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Hokkaido / Ishikari-Sorachi-Chitose
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During the present campaign for free to the photograph in the activity in CD-R! ! !


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Impressed by the transparency of Lake Shikotsu!

Junior high school students ride alone, elementary school students participated in a combination with parents.
Although it was the first experience, I asked the guide to speak to me for fun and enjoy, or let me have a good time so that the whole family made a nice memory with kind response. I'm really thankful to you.

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Joined date: August 2017
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Thank you for participating in the clear kayak tour.
It was nice to have fun.
Have you experienced the children as well as the beautiful nature of Lake Shikotsu and its surroundings?
Also, we are waiting for you to visit Hokkaido.

Ocean Days.

At the end of July Air temperature 26 degrees Water temperature 20 degrees Cloud occasionally sunny
It was my first time but I enjoyed nothing without problems.

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Thank you for the snorkel experience.
Temperature will fall from now on,
There is a branch in Lake Shikotsu, and we also do kayaks.
Please come and look forward to the summer autumn and winter season in Hokkaido!

Ocean Days.


But I can not swim, and so enjoy! It was a good experience!

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Participation date: December 2016
Diving (beginners OK)
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thank you for your comment.
In without swim underwater, but it is safe because it is breathing.
I am waiting for the coming of the staff from the same staff. .

Impressed by the fresh water snorkeling

With far more fish than expected surprise to the height of the transparency of Shikotsuko was fun to encounter.
Guide's also was saved a polite and very helpful.
I think rather that it is recommended for snorkeling beginners.

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