BBQ (barbecue) preparation: Ingredients, necessary belongings & convenient goods list

BBQ (barbecue) preparation: Ingredients, necessary belongings & useful goods
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In this article When you have a BBQ in your garden Minimum requirements and ingredients , When you have a BBQ (barbecue) outside your home useful goods Introducing

Comes with a handy checklist Therefore, BBQ Please take advantage of it when you prepare for.

Beginners and people who say, "There are so many tools and ingredients to prepare!" Plan to participate empty-handed is recommended!

Enjoy BBQ in your own garden: 6 minimum preparations

Enjoy BBQ in your own garden: minimum preparation

First The minimum necessary tools for BBQ (barbecue) Introducing

be well prepared BBQ make it a success!

1.BBQ (barbecue) grill/stove

The stove is a must-have item for BBQ!
BBQ (barbecue) grill/stove Since there are various types of Let's prepare according to the number of people and purpose!

If you invite your friends and do it with a lot of people, stand type ", compact " Desktop type ” is recommended.


next to the stove BBQ An essential item for charcoal . There are different types of charcoal depending on the raw wood. Roughly speaking, black charcoal "When" white charcoal ”.

The "black charcoal" sold at a home center at a low price is Characterized by being flammable .
Black charcoal catches fire easily, Shorter burn time and more smoke .

In contrast, "white charcoal" It is difficult to catch fire, but there is little smoke and the burning time is long is.

" Charcoal 」teeth"white charcoal」に分類されます.
If you have a BBQ in your garden, Binchotan charcoal, which has little smoke, is recommended, but it does not catch fire easily. Advanced It can also be said.

3.Torch or lighter with a long nozzle

What you need to make a fire Torch or lighter with a long nozzle .

Matches at home or a regular lighter will do, but long nozzle type if Recommended because it can be ignited safely is.

4.ignition agent

Items that make it easier to start a fire, ignition agent .
The igniter is " Solid type "or" jelly liquid type "there is.

Solid type is light It's convenient to carry, but you need to use it up before it becomes damp and unusable after opening. .
The jelly-like liquid type is bulky, Long-term storage possible is.

Both types can be purchased at 100 yen stores and home centers, so if possible long burning time Let's choose

5. Table

for barbecue outdoor table It is convenient to have one Keep your drinks and other necessities on the table so you don't have to go back and forth between the house and the garden!

The table says " high style "When" low style "there is.

high style is can stand and sit comfortably is a feature.
Low style, if you have small children, Enjoy from the same point of view as a child is a feature.

6. Chair

Lightweight and compactly foldable low type ” Chairs, drink holders and elbow rests ” high type ” chair.

Outdoor chairs that match the height of the table Let's prepare

In addition, there is a set of tables and chairs that is convenient for storage. All-in-one type ” is also available.

8 Useful Goods to Have at a BBQ

Useful Items for BBQ / Useful Goods

at home BBQ You can go to the house to get what you need right away, but if you have a BBQ outside your home such as a campsite or riverbed, Advance preparation is important is!

next, Things that are convenient to bring I would like to introduce you to it, so please use it as a reference.

Related article scissors

kitchen scissors You can easily cut ingredients with
Convenient because you can cut large pieces of meat is.

It is useful to have one fan .
When you start a fire or when the fire is weak, Increase firepower by blowing air with a fan I can do it.


Classic salt and pepper, grilled meat sauce, etc. spices If you bring it with you, you can't go wrong, but recently, " outdoor spices ” is recommended.

With outdoor spice, Unusually stylish seasoning can enjoy

4. Aluminum foil/food wrap

Convenient when you have a BBQ aluminum foil and food wrap .

aluminum foil is Baked potatoes and sweet potatoes Or if you roll it up and rub it when cleaning up the stove instead of scrubbing brush can be used for

Food wrap can be used to store leftover ingredients or used to cover dishes. You can also wash less .

5. Cooler Box

A cooler box is necessary to keep food cold and prevent damage.
High cold storage capacity hard type ", and when not in use, it can be folded " soft type "there is.

soft typeteethhard typeに比べて保冷力teeth劣りますが, 日帰りのBBQで使う分にteeth十分 is.

6.Picnic sheet

BBQ (barbecue) that will make your luggage a lot.
Picnic sheet , so you don't have to put your stuff on the ground. paper

Easy to wipe up when you spill something kitchen paper .
It's thicker and more absorbent than tissue paper, so it's convenient. is.

8.Toilet Paper

Depending on the location of the BBQ, Some places do not have toilet paper on the tray .
Just in case Toilet Paper It is safe to bring

Ingredients to prepare for BBQ (barbecue)

Ingredients to prepare for BBQ (barbecue)

BBQ You're ready to go.

next, Recommended ingredients for BBQ Introducing

Related article


  • Beef (Sirloin/Tongue/Kalbi/Roast, etc.)
  • Pork (belly/tontoro/spare ribs, etc.)
  • Chicken (thigh/chicken wings/grilled chicken, etc.)

BBQ If you say the leading role, it's definitely meat!
Once beef sirloin I would like to grill and eat it. Besides that Kalbi or loin Such, Charcoal-grilled meat is exquisite is.

