Recommended for camping beginners! Kanto Auto Campsite Guide

Recommended for camping beginners! Kanto auto campsite
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The auto campsite where you can drive your car right up to the tent, The convenience of carrying out camping equipment and the ability to evacuate in the car even if it suddenly rains and many other benefits.

In this article, Kanto Auto Camping Grounds Recommended for Camping Beginners Introducing!
In addition, you can make a reservation at Activity Japan Activities and experiences around the auto campsite We will also deliver carefully selected.

Please refer to the article and choose your favorite auto campground, and enjoy camping and surrounding activities!

Mangan Village Auto Campsite/Saitama/Chichibu

Mangan Village Auto Campsite/Saitama/Chichibu

Saitama Chichibu of" Mangan Village Auto Campsite , Trailer houses and wooden cottages on hills You can stay at

All buildings are fully equipped with air conditioning and toilets, and a barbecue corner and wooden deck are standard equipment. So even beginners can enjoy a comfortable space. camp you can enjoy!

Especially recommended points are " Chichibu Onsen Mangan no Yu is adjacent to the facility matter. After playing in nature to your heart's content, why not soak in a hot spring and spend a relaxing and healing time?

Recommended Activities and Experiences Around Chichibu

Enjoy kayaking on Nagatoro River Blue planet kayaks

Chichibu area is an area rich in nature surrounded by mountains with the Arakawa River running through the center.
Therefore, you can enjoy it in Arakawa Valley River activity A variety of experience plans are available, centering on

for example, Chichibu and Nagatoro have fun in the river Canoe/kayak experience or mountain stream fishing , Oversized swings installed on the suspension bridge in the Arakawa Valley " canyon swing ” and other thrilling games.
Unique to the Chichibu area Activities that take advantage of the dynamic nature It's a hard push!

If you want to make bathing in Chichibu Onsen Mangan no Yu even more comfortable, why not try playing in the river during the day using your whole body?

[Saitama/ Nagatoro] Kayak experience at Nagatoro and Iwadatami with a superb view! (half-day course)

Blue planet kayaks
Chichibu and Nagatoro

This plan does not support English.

Little birds chirping in the green in the blue sky. You can freely walk on the surface of the water. Small fish when you look into the water. Why don't you feel the great nature of Nagatoro through kayaking? The venue is a calm place with a rock pavement designated as a scenic natural monument. It is a steep valley, and it is said that the scenery is particularly beautiful in Nagatoro. Enjoy Nagatoro's beautiful nature and kayaking

[Saitama / Chichibu] Fishing for char and yamame trout! Easy 2 hour course [BBQ option available ♪]

Oku Chichibu headwaters Nakatsu River mountain stream fishing ground
Chichibu and Nagatoro
3,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Unlimited fishing for char and yamame trout within the time limit! Please come along with your children! You can also enjoy barbecue and Genghis Khan additionally!

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Kenny's Family Village/Auto Campsite/Saitama/Hanno

Kenny's Family Village/Auto Campsite/Saitama/Hanno

Saitama Hanno of" Kenny's Family Village/Auto Campsite "teeth, It is located in a place with good access, about 1 hour from central Tokyo. .

In an environment surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can enjoy the nature of each season, and there are frequent seasonal events. A facility with many ingenuity to enjoy nature is.

Especially recommended points are Kawahara site that there is
There are also tent sites where AC power can be used and three types of log houses, At the Kawara site, in a location with a superb view close to the Naguri River camp or BBQ can enjoy .

Shared facilities include toilets, shower rooms, washing machines, a kitchen, and a charcoal disposal area, so you can clean up after playing in the river or after a BBQ!

There are plenty of campsites, from family-friendly sites to mini-sized tent sites for solo camping, so you're sure to find a way to spend your time.

Recommended activities and experiences around Hanno

Herbarium Experience PAPILLON

Around Hanno activities that make use of the topography of the mountains tend to attract attention, There are plenty of activities and experiences that you can enjoy indoors. .

For example, enjoy in the indoor field survival game or, Herbarium experience , flower diffuser making There are plenty of activities and experiences that you can enjoy without worrying about the weather!

If you're worried about the weather on the day of your camping trip, or if you want to try something different from the outdoor activities you can enjoy at your campsite, please use this guide as a reference.

