. ☆ It is a course that you can paint a customer's work with 90 minutes lesson. ☆ Please feel free to contact us for anything if you have any concerns or concerns about your work. ★ To customers from overseas ★ If you are booking a hands-on classroom, if the interpreter is together, you can take classes in our classroom. I am sorry that the staff who can interpret in the classroom can not prepare.

It is also recommended to participate at travel destinations!

Since you can make memorable works in a short time, many people would like to experience painting at travel destinations.
Since the classrooms where you can experience painting are scattered all over Japan, It is also good to choose from the destination area is not it.

In addition, if the production area is famous for pottery, you may be able to see how the craftsmen are actually making it and the many beautiful pottery pieces exhibited in the gallery in the classroom.

Ruiko Kiln Higashiyama Studio (zuikougama)

[Kyoto Higashiyama] Beginners welcome! Feel free to enjoy! Pottery painting experience!

瑞光窯 東山工房店(zuikougama)
Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa Area

You can paint on the pure white pottery as you wish. You can also write a message as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. as well as pictures. From children your Year is a plan that is well received to those of distribution.

Ceramic art studio doka earth fire


Atami / Hatsushima

It is a course that can be received the next day! Please paint with a pottery spoon using all six colors of paint. You can create 2 spoons. Time required Will be approximately one hour. (It is truly selfish, but if it is closed the next day, it will only be sent out.)

If you want to join in with your friends!

If you want to join in with your friends!

"I want to make cute works that are easier to use than regular ceramics! If you think, "I recommend a classroom like a salon that you can enjoy light.

Since you can feel free to experience it even in the city center, the number of people who enjoy painting at girls' associations and dates has recently increased. You may be able to take fashionable photos with a great atmosphere.

Yu Kobo Tokyo Aoyama


ゆう工房 東京青山教室
3,8503,300yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

You can paint face etc. on beaky cloth in bear shape and produce original mug. ☆ It is a course that you can produce one customer's work in 90 minutes lesson. ☆ The bear cup 'want mon kun', the cat's cup 'む mon chant' is the mascot character of the yu-kobo ☆ ※ The design that puts a face in the form of an animal is registered as a design. (Design Registration No. 1493392) ☆ Please feel free to contact us for anything if you have any concerns or concerns about your work. ★ To customers from overseas ★ If you are booking an experiential classroom, if the interpreter is together, you can take a class in our classroom. I am sorry that the staff who can interpret in the classroom can not prepare.

Yu Kobo Tokyo Ginza


ゆう工房 東京銀座教室
2,0901,870yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

「気軽にきっかけ陶芸一日体験★初めてさんも安心して学べる陶芸体験コースです♪」何かに没頭したい!新しく何かを始めたい!ココロをきれいに癒されたい!ゆう工房には色んな気持ちの方がご来校☆心を優しくしてくれる陶芸体験です♪ 優しい専門スタッフがひとりひとりのスピードに合わせて一緒にお手伝いします☆できあがった器でおうちご飯が楽しめます♪ ☆45分のレッスンで作品を制作できるコースです。 ☆板作りの豆皿コースとネコの箸置き絵付けコースから選べる一日体験。 ●板作りの豆皿コース  板作りの皿は、10㎝の大きさの板皿を一作品制作。  白化粧、ドット鉄絵付けができます。 ●ネコの箸置き絵付けコース  ネコの素焼き生地に自由に絵付けをするコース。ネコ2個制作。 ☆作品制作についてやご不安な事などございましたら、どんなことでもお気軽にお問合せ下さい。 ★海外からのお客さまへ★ 体験教室をご予約される場合、通訳の方がご一緒であれば、当教室の講座をご受講いただけます。 教室の方で通訳できるスタッフがご用意できず、申し訳ございません。

Some classes are welcome with children!

There are many classrooms where you can experience painting with your children.
Depending on the classroom, there is a plan to use a dedicated pen instead of paint, so it seems difficult to use a brush Even small children can enjoy with peace of mind Would be
It seems to be a wonderful memory for the children to draw on the plate while their parents are experiencing pottery.

Pottery Experience Yawatano kiln


陶芸体験 八幡野窯

I paint on a plate with a special pen. Even if you do not have a picture! Let 's draw freely and happily! Anyone can feel free to enjoy it.

Ceramic workshop Rakuzo

[Gifu ・ Hajima] 4 years old-OK! Easy and fun painting experience ★ The original work with a selectable container and colorful paint!


Enjoy your free and colorful painting experience with your favorite container or your own work ♪ Choose one from 【Small plate, teacup, teacup and mug】, within 1.5 hours of experience time, Make paintings with pottery paints and choose glazes (uses for coloring uiyaku and bowls). The lower paint uses "velvet paint" and there are many kinds of colors! 10 kinds of glaze more You can choose from Even if you're not good at drawing, you can make a pattern and mask it, or you can use a craft punch to easily finish a wonderful piece ♪ 4 years old ~ Possible! Little children have a sense of drawing, adult Let's make yourself a work in the world while enjoying it. Please wait for about 2 and a half months until completion. There is no doubt that a family, a couple, friends, and wonderful memories will be ★ The experienced lecturer will give advice and support carefully, so please participate with confidence.

Challenge authentic traditional crafts!

If you want to have a full-scale painting experience, Painting traditional crafts such as Shigaraki ware, Seto ware, Karatsu ware It is also recommended to try.

The more you master the painting, the deeper it gets.
It is also good to immerse yourself in the charm of painting while touching real crafts.

Kadota workshop



Choose one of your favorite Shigaraki no Tsukiyaki pieces from the tea bowl, cup, hot pot and dish and paint it. We will prepare other works if you can contact us two weeks in advance. ~ Flow of Experience ~ ① Collection, Reception ② Brief Explanations notes etc. ③ Choose works ④ Painted with paint after drafting with pencil




一度に250名様が参加できる九谷焼の絵付。湯呑み、マグカップ、花瓶、皿など、いろいろな絵付の体験が可能です。もちろんはじめての方でも大丈夫、親切丁寧にご指導いたします。初めての方でも、本格的にお楽しみいただけます。絵付用の本窯で焼きますので、きれいな発色です。 焼き上がりには2~3日かかります。送料は別途必要となります。出来上がった作品は後日郵送いたします。

You can enjoy making pottery and using pottery!

You can enjoy making pottery and using pottery!

This image is a strong pottery as traditional crafts of Japan, near Year that have increased pottery class of different styles, pottery fans young and old alike will increase, we call a quiet boom.

For pottery and painting experience, Fun to make Not only to taste the Enjoy using It is also attractive to be able to do it. There is no doubt that only one plate or mug of your own in the world will enhance your feelings about food and meals every day.

If you are interested, please take this opportunity to try out the painting experience!

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