Winter camp How to choose a safe campsite even for beginners! Introducing recommended campsites

Winter camp How to choose a safe campsite even for beginners! Introducing recommended campsites
Activity Japan editorial department

In winter camp I think it's the off-season, but in fact, "winter camp" has many attractions that you can't experience in summer camp. Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to enjoy winter camp, a list of essential items that you want to have at a minimum, and how to choose a campsite that will not fail for beginners in winter camp. Let's take measures against the cold and enjoy leisure even in winter!

What is the attraction of winter camps?

What is the attraction of winter camps?

camp Many people think of "summer" when they say that. But, Winter camps have many attractions and ways to enjoy them that are as good as summer It is! So you can only taste it in the winter season, The real thrill of winter camp I tried to summarize below.

Unique to winter camps! Full of great discounts and cheap plans!

Many people enjoy camping in the summer, so it may be difficult to make reservations for popular campsites. In comparison, winter is the off-season, so even in the normally crowded campsites, it is often relatively vacant. Also, depending on the campsite Great discounts and cheap plans unique to winter Even if compared to summer You can enjoy camping at a reasonable price ..

The lively atmosphere that is crowded with many people is nice, but winter is recommended if you want to enjoy nature quietly and relaxedly. Why don't you spend an elegant time while being surrounded by a comfortable silence.

The stars look the most beautiful in the year!

In winter when the air is cold and clear The perfect season for astronomical observations is. In particular, campsites with no tall buildings or lights around them are perfect for looking up at the starry sky.

Winter camps, where the sun sets early, tend to worry about how to spend a long night, but when you see the starry sky in front of you, you will forget that time has passed. " Winter Triangle It is also a good idea to search for various winter constellations using this as a guide.

Challenge activities that can be enjoyed because it is winter

Challenge activities that can be enjoyed because it is winter

Snowboarding and skiing are the standard games for enjoying winter, but " Snowshoes (Western snowshoes) "Wearing" and strolling in the snowy mountains Snowshoe trekking Or "sliding down on the snow on an inflated rubber board" Air board "Punch a hole in the frozen lake surface and enjoy fishing" Smelt hole fishing You can enjoy it at the campsite Winter sotoasobi There are also many.

By all means with the winter camp activity Let's challenge and enjoy playing in the snow to the fullest.

The bonfire unique to winter makes you feel warm both physically and mentally!

Speaking of winter camps, you can't miss " Bonfire "it might be. In addition to illuminating the area as a symbol of the campsite Instead of heating Or Enjoy cooking And, it will liven up the winter camp mood at once.

It is also one of the real pleasures of a bonfire that it takes time to ignite. The crackling sound and the scent of firewood are also a charm that can only be experienced in nature.
Just looking at it will heal your body and soul, but if you surround the bonfire together, it will become a communication tool that will make conversations bloom.

Enjoy winter camping meals using a Dutch oven!

At the winter camp, you can enjoy a variety of dishes using the bonfire. Set the grill on the bonfire barbecue Of course Cooking using "Dutch oven" Is also recommended.

The biggest attraction of the Dutch oven is that you will want to eat it on colder days. "Stewed dishes" can be easily done By the way. The iron plate recipe is Roast beef, spare ribs, beef stew, oden Such. It's a stewed dish that takes time, but once you add the ingredients, you can just leave it alone, so you can easily enjoy authentic outdoor cooking. Besides stewed dishes Also supports grilled and steamed dishes There is no doubt that the repertoire of camping food will expand dramatically.
At night, wine was simmered with fruits and spices. Hot wine It is also good to spend an adult time while drinking.

Even people who are not good at insects can enjoy camping!

For those who are interested in camping but don't like insects, sleeping in the wilderness is quite courageous. Especially in summer camps, even if you take sufficient measures such as insect repellent, insects will come close to the light of lanterns and light bulbs at night.

However, Most of the insects that were seen from spring to autumn are hibernating in winter. Therefore, it disappears completely. Even those who have been reluctant to go outdoors because they are not good at insects can enjoy the outdoors to their heart's content at winter camps!

This is a measure against the cold in winter camps! Clothes and the minimum items you want to bring

This is for cold weather measures! Clothes and the minimum items you want to bring

The most important thing for a winter camp is, after all, " Cold measures "is. Therefore, we will introduce clothes during camping, essential items that you want to have at least, and useful goods if you have them. Please refer to it and use it for advance preparation.

What do you wear during the winter camp?

Campgrounds are often high above sea level, so minimum temperatures often fall below freezing. The temperature is much lower than in the city, so when you go camping in winter, Wear the outer after layering multiple inners with high heat retention Let's use a lot of heavy clothes as a guide.
again, Gloves, thick socks, knit hat Etc. are also essential items. Choose an outdoor brand that specializes in wind resistance and heat retention.