[Saitama Hanno] Enjoy the game on holidays where people tend to gather Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays charter plan [survival game]

80,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Games with a large number of people are fun, but it is quite difficult to get many people together on weekdays. This plan is for you to use. The field is reserved for weekends and holidays. There are two types of time slots available: a morning start and an evening start.

[Saitama / Hanno] Popular with "flowers that do not wither" ♪ Herbarium experience (2) For interior gifts ★


This plan does not support English.

A very popular herbarium with "flowers that never wither"☆It is an interior flower that will last for over a year as it is made without maintenance. You can choose a cologne and a cute round bottle (100ml), a slim square bottle (150ml), or a round bottle (150ml). so make a reservation

[Saitama Hanno] Luxurious use of preserved flowers ♪ Flower diffuser and herbarium making

4,000 Yen~ (tax included)

It will be a great course where you can make both a flower diffuser and a herbarium by using preserved flowers luxuriously! If you can decorate your room with a cute decoration without changing the air freshener you usually use... just thinking about it will make you excited♪ For customers who want to enjoy the scent of aroma oil or your own perfume, we will teach you how to use it. "Withered

Mori no Makiba Auto Campsite / Sodegaura, Chiba

Mori no Makiba Auto Campsite / Sodegaura, Chiba

Chiba ・Sodegaura's " Mori no Makiba Auto Campsite is located in the neighborhood such as "Mother Farm", "Tokyo German Village", "Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu" and "Costco Wholesale Kisarazu Warehouse". It is located in a place where you can access facilities that can be enjoyed by children and adults within an hour by car .

Especially recommended points are Being able to interact with animals in the facility and play with your dog .
There is no doubt that you will be healed by spending time with cute animals in nature, such as interacting with animals in the sheep shed and rabbit square in the facility, and playing with your dog at the dog run!

Of course, shower rooms and toilets are provided as shared facilities in the facility, so it's safe to play in the mud.

Recommended activities and experiences around Sodegaura

Pottery experience image Bear pottery class

Sodegaura area faces Tokyo Bay, and the inland area has a rural landscape rich in nature.
Popular theme parks and commercial facilities are also substantial, Abundant activities and experiences that make the most of the vast land is.

For example, you can climb trees on Mt. treeing and take off from the Futtsu Cape area motor paraglider In addition to the tandem flight, it is also perfect for making memories of camping Pottery experience A wide range of experiences are available, from active play to indoor play.

There are activities that are easy to try even for inexperienced people, so if you find a plan that interests you, please make a reservation!

[Chiba/Kimitsu] Treeing! Enjoy the view from the top of the tree! !

Kanoyama Nature School
8,000 Yen~ (tax included)

☆ Tree climbing experience at Mt. Kano ☆ Treeing is an activity that allows you to safely experience the world of trees using a special rope and harness (safety belt). Using a special rope work, you step on your feet to stand up, so even children and women who are not confident in their strength can enjoy it. It is the first time to use the kicking power of the legs instead of the arms.

[Chiba / Futtsu / Minamiboso] Beginners are safe! Motor Paraglider tandem flight experience (1 day course)

Sky Angel

This plan does not support English.

After practicing on flat ground, you will actually fly in a two-seater with an instructor. You can see that even a complete beginner can easily fly.

[Chiba/Sodegaura] Pottery experience with an electric potter's wheel-OK from 9 years old! Perfect for memories of your trip! Burning cost of the work (for 1 piece)

Bear pottery class
3,300 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a plan to experience making pottery using an electric potter's wheel. You can freely create works using 2.2 kg of clay. A potter's wheel pottery that changes its shape with just a little force. The fun and difficulty of it makes me so focused that I forget to breathe. Take a deep breath the moment you let go of the still spinning piece. 4-5 works using all 2.2 kg of clay

Kazusa Auto Campsite / Kimitsu, Chiba

Chiba Kimitsu No Kazusa Auto Campsite is located in the center of the Boso Peninsula.
The Kururi area where the campsite is located is known as the village of famous water. It is characterized by the fact that you can taste the water that spouts at various places along the way from the facility to Kururi Castle. is.

