“[Special support project] Open shop that is now operating without losing the new coronavirus (COVID-19)!

We carry out infectious disease voluntary measures
Introducing indoor experience leisure shops

Currently, under the influence of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), which is rampant around the world, the Japanese government and local governments have requested `` unnecessary urgent self-restraint, '' and Japan We are in a situation where it is necessary to take measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as "avoid going out."

Reiwa 2 Year The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced as of March 1 Poor ventilation , " A space where people gather and spend time , " Places where there is a high risk of contact by an unspecified number of people "by 《Common points of mass infection》 It is pointed out that various latest information is updated as the situation changes every day.

At Activity Japan, which introduces `` experiences '' and `` leisure '' Japan a daily basis, we hope that the situation will end as soon as possible, and even under this difficult situation, we will be doing indoor experience leisure and culture classes while opening ourselves with unique ideas Cheer. As well as ventilating and disinfecting the store, charter correspondence to avoid crowds between customers, etc. Information on shops that have stated that they will implement “voluntary measures against infectious diseases” will be announced as a special plan together with the details of measures to prevent infection. To do.

It will be a guide to recommended indoor experience leisure and culture classroom shops that can be enjoyed by families, including hands-on learning and free study of children who have more opportunities to stay at home due to simultaneous school closure and self-restraint, etc. Relaxing and relieving stress after the situation ends I hope you find it helpful.

【please note】
The information on this page is as of March 30, 2020. The business situation of the shops introduced and the availability of plans may change depending on the situation after this. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact us us at the time of booking.

Shop for indoor experience during infectious disease control in Tokyo

    Address〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿1丁目18−4 東京蓮見ビル2F (東京メトロ丸の内線・新宿御苑前駅より徒歩3分)
    business hoursTuesday: 13:00-17:00 Wednesday: 13:00-20:30 Saturday and Sunday: 11:00-17:00
    Regular holidayMon/Fri/Holidays

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    1.We are taking measures to prevent splashing so that the distance between seats is wider than usual and not close.
    2. We clean and disinfect the classroom every day.
    3. We have enforced the mask.

    Decorate your room with natural moss ☆ "Moss ball" with a stylish glass



    4,3004,200yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    You can decorate two cute (moss) works at home♪ ◇A set of (moss ball) and (mini moss terrarium) made of natural moss to decorate your room. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow it, and it is a glass exclusively for the house (moss ball) The moss ball uses 2 to 3 kinds of natural moss to make a round and cute moss ball (no plants are used). It will be a moss ball. Clean decorate the moss ball yen in the tube-shaped glass (horizontal 10cm height 13㎝), spread freely, such as oak charcoal-colored stone and natural stone, is the last to complete put the moss ball. ◇As a free option, you can also experience making mini moss glass using natural moss, hydropole and mini glass. Mini glasses are available in round, square, and cork types (we distribute them depending on stock), but we cannot accept your request. Please note. ◇ Normally, the basic moss balls (high moss keto earthen balls) using plants are ideal for outdoor management such as balconies. There are also dried moss (moss used for succulent plant moss balls) that can be managed indoors, but natural moss is definitely superior in terms of taste, so glass moss balls are highly recommended.

    komorebi, Harajuku, Tokyo
    Address東京都渋谷区神宮前4丁目31-11 コスモ原宿4階
    business hours12: 30-17: 30
    Regular holidaySunday and Monday

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    It is a plan for 2 people, but for the time being one person is full and we are considering not to contact other customers.
    Ventilation is performed daily before opening. Since it is a well-ventilated store, you can ventilate at any time if you wish.

    Make a chopstick rest with Japanese traditional culture "Mizuhiki work"!

    komorebi, Harajuku, Tokyo

    [Tokyo ・ Harajuku] First Mizuhiki Work Experience [1-2 people]

    komorebi, Harajuku, Tokyo

    Make one chopstick rest using one of the basic tying methods. option You can also add parts to make a barrette, pin badge, or napkin ring. *option about On the day I will guide you locally. ~On the day Flow ① Seated, Explanations(5 minutes) ②Color selection (10 minutes) ③Production (30 minutes) ④Drying of glue (10 minutes) ⑤Packaging and tidying up (5 minutes)

Shop of indoor experience while implementing measures against infectious diseases in Kanagawa

A shop with indoor experience during infectious disease control in Saitama

    Happy Ribon
    business hours 11:00 to 19:00
    Regular holiday Wednesday

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    It is a private workshop limited to one set per day.
    Alcohol disinfection is performed on things that the customer touches.
    In addition, we always operate an air purifier to keep the air in the workshop clean.

    Create a full-fledged ring using K10 yellow gold!

    Happy Ribon

    [Saitama ・ Koshigaya] K10 gold ring made by two people.

    Happy Ribon

    This course is a simple ring making course using K10 yellow gold for the material. K10 Light yellow metal with a refreshing atmosphere. Among gold, it is popular as a metal that can enjoy the luxury of gold at a reasonable price. This course is perfect for those who want to make a gold ring but want to keep costs low, and those who like refreshing colors. Rings can be made from No. 5 to No. 20. Our shop holds experience courses only for one set a day. You can enjoy making rings without worrying about the surroundings.