On the other hand, it may feel warm to move a lot during the day when the temperature rises, so A type of winter clothes that can be taken off such as a jacket It is convenient to have also.

How to choose a tent that can withstand the cold?

How to choose a tent that can withstand the cold?

The tent used in the winter camp is For winter only, where durable materials are used to prevent the wind Let's choose.

How to choose a tent for winter depends on your ideal camping style, such as whether you want to secure a large living space or whether you can save space just for sleeping.
If you spend most of your time in a tent, the living room and bedroom are integrated. 2-room type tent Is recommended. If you fully close it, you can rest assured that it will shut out not only cold air but also rain and snow.

On the other hand, "" which features a triangular Tongari roof. One pole tent Because the living space is compact and complete, there is less loss such as air leaks when moving between rooms.

Also, in recent years A tent equipped with a chimney port for a wood stove Is also popular. Since it is made on the assumption that a wood stove will be put in the tent, it is characterized by using a fabric that is resistant to fire and heat and having excellent breathability.
* When using a wood stove in a tent, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when using combustion equipment. Be sure to choose a dedicated tent that can use a wood stove ..

How to choose a sleeping bag (shraf) that you can sleep comfortably until morning?

The winter sleeping bag wraps around your head. Mommy (mummy) type Will be the mainstream. Since it has a higher sealing rate than the rectangular "envelope type" sleeping bag, the mommy type is also used for mountain climbing.

The most important point to keep in mind when choosing a sleeping bag is " Comfortable operating temperature "When" Limit operating temperature "is.

The comfortable operating temperature is "the temperature at which you can sleep comfortably up to this temperature", and the limit operating temperature is "the temperature at which you can feel cold when using at this temperature, but you can sleep comfortably depending on your ingenuity". It refers to. Especially when choosing a sleeping bag Be careful of the limit operating temperature Please buy it.

List of winter goods for a comfortable winter camp

List of winter goods for a comfortable winter camp

The key to the success of winter camps is measures against the cold! To stay warm and comfortable until morning in winter, you need more than just a tent and a sleeping bag. Therefore, I have summarized the cold weather goods that I want to prepare at the winter camp and the items that are useful to have. Let's fully equip and enjoy winter camp comfortably!

Cot & insulation mat

It is a "cot" that can be used as a bench or as a luggage storage, but in the fall and winter when you are worried about the cold bottom, Bed substitute It will be a big success as well.
However, be aware that the cot and sleeping bag alone may cool your body due to the cold air from the ground. As a countermeasure, It is recommended to put a "highly heat insulating mat" between the cot and the sleeping bag. is. This will shut out the cold air and you will be able to sleep comfortably until morning.

Wood-burning stove

The "wood stove", which is highly convenient outdoors, is now available. A classic winter camp It is often seen in winter campsites.
If the top plate is a flat type Instead of a stove It can also be used as a cook, so you can use the heat to cook, or place an outdoor kettle to boil water.
Also, unlike a bonfire, a wood stove will not get dirty with soot or the smell of smoke.
* Basically, it is not recommended to use it in a tent, so it is not recommended. Used when warming outdoors let's do it.


A hand warmer that is easy to use and easy to carry is also a convenient item. An oil-type "heat generated by benzine (liquid fuel)" Hakukin Cairo "And" which also functions as a mobile battery and LED light Rechargeable body warmer , Etc., as many times as you like Cairo that can be used repeatedly is popular is.
Especially Hakukin Cairo can be used continuously for 24 hours Temperature sustainability And 13 times as much as disposable body warmers Calorific value Therefore, many mountaineers also love it.

Electric stove or electric blanket

"Electric stove", "electric blanket", etc. Electric type heater By incorporating, the comfort level of winter camps will be significantly different. Especially electric blankets can be laid on a heat insulating mat. Measures against cold bottom An excellent product that is quite effective.
You can use it as it is in a campsite equipped with AC power supply, but if you bring a mobile battery or portable power supply, you can use it in a campsite without an AC power supply site. Also, depending on the type Rechargeable type There is also one.

How to choose a campsite where winter camp beginners will not fail

How to choose a campsite where winter camp beginners will not fail

Choosing a campsite in winter is more than any other season There are many points to note There is. So, here are some tips for choosing a campsite that is unique to winter camps and will not fail even for beginners.

How to choose ①: Good access to the campsite

The first thing to check is Good access from the interchange to the campsite is.

In winter, there is a risk of snow and icy roads, so you need to be careful even on roads that you didn't care about from spring to autumn. If you have a 2WD car that is not for the outdoors, it is safer to avoid campsites that run on steep mountain roads.

How to choose ②: Minimum temperature at night during winter

The next thing I want to check is Night temperature around the campsite area is.

