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In the case of participation in parent and child, 10% off from the normal price! Why do not you pottery experience in parent and child at great-value rates ♪

[Tokyo, pottery experience] a small potter gather! Children electric potter's wheel Pottery Experience

プランID:12076 提供:Uzumako pottery class (UZUMAKO CERAMIC ART SCHOOL)

7,560yen​ ​(tax included)

6,860yenReduced rate


Uzumako pottery class (UZUMAKO CERAMIC ART SCHOOL)

Tokyo / 23 wards
Pottery Experience - pottery class
  • Empty-handed OK
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • 子供参加可

Description​ ​

Is a potter mood electric potter's wheel pottery experience that can make the work in. And knead the carefree To clay, Let's make their favorite bowl and doll ornament. Hand beauty batter to perform on the table from the 3-year-old, electric potter's wheel is experience from the 4-year-old OK. The imagination and make joy Hagugumu ceramics are perfect for lessons. Also it can be enjoyed in the rain because the room.

Electric potter's wheel is OK from 4 years old!

It is electric potter's wheel experience that can be from 4 years old. So it can make 2 to 4 work with the trial time of one hour, I more and more challenge. Fun and made the work, what remains together also with the memories after many years. Taking advantage of the child's personality and sensibility, trying to complete a nice work!

Also participated in the parent and child OK! Discount pricing!

Tuition is 10% OFF to be participating in parent and child! Dad, mom does not enjoy the pottery together or. Formation as well as shaving and 2 times of course for those who want a painting, recommended three times course! Or a beautiful color with the glaze, using a favorite color of paint, you can draw a pattern or patterns. Along with children, why not experience the pottery back to the kid.

Access good

Mita Station, Tamachi, Shiba Park Station, 4 stops available location of Akabanebashi Station. Located in a residential area to a very quiet and nostalgic feel.

Attractions of the plan

プランの魅力 ぐるぐる回るロクロの上に粘土をおいて作ります。 の画像

Create put clay on top of the round and round turn potter's wheel.

プランの魅力 コップ、小さいお皿、お茶碗などができます。 の画像

Cups, small dish, you can, such as bowl.

プランの魅力 想像力や作る喜びをはぐぐむ陶芸は習い事にぴったり。 の画像

The imagination and make joy Hagugumu ceramics are perfect for lessons.

プランの魅力 陶芸で個性的な工作・自由研究をしよう! の画像

Try a unique tool-free research pottery!

プランの魅力 楽しくてかわいいはにわ。こんなのもの作れます! の画像

Fun and cute Haniwa. Also you can make of this for!

プランの魅力 海外経験のある陶芸家が楽しく英語で陶芸をご指導します。 の画像

And guidance pottery in English is fun potter with overseas experience.


Minimum number of people 1 人
Number of people who can book 1人〜17人
Schedule Regularly
Assemble time Please choose your time of hope within the following time at the time of booking
10: 13:00 16:00 18:00 00
Please contact us if you do not meet the deadline, even school hours 18:00 in, such as convenience of your work ※.
If until the end time 21:00 We accept your reservation.
Assemble point Uzumako pottery class
Reservation deadline The day before, until 5 PM

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items Tools, such as aprons are pleased to offer here. Please come in nice clothes also dirty.
About rental items Nothing in particular.

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot コンビニ

Access and map


Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-chome 29-11 Shimizu House first floor

How to reach by train

JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line "Tamachi" a 9-minute walk from the West Exit
Subway Toei Mita Line "Shiba Park Station" A2 6-minute walk from Exit
Subway Toei Mita Line Toei Asakusa "Mita Station" A8 6-minute walk from Exit
Subway Toei Oedo Line "Akabanebashi Station" red

Price list

Basic charge

Participants / pair (parent-child two persons) 7,560yen 6,860yen 4-year-old - in the case of participation applied in the parent-child two persons
Participants / per person 3,780yen 4-year-old -

※Prices including all taxes.

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  • カレンダーステータスアイコンの画像 空きありAvailable
  • カレンダーステータスアイコンの画像 受付終了Finished
  • カレンダーステータスアイコンの画像 受付不可Unavailable
  • カレンダーステータスアイコンの画像 予約リクエスト予約リクエスト予約後、事業者から受付可否を連絡


About payment Please pay at the day of cash. (Cards accepted)
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee キャンセル・変更の場合は、お電話にて速やかにご連絡ください。お客様のご都合によりキャンセルされる場合、下記のキャンセル料を申し受けます。 7日前~2日前:参加料金の30% 前日(24時間前~):参加料金の50% 当日(深夜0時以降):参加料金の全額
Cancellation by operators. 設備の不調・故障によって体験が中止となる場合がごいざます。 中止となった場合、現地までの旅費などの賠償には応じかねます。 あらかじめご了承ください。


Matters require attention ※ It takes separately baked fee. Length × width × height × 1.5 yen (teacup about 1,000 yen, bowl about 1,500 yen)
※ The delivery of work, handed in the shop after the oven, or will be shipped. In the case of shipping, thank you to pay shipping charges to experience the day.
※ It takes separately extension charge 1,500 yen.
※ of protection bidder of junior high school students and older your accompanied please refrain. In the case of children under elementary school, you can contact attendant to the protective bidder per person.
Other notices Organizations like ※ is acceptable up to 17 people.
※ There is a parent-child discount! It will be 10% off from the tuition fee.



このプランを予約すると 69 pt 貯まります!

Starting time 10:00 13:00 16:00 18:00
Participating age4 才~
Time required For 1.5 hours
Assemble point Look in GoogleMap