Cool and comfortable in the summer camp! Measures against heat when sleeping & essentials

Cool and comfortable in the summer camp! Measures against heat when sleeping & essentials
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Recently popular Summer camp Featured.

Some may be worried, "But isn't the summer campsite hot?"

So this time How to take measures against the heat when sleeping at night and how to stay cool Teaching. Recommended materials and clothes that are cool even in summer, useful useful goods I will also introduce.

Basic camping equipment and tools Solo camp Please refer to!

Indispensable for summer camp Insects measures and UV / sunburn measures I will also tell you, so please check it out!

Summer camp heat measures 1: Choose a cool area

Summer camp heat measures 1: Choose a cool area

Choosing a place is important for people who want to spend their time comfortably in a summer camp. High altitude campsites are recommended for people who are not good at hot weather ..

When the altitude rises 100m, the temperature drops by about 0.6 ℃. It is said that.

In other words, if the temperature is 30 ° C on a flat ground at an altitude of 0m, it will be 24 ° C at an altitude of 1,000m. Even in the summer, if the altitude is high, it will be much cooler than the flat ground and you can spend it comfortably. is.

again, Tohoku and Hokkaido, which have high latitudes, are generally colder than Kanto. Recommended for those who seek coolness.

Cool summer campsite: Lake Aoki, Nagano

Nagano / Lake Aoki Campsite Is attractive because it is easily accessible from the Kanto region. Altitude 822m Located in The temperature is about 5 ℃ lower than the level ground Therefore, you can spend comfortably even in the summer.

You can learn while playing with children Summer camp Is popular. Perform at Lake Aoki Rare stay on the lake & starry sky / firefly observation and!

Nagano / Lake Aoki Kayak SUP experience fishing A spot where you can enjoy. Experience various activities with the summer camp.

[Nagano / Omachi City] Bunbu (Study and Sports) Both Roads Northern Alps Foothills Shinano Omachi Lake Aoki Summer Camp Learning and Outdoor Experience 2 Nights 3 Days

Omachi / Lake Aoki Adventure Club
Azumino / Omachi
38,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

Overnight at the campsite bungalow. You can stay at Omachi Onsenkyo Hotel / Ryokan and Lake Nakatsuna / Lake Kisaki Guest House for an additional fee. Experience learning and outdoor activities for 2 nights and 3 days. [Learning] Omachi Alpine Museum: Learn about the nature of the Northern Alps and the history of mountain climbing. Oh I see! !! There is a huge caldera volcano in the range of 17 km from Mt. Kitakuzu to Mt. Shira in the Northern Alps.

Nagano / Iizuna Higashi Kogen

Nagano / Iizuna Higashi Plateau teeth Altitude about 850m .. The recommended area in the area is the Iizuna Higashi Kogen Auto Campground. The nature surrounded by larch forest is attractive. We recommend a great plan that you can spend from 10:00 to 16:00 the next day only on weekdays!

About 5 minutes on foot Natural hot spring There is also, so you can relax!

[Nagano / Iizuna Higashi Kogen Auto Campsite] Weekday only, leisurely stay plan with hot spring ticket!

Iizuna Higashi Kogen Auto Campground
Nagano / Togakushi / Obuse
2,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Weekday-only leisurely stay plan! You can relax by staying from 10 am on the day of your stay to 4 pm the next day.

Cool campsite in summer: Hyogo / Kaminabe Kogen

Altitude 469m of Kaminabeyama Surrounded by 1,000m-class mountains Resort area ..

In Kaminabe Kogen The camping experience that includes ingredients and lectures and is OK empty-handed is popular with families with children is. In the neighborhood Free ticket for hot spring facility This plan is recommended for those who want to make their solo camp debut!

[Hyogo / Kaminabe Kogen] Empty-handed OK! Easy FAMILY CAMP Tent, ingredients and lectures. All comics.

Kannabe nature school
14,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

I yearn for "a relaxing time in nature" that I can enjoy at the camp, but I don't know what I need, I'm worried if I can do it well, and it's difficult to prepare. .. .. It is a plan for such people to easily experience the fun of camping * The participation fee includes camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mats and lanterns, as well as ingredients, cooking utensils, firewood and charcoal.

[Hyogo / Kaminabe Kogen] Empty-handed OK! Easy SOLO CAMP 1 night 2 days Tent, ingredients and lectures. All comics.