Especially recommended points are The Obitsu River flows in front of the campsite. matter.
Carp and crucian carp in the river fishing You can fully enjoy the play that makes use of the beautiful water such as playing in the water. In addition, since there is a fishing pond in the facility, An auto campsite perfect for those who love fishing is.

The facility is fully equipped with toilets and shower rooms, a kitchen, and a cooking building, providing an environment where even first-time campers can spend their time comfortably.

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Bosco Auto Camp Base/Hadano, Kanagawa

Bosco Auto Camp Base/Hadano, Kanagawa
*The image is a campground image, not Bosco Auto Camp Base

Kanagawa ・ Hadano's " Bosco Auto Camp Base "teeth, " Contact with the forest and water as it is is a concept campsite is. Located in the forest of Tanzawa Moroto, it is surrounded by a rich natural environment surrounded by forests and rivers.

Especially recommended points are You can choose from a variety of lodging options, such as an auto-camping site set up around a stream, a set-up tent site with a large permanent tent, and a secluded mountain lodge surrounded by cypress forests. matter.

There is also a fishing pond and a pizza oven made of refractory bricks on the premises. You can also experience fishing for edible rainbow trout and making authentic pizza. . You can enjoy cooking as an activity in an environment rich in nature.

Each site group is equipped with a kitchen, toilet, and shower. Warm water is available at the water area, so camping in winter is also comfortable. In addition, body soap and rinse-in shampoo are provided in the shower room, so you don't have to worry if you come empty-handed.

Recommended activities and experiences around Hadano

Parents and children enjoying rice farming Yaoki Farmers Club

Kanagawa The Hadano area, located in the western part of Shinjuku It is a place with good access from the city center, about 1 hour by train from. Known as the only "basin town" in Kanagawa Prefecture, it is a fan-shaped topography created by a river.

To the south of Hadano is the Shibusawa Hills, and to the north and west of Hadano is the Tanzawa mountain range, which is designated as a quasi-national park. There are many natural spots with lush green nature and clean water. .

near Hadano Atsugi/Ebina area Then strawberry picking or blueberry picking , making rice There are plenty of plans that combine seasonal food and play. Also, if you go a little further, you can visit Hatsushima and Izu. experience diving The season to enjoy is also coming.

People who want to spend their time surrounded by nature, Kanto It is perfect for people who want to refresh themselves, such as those who want to refresh themselves on weekends from the city center!

[Atsugi area / Annual owner plan for rice farming!] Experience everything from seedling planting to harvesting all year round♪Experience rice farming with special attention♪<For friends and family>

Yaoki Farmers Club
150,000 Yen~ (tax included)

Harvest the rice that you have grown yourself as the owner for 〇 years♪ ・You can plant rice seedlings and harvest the rice that you have grown yourself until the harvest♪ Masu ♪ · For those who want to eventually become self-sufficient!・Recommended for those who want to master rice making!・You can feel the security of being able to grow rice♪・Making rice seedlings

[Experience Diving (Hatsushima)] To the sky called the sea! ! Experience diving course

15,876 Yen~ (tax included)

I have to start! Experience diving at Let's Try Scuba Hatsushima! There are four seasons in the sea of Izu, and you can see different faces in each season. The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter will make you enjoy diving in Izu.

Hidamari no Sato Auto Campsite/Ashigara, Kanagawa

Kanagawa Ashigara of" Hidamari no Sato Auto Campsite "teeth, Campsite located near Lake Tanzawa is.
The tent site is surrounded by forest, and there are hot spring facilities nearby, so you can relax in a hot spring after a long day of playing.

Especially recommended points are The tent site has a tennis court. matter. Camping in the mountains and rivers tends to attract attention, but it is also recommended to refresh yourself by playing tennis.

Common facilities in the hall include a kitchen, kitchen, hot water shower, flush toilet, and a shop. Tents, bedding, BBQ (barbecue) equipment, and cooking utensils are available for rent, so even beginners can enjoy camping without worry.

Recommended activities and experiences to enjoy around Ashigara

Lake Tanzawa SUP Tour Andriff

Kanagawa located on the western edge of Ashigara area The 1,212m-high Mt. Kintoki is located in the center, and the Myojingatake hills extending to the southeast, and the rivers that gather the flows of the mountains and plateaus, are high in the west and low in the east. There are plenty of activities in the mountains and rivers that take advantage of the topography, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. is.