Aichi 's indoor experience shop for infectious disease control

    Antico Ciabattino
    business hours 10:00 to 19:00
    Regular holidayTuesdays and temporary holidays

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    Disinfection and eradication.
    The store is regularly ventilated. The ventilation fan is also turned on for 24 hours.
    It is held in small Number of participants, with seats as far apart as possible.

    Recommended for friends, lovers and families! Let's make "leather accessories"!

    Antico Ciabattino

    [Aichi / Nagoya] A 5-minute walk from the "Mini Accordion Pouch Making" station for Leather crafts shoemakers

    Antico Ciabattino

    Antico Cibattino (Antico Chabbatino) is an Italian old shoe craftsman, meaning shoe repair person. "Casual Made-Made Shoes" This is a shoe specialty shop that carries out operations consistently from shoe manufacturing to repair with the concept of "shoe craftsman's shoe repair shop". It is exactly Ciabattino. The staff is a specialist of shoes that I learned at the shoe workshop "Shoes Asaoka Studio" at the sister shop. Craftsmen who are familiar with the structure of shoes are not just to make shoes, but to repair, we will repair and manufacture the most things that customers can comfortably wear. In addition, we are also engaged in the manufacture and sale of leather accessories and shoe polish workshops and leather accessories. Please feel free to join us ♪

A shop that offers indoor experience during infectious disease control in Gifu

A shop with indoor experience during infectious disease control in Osaka

A shop with indoor experience while taking measures against infectious diseases in Kyoto

    business hours 9:00 to 17:30
    Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    ・ We ask for the cooperation of the disinfectant at the time of visit. (Disinfectant is available at our shop)
    ・ If you have a cough, be sure to wear a mask.
    ・ Ventilation every hour
    ・ After the customer returns, wipe the used items and chairs with disinfecting items and spray them every experience to prevent infection.
    ・ In-room `` Kerberin for sanitizing indoor space ''
    ・ Do not share your seat.
    ・ After closing the store, spray a disinfectant spray.

    Let's make original bracelets using natural stones!


    【京都・水族館近く】運気アップに天然石ブレスレットを作ろう! 金運?! 恋愛運?!それとも… コロナ対策実施中!

    Kyoto Station Area

    It is a plan to make your own original bracelet with natural stone. Natural stones have mysterious power, it has been used as an amulet and amulet for ancient times and as a stone calling for good luck. Why do not you make your own bracelet by combining stones with power that makes wishes come true? In our store you not only get you to choose your favorite natural stone but also you can design freely! After the design, you also do the work of threading the rubber yourself, further attachment will come!

    Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    You can experience it with 1 group 1 room reserved (1 person ~).
    Operate ventilation fan and install plasma cluster.
    Installation of disposable paper towels for hand washing.

    Also souvenir ◎ Kyoto tourism adult care leisure "ceramic art experience."




    *地域共通クーポン利用可能プランです。 京都観光の思い出に、職住一体の京町家「織屋建」作家工房で陶芸体験してみませんか? 当工房は実際西陣織を作っていた古い織屋建町家をそのまま使用しているため昔の京都にタイムスリップしたような癒し空間で陶芸体験を満喫していただけます。 小さなお子様から体験可能。手びねりなので初めての方でも安心してお好きなものを作っていただけます。きっとお気に入りの作品を完成できますよ!

    Address京都府京都市左京区下鴨上川原町4 コスモビル1階
    business hours 11: 00 ~ 16: 00
    Regular holiday Tuesday

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    ○ When you make a reservation, you can experience another Reservation reception as a private plan.
    ○ The gelato used is manufactured at a factory with a cleanness level of a precision machine. (The best in the industry)
    ○ Ventilation is performed before and after the experience, and alcohol is disinfected to the tables, railings, and seats.
    ○ During lectures, we wear masks and gloves to prevent instructors from contacting customers.

    Experience learning matcha and Japanese tea while traveling in Kyoto

Shop for indoor experience while taking measures to control infectious diseases in Kumamoto

    101番目の小さな宝石工房 アトリエ・シゲスミス
    Address熊本県熊本市中央区南熊本 3丁目13-12
    business hours11:00 to 19:00
    Regular holiday Tuesday

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    Open without loss to Corona.
    Reservations are limited to 2 sets per day.
    It is a charter of two sets (morning and afternoon).
    Tools used are alcohol disinfected.
    The staff wears a mask.

    Make one pairing in the world with silver!