Kannabe nature school
24,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

I yearn for "a relaxing time in nature" that I can enjoy at the camp, but I don't know what I need, I'm worried if I can do it well, and it's difficult to prepare. .. .. It is a plan for such people to easily experience the fun of camping * The participation fee includes camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, mats and lanterns, as well as slightly rich ingredients and cooking

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Cool summer campsite: Hokkaido

Cool is the most popular travel destination in summer Hokkaido !!

Auto camp is popular in an area with good access, about 25 minutes by car from Sapporo.

For those who want to enjoy nature Shiretoko What. Custom-made guided tour camper experience Is recommended.

[Sapporo, Hokkaido] About 25 minutes by car from the center of Sapporo! With auto! With direct fire! Camp ♫

Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)
5,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

About 25 minutes by car from the center of Sapporo, the auto campsite. Why don't you enjoy camping in the middle of nature? 〇Usage time Day camp: 9:00 to 17:00 Camp: 13:00 Check-in to 11:00 the next day 〇Amount of use 1 person Solo camp 1 block 2,750 yen 2 to 5 people 1 block 5,500 yen * Up to 1 car (2 or more cars use this parking lot)

[Hokkaido / Shiretoko] Shiretoko custom-made tour with camper accommodation experience

Shiretoko Kiyosatocho Ueneusaru Midori
Shiretoko / Abashiri / Kitami
25,000 Yen ~ (tax included)

We will respond to your own pace and requests! !! It is a tour with a camper accommodation experience that can be used by 2 to 6 people. Our shop is the first in Eastern Hokkaido! We operate the only RV park certified by the Japan RV Association in Shiretoko. Starting from that RV park, we focus on "various trekking tours" and "shower climbing tours".

Cool summer campsite: Tohoku

Tohoku / Akita Then Auto camp is popular .. It is ideal for families with children as it is possible to drive to the campsite without having to carry luggage.

Summer camp heat measures 2: Tent construction in the evening when the temperature drops

Set up a tent in the evening when the temperature drops

If you set up a tent while the sun is strong and the temperature is high, the heat will be trapped.

If you ventilate "because it's hot" when you sleep, mosquitoes and bugs may invade your tent and you may not be able to sleep. ..

To avoid the heat staying in the tent Set up a tent in the evening when the temperature drops let's do it.

Summer camp heat measures 3: Select breathable materials and clothing

Summer camp outfit

The clothes for the summer camp vary depending on where you go, but I will tell you later. Long sleeves and long pants are recommended from the viewpoint of insect protection and UV protection. is.

To stay cool and comfortable in the summer jump The point is to choose the material for clothes ..

Linen is a highly breathable material that absorbs water, releases moisture, and dries quickly, making it ideal for summer. You can say that. Even on summer nights, you can avoid sleepiness by choosing linen material.

Especially the campsite in the mountains with high altitude Even if it is hot during the day, it gets cold at night, and the temperature difference is large. Also that. Thin hoodies and cardigans Things that can be worn, such as Stall It is convenient to bring it with you.

Children often sweat or play and get their clothes dirty thing. When going to summer camp with kids Be sure to change clothes a lot Let's bring it.

Summer camp clothes summary

  • Wear long sleeves & long pants
  • Linen material is recommended for heat measures
  • If you have children, change your clothes a lot
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Summer camp heat measures 4: Improve ventilation in the tent

If the tent is not well ventilated, it will be hot and humid and the temperature will rise.

Below, Tips and points to keep you cool and airy even on summer nights I'd like to introduce_______

Breathability is improved with a cot

Summer camp essential items

What is a cot A cot used for camping etc. .. With foldable legs, Do not stick to the ground and leave a space of several tens of centimeters Is a feature.
so that Breathable, allowing you to sleep comfortably even on sleepy nights ..

The cot is not just a bed Can also be used as a luggage storage or bench Convenient goods that are useful for you.

Cot Hicot Locot of two kinds .. Each has its own characteristics. Each advantage / disadvantage Please compare and consider.

Benefits of Hicot

  • It's well-ventilated and cool because it's off the ground
  • Easy to sit and put on shoes

Disadvantages of high cot

  • Bulky & heavy
  • It takes power and time to set up

Benefits of low cot

  • Light and not bulky
  • Easy to set up

Disadvantages of low cot

  • It's close to the ground, so it's not well ventilated and it's hot
  • Difficult to sit or wear shoes

Circulate the wind with an electric fan

The electric fan is a reassuring ally for a sleepless night .. Compared to no wind The sensible temperature drops by 1 ° C at a wind speed of 1m. It is said that.

