Drift ice walk/Ice walk in Japan


Speaking of winter of Shiretoko drift ice is famous. Over the drift ice was berthing around Shiretoko Utoro can walk on their feet, it is the most popular activity of the winter of Okhotsk unique. In an hour and a half to two hours long Neicha ring tour, or ride to the ice floe, and break the ice floe, you can or to rip. In addition to, or try floating on his back by utilizing the buoyancy of the dry suit to wear, it is also available or looking for a "drift ice angel" Clione you are in the sea. Tour in February and March is a berthing stable period of drift ice has been set, but the weather, by the state and movement of drift ice, there is likely to be in rooms or discontinuation of conditionally. Ice walk is the winter unique activity that walk on the lake and the river was freezing. In the advance is global warming, will also be assumed that there is no freezing of opportunity and lakes to encounter ice floes future in Japan. Drift ice / ice walk, you say that rare experience-based activities that the nature of the mystery can be felt in the whole body.

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