Every time the altitude rises 100m, the temperature drops by about 0.6 degrees. So if you want to keep the night temperature as low as possible, Choose a campsite with as low an altitude as possible ..

At night, it is expected to be colder and colder than expected. If you are going to winter camp for the first time, just in case it gets cold Hot springs and cottages where you can evacuate nearby It would be nice to see if there is any.

How to choose ③: Check-in time at the campsite

Winter camps get colder at once when the sun goes down, and the sensible temperature drops sharply compared to the city. The area will soon get dark, so if you want to set up a tent or finish cooking and eating during the sunny hours, A campsite where you can check in early is recommended is.

Also, the sunrise is late in winter, so Better if check-out is set late is.

How to choose ④: Does the campsite kitchen have hot water?

Does the campsite kitchen have hot water?

In the kitchen Points to check if hot water can be used is. It should be quite painful to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and wash your dishes with cold water in the harsh cold. Oil stains after barbecue can be removed better by washing with hot water.

If you can't use hot water in the kitchen, you can boil it in a camping kettle, but A kitchen with hot water will greatly improve your comfort Probably.

How to choose ⑤: Can AC power be used?

Since the use of combustion equipment is basically strictly prohibited inside the tent, electric blankets, electric stoves, hot carpets, etc. It is very useful to have an electric type heater To do.

One option is to choose a rechargeable heater or bring in a portable battery, but it's hard if the battery runs out on the way. If you want to make sure you use the heater until morning Whether it is a campsite with an AC power site Is also one of the important conditions.

How to choose ⑥: Is there a great off-season discount?

In winter when the season is off Basic charge will be cheaper Of course, depending on the campsite Advantageous cheap plan May be issued.

As it is a winter camp where you want to spend money on winter goods, let's use these campaigns wisely and enjoy camping at a great price!

Winter camp Recommended campsites for beginners: Nagano, Chiba, Niigata, Shizuoka, Wakayama

Recommended campsite for winter camp beginners

Then, I chose from all over the country for my winter camp debut. Winter camp Recommended campsite for beginners I will introduce. By all means, let's try the winter camp this year!

Nagano / Aokiko Campground

alias" Mirror of the Northern Alps The "Lake Aoki Campground" is located on the west bank of Lake Aoki, which boasts one of the most transparent lakes in Nagano.

In winter, the snowfall can exceed 2m, so in the area around Lake Aoki Experience tour where you can enjoy various snow activities Of course, you can enjoy fishing by making holes in the frozen lake surface. Smelt fishing on ice "Tour etc. are held.

Also, in the facility Air-conditioned bungalow Is also complete. Until you get used to the winter camp Enjoy cooking and bonfires at the campsite until sunset and spend the night relaxing in warm bungalows The plan is also good.

Auto camp usage fee: 800 yen ~
Tent camp usage fee: 800 yen ~
Day camp usage fee: 450 yen ~
Access: 20780-1 Taira, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture

[Omachi City, Nagano] Spring-Autumn: Lake Aoki / Lake Nakatsuna Smelt Boat Fishing + Tempura, Winter: Lake Nakatsuna Smelt Hole Fishing, Lake Nakatsuna Hole Fishing + Tempura

Omachi / Lake Aoki Adventure Club
Azumino / Omachi
4,530 Yen ~ (tax included)

Go To Regional coupon dealer. Antivirus store. Green season Lake Aoki / Lake Nakatsuna Smelt boat fishing, tempura and day camp come with tempura set rental, so it is a recommended plan for those who want to enjoy smelt fishing and tempura casually! The time when you can fish in Nakatsuna Lake is from 6:00 to 16:00. Lake Nakatsuna in winter

Nagano / ASOVIVA campsite

ASOVIVA Campsite (Nagano Prefecture)

The "ASOVIVA Campground" at the foot of the Central Alps is a campsite that boasts the size of 10 basketball courts. Limited to 1 group per day Can be reserved at Very rare private campsite is.

It is also good to surround the bonfire and liven up the conversation! You can enjoy the music to your heart's content while drinking delicious alcohol! No matter how large the number of people is, no matter how much noise So, let's enjoy each way of enjoying freely.

Charter 1 field: 33,000 yen
Access: 9300 Yokoyama, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture

Chiba / Arinomien Auto Camping Ground

Good access, about 90 minutes from the city center "Arinomien Auto Camping Ground" is located in the area, surrounded by lush forests and farms. The campsite is separated by space by many trees, so Secure private space It has been.

It's a winter camp that tends to carry a lot of luggage, but there are bonfires, Dutch ovens, table sets, etc. Full rental service I'm also happy about what I'm doing. By advance reservation Supports early check-in and late check-out doing.