Instead of hitting your body with a fan all the time while you sleep, use it while adjusting it.

A portable fan powered by batteries or dry batteries is convenient for summer camps.

Summer camp heat measures 5: Use convenient goods

continue, Goods that are convenient for summer camps I'd like to introduce_______ You don't have to force yourself to buy it.

However, if you're originally at home or want to use it for other occasions, it's a good idea to consider buying it for your summer camp.

Cooler box

Prevents food from being damaged and prevents juice and beer from becoming slimy Convenient goods Cooler box is.

Cooler box with ice pack and frozen bottle If you open It is also possible to relieve sleepless nights ..

Cooling goods

Since the temperature is high in campsites such as flat land, the following Cooling goods It is convenient to have.

Cooling goods summary

  • Cooling mat: Convenient for sleepy nights
  • Cold feeling towelette: Convenient for sleepy nights
  • Neck cooler: Goods to cool the neck
  • Cooling towel: A cold towel that does not get wet is cool when you put it on your forehead or face when you go to bed during the day or at night.

Summer camp insect countermeasures

Summer camp insect countermeasures

In summer camps in forests, mountains, rivers and lakes mosquito or Gnat Don't be stabbed by. Black flies live in beautiful rivers and mountain streams, and are about the size of flies. Itchy than mosquitoes when bitten So be careful.

Insects other than mosquitoes and gnats also fly to exposed skin, so It is important to wear long sleeves and long pants is. Be careful not to get hungry even if you wear long sleeves .. Put the hem in the shoes between the long pants and the socks Measures such as.

Measures against insects other than mosquitoes and gnats that are easily encountered in summer camps

  • Bee: Don't shake it off and wait for it to pass.
  • Abu: Actively crush and shake off so as not to touch the skin.
  • Caterpillar: Itching and rash occur when stabbed. Remove the hair needles with tape.
  • Centipede: When stabbed, it may become red and swollen and cause pain. Please note that it may be confused with your clothes.
  • Ticks: Inhabit where wild animals live. It bites human skin firmly and sucks blood, so it is NG to remove it by yourself. I went to the hospital with ticks on. If you fail to remove it, some of the ticks may remain in your skin and require an incision.
  • Hill: Inhabits the waterside. The leeches themselves are not poisonous. When bitten, blood does not stop easily, so press it.

Bitten by the above insects If the pain or swelling does not go away, go to the hospital immediately Please go.

Summer camp essential items

Summer camp essential items

Summer is the season when there are many insects in the campsite. I can't have a good time because it's itchy and painful. Be sure to prepare in advance and bring it to the campsite.

In the summer when the sun is strong, be sure to take measures against sunburn. The higher the altitude, the stronger the ultraviolet rays, so take appropriate measures.

Insect repellent

Mainly depending on the ingredients DEET "" Icaridin "" Natural materials It can be divided into three parts.


Features : Used as an insect repellent for a long time and is the most widely used
merit : Mosquitoes, gnats, abs, ticks, fleas, yamabils, etc. Many types can repel insects
Demerit : There are restrictions on use for babies and children under 12 years old depending on the concentration
* When the compounding concentration is 30%, it can be used for children over 12 years old.

2. Icaridin

Features : Developed in Germany in 1986. Approved in Japan in 2015
merit : Has the same level of insect repellent effect as DEET, but better than DEET Weak skin irritation
Demerit : Only gnats, abs and ticks can repel insects

3. Natural material

Features : Uses mint, lemongrass, mint, etc.
merit : Can also be used by people with sensitive skin, babies and children
Demerit : Less effective against insects than DEET and Icaridin

DEET is recommended for summer camps and outdoor insect repellent but, Icaridin and natural materials for people with weak skin, babies, and children under 12 years old Consider.

Insect repellent spray, an essential item for summer camps, is not limited to exposed skin, but also has long sleeves, long pants, and a hat. Don't forget to wear it over your clothes ..


Sunscreen for outdoor activities such as summer camps teeth SPF30 ~ / PA ++ and above Is recommended.

What is SPF?

  • Abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor
  • SPF30 = means that you can delay the time to get a sunburn by 30 times

Children and people with weak skin teeth Non-chemical sunscreen that does not contain UV absorbers is recommended is. If you stay outside for a long time at a summer camp or outdoors, you may sweat and the sunscreen may run off. Sunscreen Reapply every 2-3 hours ..