For example, if you have the courage, you can dive into the river rafting activity " river run , and aiming for the unexplored region of Lake Tanzawa SUP tour You can enjoy various river activities such as

In addition, the factory charter Pottery experience You can enjoy a wide range of fun, from thrilling games to leisurely play plans, such as crafting experiences.

From outdoor play to indoor play, this area is especially recommended for those who want to enjoy luxury!

"Super summer sale in progress" [Kanagawa Ashigara] River run experience-like a jungle cruise world! ?

Mystic Rivers

This plan does not support English.

Discount campaign in progress!

It is Kanagawa Prefecture's only river descent activity "River Run"! It is a new sensation activity that is different from rafting and canyoning. Outside of the rainy season, there are many gentle currents and you can avoid the thrill areas, so small children and customers who are not good at water can participate with peace of mind. Jung with interesting nature talks from the guide

"Super summer sale in progress" [Kanagawa Ashigara] Go to unexplored regions? Frolic with all your might? Both! Lake Tanzawa SUP Tour! (Discount available from 2 people)

Mystic Rivers

This plan does not support English.

Discount campaign in progress!

Lake Tanzawa SUP tour. We will guide you to the unexplored region of Lake Tanzawa, cruising to a little-known spot, and a space where you can do your best. The contents of the tour will be organized according to the conditions of the day and the customer's needs, so even small children and people who are not good at water can come and have fun! Let's enjoy SUP together!

[Kanagawa/ Minamiashigara] Private workshop! Enjoy the pottery experience "Electric potter's wheel"! Beginners welcome, empty-handed OK! (60 minutes)

Yakurasawa pottery class
3,900 Yen~ (tax included)

A quiet pottery studio surrounded by rich nature. In this plan, you can rent out the workshop and experience the electric potter's wheel in a calm environment only for customers. Let's make only one original ceramic art work in the world. We will guide you kindly and carefully, so even beginners can feel at ease. [Price] (Electric potter's wheel course) per person: 3,800 yen * Fee

Nasu Kogen Auto Campsite/Tochigi/Nasu

Nasu Kogen Auto Campsite/Tochigi/Nasu
*The image is a campsite image, not the Nasu Kogen Auto Campsite.

Tochigi Nasu Town of" Nasu Kogen Auto Campsite ” is a campsite located in a good location, 3 minutes by car from the Tohoku Expressway Nasu IC. Around the campsite There are also facilities for day trip hot springs and strawberry picking, and there are plenty of activities. .

Especially recommended points are pet-free sites and pet-free cabins that are OK without leashes, You can camp with your pet That's it. There is also a private dog run and a pet shower on site, so you can enjoy nature with your dog.

moreover, There is also a mini park and an athletic plaza on the premises, so children who are in the middle of playing should be satisfied. . It can be said that it is a perfect facility for family trips.

There are multiple toilets, showers, drum baths, kitchens and BBQ areas in the facility. Even if you play in the mud during the day, you can refresh yourself in the bath and enjoy your meal.

Recommended activities and experiences around Nasu

Children enjoying tree climbing in Nasu Nasu Outback Tours

Tochigi Nasu Town is located in a place with good access from the city center, about 1 hour by train.
The Nikko Mountains, Takahara Mountains, and Nasu Mountains are linked together.
The foot of the mountain is cool even in the summer and is unique to the highlands. Popular as a summer resort and villa area is.

In the Nasu/Itamuro area, Survival game or tree climbing , in Nikko National Park including Nasu Kogen bird watching There are plenty of activities that take advantage of the topography and vast nature.

Nasu Highland in winter snowshoe trekking , Autumn at Numappara Nature Hike in Nikko National Park Autumn leaf viewing Such, There are plenty of plans to enjoy the four seasons of Japan you know!

[Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture] Tree climbing! ~ Let's be friends with trees! ~

Nasu Outback Tours
Nasu board room
2,500 Yen~ (tax included)

The excitement of climbing a tree. Using your five senses to the maximum, the sense of achievement when you reach the top of the tree and the exhilarating feeling of the view from the top of the tree are exceptional. Experience tree climbing and make friends with trees. Required time: 1 hour Capacity: 8 people per session

[Tochigi / Nasu] Nikko National Park "Yawata Bird Watching Walk"-A leisurely morning bird-watching walk in Nasu Kogen ♪ Binocular rental & coffee included

Nasu board room

This plan does not support English.