Auto camp usage fee: 3,300 yen ~
Auto camp facility management fee: Adults 1,200 yen / Children 600 yen
Day camp usage fee: 2,200 yen ~
Day camp facility management fee: 600 yen for adults / 300 yen for children
Access: 224 Itanaka Shinden, Sammu City, Chiba Prefecture

Niigata Yabukozaki Campground

Yabukozaki Campground (Tochigi Prefecture)

"Yabukozaki Campsite" is derived from "Yabukozaki" which means to separate yabs. As the name suggests, the entire area has a flat site with a good view and a forest road. A campsite where you can enjoy nature as it is is.

Especially in the winter season, while enjoying a day camp, Snowshoes (Western snowshoes) Aiming for the top of the snowy mountains Snowshoe trekking The experience tour is popular. If the weather is nice during the experience, you can also see the three mountains of Echigo. If you are interested, please check it out.

Access: 829 Yomogihira, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture

[Niigata / Tokamachi] Snowshoe hiking in the heavy snowfall area "Tokamachi"! With tatime and hot spring (half day)

Japan outdoor service (JAPAN OUTDOOR SERVICE)
Minami Uonuma, Tokamachi, Tsunan (Muikamachi)
6,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

The stage is Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture, which is known as one of the most heavy snowfall areas in Japan. There are many scenery that can only be seen in winter. Wear snowshoes and go on an expedition to areas that are normally out of reach. Anyone can walk crisply. Let's enjoy the snowy walk while enjoying the snowy scenery and winter nature. Nature nurtured in eternity, in it

[Niigata / Tokamachi] Easy adventure in the snowy mountains! Snowshoe trekking

HOME away from HOME Niigata Co., Ltd.
Minami Uonuma, Tokamachi, Tsunan (Muikamachi)
5,500 Yen ~ (tax included)

Why don't you wear snowshoes and walk in the snowy mountains or do a day camp on the snow and experience the winter in a snowy country? I'm not confident in my physical strength, I'm not good at sports, I'm worried about being on the snow for hours ... Even those who are okay! A luxurious course where you can see the best scenery and the mountains of Echigo if it is sunny, while a short tour that anyone can enjoy.

Shizuoka / Asagiri Jamboree Auto Campground

The Asagiri Jamboree Auto Campground at the foot of Mt. Fuji is right in front of you. Mt. Fuji soaring , In the distance Boasting a great location overlooking Suruga Bay and the Izu Peninsula It is a campsite.

In the facility Shop Of course, winter camp essentials such as firewood, charcoal, gas, and ignition agents, Drinks and alcohol We have a wide selection of products.

Since the altitude is 900m, it gets quite cold at night, but Campsite with power supply There is also an electric type heater, so you can spend it comfortably. at night A sky full of stars over Mt. Fuji You can also enjoy it.

Auto camp usage fee: 1,000 yen ~
Access: 1162-3 Inokashira, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Wakayama / ACN Nanki Kushimoto Resort Oshima

Even in the campsite Leading starry sky observation spot "ACN Nanki Kushimoto Resort Oshima" is popular as. The splendor is Starry sky photographers gather from all over the country You can enjoy the natural planetarium.

In the facility Hot shower room In addition to the Fully equipped with an open-air bath It has been. I often go through the bath during camping, so it's a nice point to have a warm hot spring at the campsite!

Auto camp usage fee: Adults 1,800 yen ~ / Children 1,000 yen ~
Access: 1035-6 Kashino, Kushimoto-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
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Frequently asked questions about winter camps

Q What kind of campsite should I choose in winter?

A When going out to the campsite by car, it is safe to choose a campsite that is not very high in altitude and has good access, considering the possibility of snowfall, icy roads, and significant temperature drops in winter. Whether hot water comes out at the kitchen in the campsite and whether there is an AC power source that can be used for warming up are also important conditions when choosing a campsite for winter camps.

Q What is the recommended campsite for winter camps?

A A campsite where you can enjoy winter activities such as playing in the snow and fishing for smelt will double the fun. Nowadays, there are an increasing number of facilities called "glamping" where you can experience "a little rich camp" that does not require tent construction or measures against the cold. For beginners in winter camps, we also recommend using these facilities.

Q Is winter the off-season of camping?

A Winter is often thought to be unsuitable for outdoor experiences such as camping because it is essential to take measures against the cold, but there are also attractions that summer camps do not have. For example, a bonfire that is indispensable for camping. The bonfire of the winter camp will give you a stronger sense of its beauty and warmth. In addition, winter when the air is clear can be said to be the perfect season for observing the starry sky at the camp.

Q What do I need to bring and use for the winter camp?

A Cold weather measures are an important point in winter camps. Keep warmth by layering inners and choosing outerwear with high wind resistance and heat retention, while also devising ease of putting on and taking off so that you can respond to temperature rises during the day. Use tents and sleeping bags for winter only. In addition, it is safe to have an electric blanket or stove after securing the power supply.


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