Pork is tontoro or splendidly Spareribs Such You can enjoy variety at a low price .

The chicken is delicious even if it is grilled over charcoal. thighs and chicken wings If you marinate it in the sauce beforehand, you can enjoy it more deliciously.
Also sold in supermarkets The yakitori set is also convenient because it only needs to be grilled. is.


  • Shrimp
  • scallop
  • clams

BBQ (barbecue) adds color seafood !

Shrimp is delicious even if you grill it with the shell on and eat it. Shelled shrimp Ajillo stewed in olive oil and garlic It is also recommended to use

scallop is baked with the shell on, Seasoned with classic butter soy sauce . Add the soy sauce last so it doesn't burn.

clams teeth sake steamed to Perfect for snacks with alcohol is.


  • onion
  • paprika
  • pumpkin
  • potatoes
  • king oyster mushroom

If you eat only meat, your stomach will be heavy. Prepare some vegetables.
Pre-wash and cut vegetables If you keep it, you can enjoy it smoothly on the day.

pumpkin Items that are difficult to catch fire, such as Let's put it on the net as soon as possible .

onions and paprika can also be used as an ingredient for yakisoba.

potatoes If you wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the charcoal, You can enjoy it as fluffy potato butter. .

Ingredients that are exciting at BBQ (barbecue) / Variety

Ingredients that are exciting at BBQ (barbecue) / Variety

next, Ingredients that swell at BBQ (barbecue) Introducing

Please prepare it by adding it to the standard ingredients.

Sweet potato (baked sweet potato)

Fluffy and delicious in the cold season sweet potato .
After wrapping the sweet potato with kitchen paper soaked in water, wrap it in aluminum foil and throw it in the fire.


loved by both adults and children corn .
It's easy because it's just grilled on a grill with the skin on. . Seasoning is delicious with just salt or butter soy sauce.


Speaking of barbecue desserts, roasted marshmallow !
The marshmallows are skewered and grilled quickly to create a dessert that is crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside.

Sandwiching chocolate and toasted marshmallows with crackers, smores It's okay to do it.


The key to a successful BBQ is not letting the kids get bored!

Just put it on the fire and bake it as it is Popcorn products are sold in supermarkets. There is no doubt that it will be exciting to see the popping sound as it is completed.

Onigiri (grilled rice ball)

If you have small children BBQ It takes time to prepare, and you may get hungry.

In such a case, let's grill rice balls quickly .
If you grill the rice balls prepared at home on the net and drip soy sauce or yakiniku sauce, Exquisite grilled rice ball is completed.

Necessary things for BBQ / Things that are convenient to have (useful goods)

Necessary things for BBQ / Things that are convenient to have (useful goods)

BBQ To enjoy more comfortably, minimum requirements , Make a list of things that are convenient to have I do, so please use it as a reference.

Minimum requirements: BBQ at home

☐BBQ grill/stove
☐ Chukkaman
☐ Ignition agent
☐ Table

Things that are convenient for BBQ / Useful goods

☐ Kitchen scissors
☐ Fan
☐ Seasoning
☐ Aluminum foil/food wrap
☐ cooler box
☐ Leisure sheet
☐ Kitchen paper
☐ Toilet paper

Popularity ranking of BBQ (barbecue)

BBQ If you are a beginner, you may get lost because you don't know what to prepare.

もっと気軽に楽しみたい方teeth,食材も機材も現地スタッフが用意する Plan to enjoy empty-handed We recommend you to join is.

Great value experience plan or, Activities and bundle plans And so on. You can easily experience the fun of BBQ (barbecue).

1 rank


Tsuken Island Sea Cruise
Okinawa City (Koza), Uruma, Tsuken Island
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Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)
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<四輪バギーツアー>【1人乗り】16歳以上【2人乗り】成人男性とお子様のみ可能.※お子様が2名様以上いらっしゃる場合teethガイドとの2人乗りも可能です(ガイドが責任をもって安全にお子様をお預かりいたします).・運転免許・資格不要.・ガイドが先導しますので安心して参加I can do it.●大雨でもコース上の安全が確

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Blue Cave, Onna Village
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Chita Peninsula
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5 rank

【星空キャンプ・素泊まり】Awaji Island,手ぶらで気軽にBBQ・星を見ながら焚き火に浸れる空間.自然に囲まれた秘境で非日常の空間をお楽しみください

Awaji Island
6,500 Yen~ (tax included)

機材不要の手ぶらでキャンプ!食材のみのお持ち込みでAwaji Islandの自然に囲まれてキャンプをお楽しみいただけます.テント,寝袋,コンロ,焚き火台,調理場等全てセットになったお手軽プランで初めてのキャンプでも安心してご利用頂けます!受付で丁寧に説明をし,わからないことteethスタッフにいつでもお伺いください.薪割り体

Feel free to enjoy BBQ

Feel free to enjoy BBQ

BBQ (barbecue) has many things to prepare, Charcoal-grilled food is exceptionally delicious in an unusually refreshing atmosphere. is.

Please refer to this article, thorough preparation and enjoy your barbecue comfortably.

" It's hard to prepare ”, and those who want to enjoy it more casually, how about joining a plan where you can rent tools first?


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