Take an early morning walk in the highland forest looking for cute little birds! It is a mini birdwatching tour that takes you leisurely through the forests of Nasu Kogen. Yawata Azalea Park in Nasu Kogen, which is popular for its large colonies of azaleas, is a perfect bird-watching spot where you can meet the singing voices of summer birds in the summer and fluffy little birds in the winter. Under the guidance of a forest instructor, you can see wild birds, wild grasses, etc.

Nikko Daiya River Park Auto Campsite / Tochigi Nikko

Nikko Daiya River Park Auto Campsite / Tochigi Nikko

Tochigi sunlight of" Nikko Daiya River Park Auto Campsite ” is located approximately 4 km from Nikko Utsunomiya Road Imaichi IC, or a 20-minute walk from Tobu Railway Kamiimaichi Station. A facility on the premises of "Nikko Daiya River Park", You can enjoy auto camping surrounded by nature .

A large-scale campsite that makes use of the vast land is perfect for auto camping.
There are a total of 68 auto camp sites, a total of 14 camper sites, and other sites for trailer houses and camper cars. There is also, so you can enjoy your favorite camp.

The facility is equipped with restrooms, shower rooms, and a kitchen, as well as a shop that sells camping equipment and souvenirs. There are plenty of facilities where you can spend a relaxing and enjoyable time, such as buying necessary camping equipment or buying souvenirs to remember your camping trip.

Recommended Activities and Experiences Around Nikko

Lake Chuzenji Canoe Tour Adventure Magic

sunlight teeth Tochigi Located in the northwestern part of the prefecture, it is a vast city that occupies about a quarter of the area of the prefecture.

The terrain is characterized by large undulations, from mountains with an altitude of 2000m to urban areas with an altitude of about 200m.
Tourists from Japan and abroad are also supporting Nikko National Park, where you can enjoy the nature of the four seasons, and Nikko Toshogu Shrine, which is designated as a World Heritage Site. .

For example, in winter, Oku-Nikko snowshoe trekking or Icefall trekking , while watching the mountains colored with colored leaves in autumn Lake Chuzenji Canoe There are plenty of activities filled with the charm of the four seasons that are unique to Japan.

Depending on the season you visit, you can enjoy completely different scenery, so if there is something you are interested in, why not repeat it at a different time?

≪10:00, 13:00≫ Canoe tour with superb view at Lake Chuzenji, Nikko Small group, charter, photo included

Nikko, Kirifuri Kogen, Oku-Nikko, Lake Chuzenji, Imaichi
8,200 circle 7,700 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

This is [10:00~12:00, 13:00~15:00 plan]. Canoe around Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, which is also a World Heritage Site. If you go on a canoe on the lake, you can see a wonderful view that cannot be seen from the land. With a small number of people, the guide will give a lecture on how to ride and paddle the canoe in an easy-to-understand manner, so even beginners can feel at ease.

≪Sunrise at 5 o'clock≫ Canoe tour with a superb view at Lake Chuzenji, Nikko Small group, charter, photo included

Nikko, Kirifuri Kogen, Oku-Nikko, Lake Chuzenji, Imaichi
8,800 circle 8,200 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!

This is the [5:00~7:00 plan]. Canoe around the quiet early morning hours of Lake Chuzenji in the World Heritage Nikko. The beautiful morning sun coming in from Mt. Nantai and the mirror-like surface of the lake are the real pleasures of this tour. With a small number of people, the guide will give you an easy-to-understand lecture on how to ride and paddle the canoe, so even first-timers can participate with peace of mind.

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Safe even for camping beginners! Auto campground summary

Safe even for camping beginners! auto campsite

Auto camping reduces the burden of carrying camping equipment, so it is perfect for all styles of camping trips, such as solo camping, camping with families with a lot of luggage, and camping with pets.

Also, if you choose an auto campsite that has plenty of facilities and surrounding activities and experiences, you're sure to have even more memories of your trip.

Please use this article as a reference to find an auto campsite that interests you and plan your next camping trip.

*The information in this article is current as of May 2023.

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