BBQ (barbecue) recommended ingredients & popular easy recipes

BBQ (barbecue) recommended ingredients & popular easy recipes
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Popular for being able to easily experience the outdoors BBQ .

This time we will feature BBQ (barbecue).
Meat, vegetables, shrimp, scallops, etc. Seafood (seafood) , Popular with a wide range of generations wiener Such, Introducing recommended ingredients and easy-to-make popular BBQ (barbecue) recipes To do.

Please refer to the article and choose the ingredients for BBQ (barbecue)!

Recommended BBQ (barbecue) dishes

Recommended BBQ (barbecue) dishes
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Estimated ingredients

When it comes to barbecue, meat and fish are essential. Therefore, Guideline for meat and fish used in BBQ (barbecue) of Introduction according to the scene such as men, women, children To do.

The following is a guideline only. For those who can eat a lot of meat, add 50 to 100g of meat, and for those who eat small meals, reduce it.

  • 1 serving for men: 300g
  • Servings for 1 woman: 200g
  • For children Elementary school students and younger: 150g / Elementary and junior high school students: 200-300g


BBQ (barbecue) where everyone eats outdoors with noisily. Meat grilled over charcoal has a special taste!
Introducing recommended parts for each type of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb To do.


Rib roast: Characterized by a lot of fat, softness and juiciness

Kalbi: It has a rich flavor and the sweetness of the fat is delicious


Belly meat: When grilled with alternating layers of lean meat and fat, the outside is fragrant and the inside is juicy.

Spareribs: It is characterized by a rich taste in the part near the ribs.


Thigh meat: It does not dry out even when baked, and is juicy, soft, and has a mild flavor that is suitable for everyone.

Chicken wings: Characterized by the aroma of the skin and the rich flavor

Seseri: The part at the back of the neck is elastic, and the more you chew, the more delicious it becomes.


Lamb chops (bone-in loin): Strong umami, soft and juicy texture

processed meat

BBQs may be attended by people of all ages.
for children and seniors Soft and easy-to-eat processed meat is recommended.

continue Processed meat recommended for people of all ages I'd like to introduce_______


Make cuts and roll to bake evenly.


It is also recommended to cut it thickly and grill it like a steak.



BBQ (barbecue) is not only meat, Recommended as you can enjoy the change of taste with seafood is.

Seafood that does not require troublesome preparation I will introduce you, so please refer to it.


It's delicious just to remove the back, simply sprinkle with salt and bake.


Bake with the shell facing down, and when the thin skin puffs up a little, it's done.


It is also recommended to eat it grilled as it is, or to put butter soy sauce on it.

turban shell

Rinse with water and bake with the shell facing up


If grilling on a net, it is recommended to use the shell.


Jihama clams are recommended for grilling.


Because it shrinks, cut it into large pieces and bake it with soy sauce or mayonnaise.


Rub with salt, cut into 1-2 cm pieces and bake.


If you want to eat with BBQ, Vegetables that can be grilled and eaten whole without preprocessing are best !
Depending on the season seasonal vegetables is also recommended.


You can peel off the hard part at the bottom with a peeler and bake it as it is and eat it.

green pepper & paprika

If you bake it whole, the inside will be steamed and the seeds and pulp will be delicious.


It is recommended to bake the skin with the skin on, as it will be steamed and the sweetness will increase.

Shiitake mushrooms

Roast with the axis up, and when the moisture comes out from the inside of the cap, it's done

king oyster mushroom

It is juicy if you bake it whole without cutting it.


Make 2-3 holes, or place the whole on a grill and bake.

green soybeans

After washing with water, it is OK if you bake it with the skin.

broad beans

It is fragrant when grilled with the skin on, making it ideal for snacks.

Japanese leek

If you cut it longer and bake it until it is browned, the sweetness will increase and it will be delicious.

easy cooking

baked in foil

The potatoes are delicious when baked with the skin on. We recommend grilling the sweet potatoes in foil to enhance their sweetness.
It's delicious even if you add olive oil or butter and grill salmon or mushrooms.


Make a cut in the baguette and stab the leftover vegetables (bell peppers and paprika) from the BBQ.
Sprinkle pizza sauce and cheese over the entire surface, layer two sheets of aluminum foil, put in a bucket and close both ends so that there are no gaps, and bake slowly to complete.

Anhydrous dish

Add onions, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and roux to simmer curries and stews, or add corn, eggplants, wieners, and olive oil to steam-grill.

BBQ Recommended Ingredients & Popular Simple Recipes Summary

This time, Recommended ingredients for BBQ (barbecue) and popular easy recipes introduced.

BBQ (barbecue) ingredients It is recommended to choose according to the taste and age group of the participants. !

For those who want to have a BBQ but find it difficult to prepare the ingredients, Empty-handed OK & check all-inclusive plan Why not try it?

*The information in this article is current as of November 2022.

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