Camp clothes commentary! Seasonal (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) Guide

Camp clothes commentary! Seasonal (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) Guide
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It is gaining popularity year by year as a place where you can enjoy nature while avoiding the crowds. camp .
To enjoy camping more comfortably, proper attire or Belongings Let's understand.

In this article, camp suitable for basic clothing After introducing NG examples from items that should be taken in each season Comprehensive explanation!

moreover, Useful items or A shop where you can buy camping gear at a reasonable price is also proposed.

If you want to try camping or are worried about preparations, please refer to it.

What is camping?

What is camping?

According to the website of the Japan Camp Association, "In the textbook for camp instructors of the Japan Camp Association, Camping means living, staying, and doing activities in a natural environment with the minimum necessary equipment. ” is written.

camp has a long history, originally Aimed at educational development and organizational formation started as
According to the website, the beginning of the camp is introduced as follows: "The educational camp that the United States is said to have conducted ahead of the rest of the world can be traced back to 1861."

The spread of camping as a pastime in Japan was influenced by the enactment of the Sports Promotion Law in 1961 (Showa 36).
In the "Sports Promotion Law" Camping is a sport ("Sports Promotion Law" was revised to "Sports Basic Law" in 2011).

As the times change, Free-style camping to enjoy nature has permeated and become popular.

camping outfit

camping outfit

spend time in nature camp In order to respond to changes in temperature and weather, Functional clothing and belongings should be prepared.

of the camp Basic clothing, NG examples, and points for each season Introducing Please use it as a reference when you go camping.

basic camping clothes

Basic clothing for camping is:

basic camping clothes
  • underwear
  • T-shirt
  • long sleeve shirt
  • long pants
  • hiking shoes/sneakers
  • rucksack/backpack
  • hat

Camping spends a lot of time outdoors, so dress accordingly. Coordinates with ease of movement and functionality in mind Let's keep in mind

At camp, there are many situations where you need to move your body, such as setting up a tent or lighting a fire for cooking.
Underwear and T-shirts made of materials that absorb water and dry quickly It is a good idea to wear it and devise ways to keep your body cool and comfortable.

In addition, as measures against ultraviolet rays and insect repellent, long sleeve shirt or long pants It is recommended to limit the exposure with .
For hard-to-cover areas such as the back of the neck, wide-brimmed hat You can cover it by wearing it.

You may have to go to a river or waterhole to get the water you need while camping.
In order not to slip your feet in an unfamiliar water place, when camping Non-slip hiking shoes or sneakers Let's choose

so that you can use both hands rucksack or backpack It's even safer to let your hands be free.

NG clothes for camping

NG clothes for camping

camp Please pay attention to the following 5 points as NG clothes.

NG clothes for camping
  • revealing clothes
  • black wear and hat
  • Clothing made of cotton or rayon
  • Wear with wide hem and cuffs
  • Ornaments with long hanging designs

In a natural environment, be aware of the presence of pests is needed.

Avoid revealing clothes such as tank tops and mini-length bottoms.
again, Because insects tend to approach black objects, black clothes and hats We recommend that you avoid .

Also, many people enjoy bonfires while camping.
As a point to prevent clothing from igniting, Wide hem and cuff design clothing, scarves, mufflers, etc. long hanging Be careful not to touch the flame.

at the same time, Easy-to-ignite cotton and rayon materials Be careful not to wear clothes and accessories that are .

[Seasonal] Camp clothing points

When you go camping In addition to basic clothes, items considering the season Let's incorporate

here, Seasonal camping clothes and points Introducing

Please refer to it according to the season.

Camp spring/autumn clothes

Camp spring/autumn clothes

Spring/Autumn camp clothing points teeth, Coordinates that can handle temperature fluctuations is.

Incorporate the following items into your basic clothing according to the temperature and weather of the day.

Camp spring/autumn clothes
  • Mountain Parka/Windbreaker
  • Long-sleeved fleece jacket
  • sweatshirt hoodie
  • large stole
  • In spring and autumn, when the seasons change, A period of extreme temperature difference is.

    spring is Mountain parka or windbreaker Haori, such as autumn Long-sleeved fleece jackets and sweatshirts Let's adjust the body temperature by layering.

    In addition, from the viewpoint of easiness of movement, Designed with elastic cuffs to make it easy to roll up your sleeves is best.

    In addition, it can be used as a blanket when it's chilly. large stole is also convenient.

    Above all, wool stole It is warm and protects you from the cold.
    However, there is a danger of catching fire, so keep your distance from fire while wearing a stole.

    camping summer outfit

    camping summer outfit

    summer camp outfit teeth, Coordinates that keep you in good shape even in the scorching sun is important.

    When preparing basic clothing, try incorporating the following two things.

    camping summer outfit
  • Bucket hat / wide-brimmed hat made of anti-UV material
  • Wear made of highly absorbent and quick-drying material
  • Summer camps spend a lot of time under the scorching sun, Measures against UV rays and heat stroke must be aware of.

    In particular, it can cover the back of the neck, which is difficult to protect from direct sunlight. bucket hat or, wide-brimmed hat is recommended.
    Recently, there are many hats made of UV protection material, so please check them out.

    Also Hypothermia can occur even in summer .
    In the summer when it is easy to sweat, be careful not to cool your body with sweat.