Summer is a particularly sunny season, so Sunglasses are essential for summer camping and the outdoors ..
At an altitude of 1000m higher, the amount of UV rays increases by about 10-12%. It is said that.

If you are exposed to ultraviolet rays during the summer when the sun is strong, it will be difficult to see. Cataract or Macular degeneration Can also cause. Wear sunglasses and enjoy the summer camp.

There is no relationship between the color of the sunglasses and the ability to block UV rays. Than that Sunglasses with low UV transmittance (number that allows UV rays to pass through) Please choose.


Summer camp essential items

Summer is a year The most sunny season ..

heatstroke or Sunburn / UV protection From the point of view of A hat is a must for summer camp is. " I don't want to burn my face For people A hat with a wide brim and a neck cover Is recommended.

People who sweat easily teeth A hat that dries quickly To. " I want to enjoy summer camp and activities / leisure For people A water-repellent hat that repels water and dirt Is recommended.

Insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat Is essential for summer camps, regardless of age or gender. Be sure to bring it to protect yourself let's do it.

Enjoy an open summer camp!

Summer camp summary

Summer camp is a leisure activity where you can enjoy an open mood. If you check the information in advance and take measures, you will not have to worry about sleeplessness or heat at night.

Summer camps require not only heat, but also insects and sunburn.

Please take all possible measures and get in touch with nature to refresh yourself!

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Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Q What should I do to prevent the heat in the summer camp?

A For those who are not good at hot weather, choosing a campsite on the lakeside, which has a high altitude, allows you to stay relatively cool and comfortable even in the summer. By setting up the tent in the evening when the temperature drops, you can prevent the heat from being trapped. In addition, let's enjoy the summer camp comfortably with a little ingenuity, such as improving ventilation with a portable fan and using a cooler box and cooling goods.

Q What is the attraction of summer camp? Choosing a recommended campsite

A Summer camp is full of activities and leisure that you can enjoy together in the surrounding rivers and lakes! In addition to the standard canoeing, kayaking, SUP, and fishing, there are also family-friendly plans that you can enjoy while learning survival techniques. You can spend a relaxing time with your children, family and friends. If you are a beginner or with children, you can easily enjoy summer camp if you have an empty-handed plan, a nearby campsite, an auto camp that you can drive in, or a day camp. If you're worried about the heat, choose a high-altitude, lakeside campsite for a comfortable stay.

Q Recommended clothes, outfits, and belongings for summer camp

A Insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are essential items to enjoy the summer camp. From the viewpoint of sunburn and insects, we recommend long sleeves and long trousers that avoid exposing the skin as much as possible for both boys and girls. Choose a sunscreen with SPF30 ~ / PA ++ or higher for the outdoors and reapply it every 2 to 3 hours. It is effective to apply insect repellent over your clothes. Choose sunglasses with low UV transmission to protect your eye health from the amount of UV rays that increase significantly at higher altitudes. For summer camp clothes, we recommend using linen, which has good breathability.

Q Measures against insects in summer camps and what to do if you are bitten by insects

A In summer camps near the waterside, insects such as mosquitoes and gnats are especially worrisome. Be aware that gnats live in beautiful rivers and are as large as flies, and when bitten, they are more itchy than mosquitoes. Remove the caterpillar's hair needles with tape. If you are bitten by a tick, you should not remove it yourself. If you fail to remove it, some of the ticks may remain in your skin and you may need to make an incision, so go to the hospital with the ticks on. The leeches that live by the water are not poisonous, but if you are bitten, the blood will not stop easily, so let's press it. Even if you are wearing long sleeves, you need to be careful where your skin is exposed. If the pain or swelling does not go away after a while, go to the hospital immediately.

Q What are the precautions for summer camp?

A Be careful of sunburn and heat stroke in the summer camp where the sun and UV rays are the strongest in the year. If you are a family with children, always be careful, such as parents diligently applying sunscreen and hydrating at a fixed time. Also, in the summer, I'm worried about measures against insects. It is desirable to take measures such as putting the hem in the shoes between the long pants and socks, and it is better to choose insect repellent while paying attention to the ingredients so as not to be bitten by mosquitoes or gnats. Leeches, caterpillars and centipedes that live in the river may be hidden in children's clothes, so parents should be careful.

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