Things to do in Atsugi/Ebina

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Kanagawa Prefecture Atsugi, Ebina area a natural rich, is a tourist spot recommended for people who want to spend slowly. Around the Atsugi, such as the Iiyama hot springs and Nanasawa hot springs, many hot springs, it is also a feature of the event is large, such as Ayu festivals and fireworks. In addition, Atsugi of beer, which became the base of the beer is the reputation and high beer popular types are many and easy to drink. Neighborhood of Ebina, there is a large shopping mall, such as LaLaport Ebina and Binawoku, shopping and movies can be enjoyed. There is also a natural, is the area that live a comfortable holiday can enjoy shopping. In this area, and plans to enjoy a balanced vegetables in nature, such as diving can be seen a beautiful fish in a quiet sea, laid-back fun in nature, the mind offers activities to refresh.

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