    Wear made of highly absorbent and quick-drying material or cooling effect material , Mesh material underwear If you wear it on your bare skin, you won't be able to sweat and prevent your body temperature from dropping.

    camping winter outfit

    camping winter outfit

    winter camping outfit tips prevent your body temperature from dropping too much during outdoor activities and overnight stays. Coordinates with heat retention effect is to be conscious of

    Try incorporating the following items into your basic outfit.

    camping winter outfit
  • Innerwear made of wool and woolen fabric
  • Full-length leggings/tights
  • Inner Down Jacket/Down Vest
  • Down jacket
  • thick socks
  • gloves
  • Scarf
  • Knitted hat that covers the ears
  • In winter, the temperature is low and the outside air is cold, Innerwear made of wool and woolen fabric with excellent heat retention Let's incorporate
    Enough leggings or tights It is recommended to wear it under the bottom so that your feet do not get cold.

    Since there are many active scenes during the camp, you may find it difficult to move in a layered coordination that is layered at random.
    Therefore, each item, Heat retention and heat generation function We recommend that you choose with this in mind.

    In addition, it is easy to put on and take off as you may feel hot when you are actively moving. Inner Down Jacket/Down Vest Let's devise ways to regulate body temperature.
    Exposed areas such as fingers, neck, and ears tend to get cold, so Cold protection item It's safe to take it in.

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    camping gear list

    camping gear list

    Let's take a look at what you should bring to make your camping experience more comfortable.

    here, Introduction assuming that you prepare a set of camping equipment by yourself doing.

    Must-have items from, Useful items I've made a list up to now, so please take a look at it.

    Must-have items/must-have items

    1. tent
    2. sleeping bag
    3. tent mat
    4. lantern or headlight
    5. table & chair
    6. cooking burner
    7. kitchenware
    8. Tableware & Cutlery
    9. towel
    10. tissue paper/wet tissue
    11. Plastic bag

    When setting up your own camp, The above 11 items necessary for sleeping and eating should be arranged.

    Recently, specialty stores and online sites are full of free-standing tents that can be assembled with one touch, as well as basic camping equipment kits.
    Especially if you are new to camping. Items with low preparation difficulty It is safe to choose .

    Also, during the camp, there are many opportunities to eat and drink outdoors and get in touch with nature.
    Bring a plastic bag to take your garbage home with you . It is important to use the campsite cleanly and to act in accordance with manners.

    Handy items to have/Useful camping goods

    1. first aid kit
    2. household medicine
    3. Health insurance card
    4. Sunscreen
    5. Insect repellent goods
    6. mobile battery
    7. Hot water bottle

    During the camp, prepare for sudden poor physical condition or injury, First aid kit and household medicine , Health insurance card It is safe to bring your own.

    In addition, UV rays and insect repellent measures, Sunscreen and bug spray It would be a good idea to bring some goodies such as for additional coverage.

    When camping, you often sleep close to the ground.
    Therefore, in the chilly season, Items that can keep you warm, such as a hot water bottle If you also prepare it, you can spend a comfortable time without cooling your body.

    where to buy camping clothes

    where to buy camping clothes

    next, Shops where you can buy camping clothes Introducing

    Since we are developing both physical stores and online sales, I want to see the actual product before choosing ”, you can buy online after seeing the product at the actual store.


    " Workman is a store specializing in outdoor, sportswear, and work clothes.
    Due to the recent popularity of camping, Workman will start from February 2022. Started full-scale expansion of camping gear doing.

    Camping wear that can be arranged within 10,000 yen is also substantial, Overwhelming cost performance is one of the attractions .
    In addition, you can purchase specialized camping equipment at a reasonable price, such as the pegs (stakes) used when setting up a tent that can be purchased for 199 yen each.

    Also, in the online shop, Web catalog of camping equipment etc. is being developed.
    Seasonal camping gear is easy to understand, and even if you are a camping beginner, you can easily grasp the necessary items.



    fast fashion brand Uniqlo "but, Perfect clothing for camping doing.

    for example, Hoodies and hats with UV protection and durable water repellent finish, inner down jackets and jackets that can be folded compactly It is possible to have various items at low prices.

    Speaking of UNIQLO, Inner wear with excellent quick-drying and heat retention Don't miss it either.
    In addition to underwear, leggings and tights can protect your body from injuries while camping.


    UNIQLO sister brand GU , but you can buy clothing suitable for camping.
    for example, Mountain parka with many pockets and denim pants with elastic waist There are many highly functional items such as

    There are many clothes designed for town use, so I can't afford to spend money on camping clothes It is especially recommended for those who are worried about.

    Recommended plan ranking for camping beginners

    If you are new to camping, you may get lost because you don't know what kind of place you should bring.
    For beginners and solo camps, First of all, it is recommended to participate in a tour where you can experience it at a great price. is.

    Plan with camping gear rental or, Plan with BBQ (barbecue) where you can taste local ingredients And so on. Even beginners can easily experience the fun of camping.

    1 rank

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    This course is a long walk of 11.5 km on the first day and 12.9 km on the second day, so a certain amount of basic physical strength is required. However, it is a course with many highlights where you can enjoy Kyushu's highest peak, Miyanoura-dake, and the largest Yakusugi and Jomonsugi cedars. I am confident in my physical strength! If you are interested, please come and join us.

    Dress appropriately for the season when camping!

    Dress appropriately for the season when camping!

    This time, Camping clothes, necessary belongings, purchase places, recommended tour plans etc. have been comprehensively introduced.

    Camping in nature for a long time is ideal for people who are usually busy working. Perfect for a digital detox or a change of pace is.
    If you want to feel the change of seasons and fresh air, how about trying camping?

    Please refer to this article for information on how to prepare your camping clothes and essentials!

    *Information such as plans, fees, and introduced facilities is current as of October 2022.

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