    101番目の小さな宝石工房 アトリエ・シゲスミス

    【熊本・熊本市】①シルバープラン カップルに最適 ふたりで工房貸切1日2組限定!世界に2つの「ペアリング作り」カップルに最適!当日予約もOK

    101番目の小さな宝石工房 アトリエ・シゲスミス
    14,90014,400yen~(tax included)
    Special Deals

    【シルバープラン】 本格的なシルバーのペアリングをふたりで手作り出来ます。 内側にはお好きなメッセージを刻む事が出来ます。 世界に2つのペアリングを手作りしましょう! 料金にシルバー925の材料代込 インスタグラム #シゲスミス で過去の先輩達の作品たくさん掲載中 ぜひご覧ください。 ※弊店のコロナウィルス対応について 安心して手作りして頂く為、 また感染拡大を防止する為、 弊店では他のお客様とかぶらないように、 貸切制にしております。 利用される道具にはアルコール消毒を致します。 接客スタッフはマスクを着用させて頂きますので ご了承ください。 【カップルにうれしい特典】 おふたりの手作り風景を写真撮影致します。 フォトアルバムにしてプレゼント。 (後日ご自宅に無料で発送) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// 安心してください、 “不器用だから・・・”と思っている あなたでも手作り出来ます。 誰でも楽しく手軽に手作り出来る オリジナルプログラムをご用意しています。 また専門のスタッフが完成まで しっかりサポートしますので、 安心してオリジナル指輪が作れます。 具体的なデザインがなくても大丈夫。 ご来店から製作まで約2時間、1回のご来店でO,K! デザインのご相談 ↓ 指のサイズ確認 ↓ 工程を詳しく丁寧にお話いたします。 作り方の手順をご説明いたします。 ↓ 製作 ↓ 完成 ↓ 後日思い出のフォトアルバムをご自宅に発送 ※こちらのプランはシルバーのみになります。 シルバーとは 1、経年劣化や変色があります。 2、サイズ直しは基本出来ません。 3、貴金属の希少性はゴールドやプラチナと比べると一番低いです。 結婚指輪製作ご希望の方はアフターサービスが豊富な 結婚指輪のプランをお勧め致します。

A shop with indoor experience during infectious disease control in Kagoshima

    business hours
    Regular holiday

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    During the vigilance period, only one group is supported each time.
    Tool cleaning with kitchen alcohol.

    Recommended for children! Use rubber shuriken or sponge nunchaku!


    [Kagoshima/Sakurajima] Beginners welcome! Weapon experience using swords, shurikens, blow arrows, nunchaku, etc. (beginner experience / ninja experience)


    You will experience and produce shurikens and blowguns often used by ninjas (produced only by blowguns), and experience the nunchaku sometimes seen in action movies. Shuriken is made of rubber because it is a program that considers safety. The nunchaku used for children will be made of sponge. Please select two from the following programs. Each is a one hour program. 〇 Shuriken / Fukiya 〇 Action-type sword-drawing (Iaijutsu) 〇 Nunchaku 〇 6 shakubo (6 shaku = 180 cm) 初 Beginning of the old style Jiu-jitsu (sitting and catching) Above, the upper limit of the experience is up to 3. Participation fee for parent and child participation is for elementary school students and less children, one adult one child is 3800 yen per set (5,000 yen weekends and holidays). 500 whenever yen will be added. only your participation can not be in the child. lowest rooms fee is 11,400 yen (as a guide adult is 3 guests). visitors also will received a similar fee, the cameraman is free up to 1 person * Sakurajima project planning that is fun even in the rain * Lecturer of "Ninja Culture Introduction Lecture" in 2015 Year visited Aozoraren (an exchange program between Kagoshima and Singapore)

Shop for indoor experience during infectious disease control in Okinawa

    沖縄チョークアート KANAE CHALK ART.
    Address読谷村比謝(よみたんそんひじゃ)130-17 KANAE CHALK ART.
    business hours10:30-18:30
    Regular holiday No scheduled holidays

    We are taking measures against such infectious diseases!
    Basically, one set-up experience
    Small Number of participants 8 people less
    Alcohol disinfected every time
    Alcohol disinfectant installed

    Recommended for children! Decorate your home with a cute ★ interior art making experience

    沖縄チョークアート KANAE CHALK ART.


    沖縄チョークアート KANAE CHALK ART.

    ◎ Create souvenirs for yourself that can always remember the memories of Okinawa ♪ ◎ Magic art that can be used by anyone who is clumsy and cute ◎ Perfect for those who want to make their rooms stylish! ! Anyone from 4 years old to grandpa and grandmother can feel cute. Decorate at home. Cute interior art making experience. A good location to stop by during the sightseeing such as Churaumi Aquarium and American Village ♪ A retreat atelier located in Yomitan Village, Okinawa, surrounded by the sea and nature. If you enter in one step, it will be fashionable and cute space will spread ♪ ◎ Take your work immediately on the spot ◎ Free photo shooting data gift ◎ There are many samples and sketches so anyone can enjoy it like a coloring book

At Activity Japan, leisure, Activity, cultural experience, craftsmanship, Sightseeing tour, etc. Hokkaido in the north, Okinawa in the south, across Japan We are accepting reservations for simple experience plans. Sale You can make a great deal of reservations such as plans and point grants, so please use it when you are looking for "play" near your destination or your home.

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