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Gunma / Water-Tsukiyono-Sarugakyo-Hoshi

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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Shower climbing

I participated with a family including two elementary school students. We have taken great care of safety, etc., and we were able to participate with peace of mind
It was.
The guide was also exciting and exciting, children were of course, but adults were able to enjoy it a lot.
It is very recommended for family!
I also want to participate by all means.

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Joined date: August 2017
canyon rafting
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The other day, thank you for your participation in the family, and thanks for posting a review soon!
It was good that it was enjoyable not only for children but also for adults.
The guide is also the most pleasing to see the customers participating with a smile.
Let's also play together (^ o ^) /
I am looking forward to the day we can meet. .

I got a new experience, it was fun.

I got a new experience, it was fun. I want to introduce it to my friends. AIRBOARD is fun. I want to go again. The guide is also kind.
สนุก มาก ๆ ๆ เป็น กิจก รรม ที่ หา ทำ ไม่ ได้ เมือง ไทย ไกด์ ใจดี มาก ๆ ๆ

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Air board
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Thank you for your participation and review.
I'm happy that you enjoyed playing actively all day and enjoying it.
Please come and visit again.

Kappa CLUB


Hydro speed was the first time! Was attended by invited your friends, but the staff is also fun, it was only person who may be participants, who together.
Hydro Thanks, rafting we have together is fun and participation! Thank you very much!

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Joined date: August 2016
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Review of post, thank you.
Happy pack had you participated in August, it is above all in as I enjoy one day.
Hydro speed of the first experience that has been invited to your friends, did not take muscle pain?
The amount of water is less time, but we are a tour while devising staff to enjoy to everybody.
If you give this so glad your thoughts, it will be very encouraging!
But high water temperature summer is wading is the best of the season, also to time the amount of water in May is large, enjoying in the fierce flow
Can you so, also when there is a chance, please by all means come to play.
Well then, thank you for your participation, impressions, really! .

The best!

And liven up the people of staff, I was able to spend a very good time!

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Joined date: August 2016
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The other day I received your participation in the kappa CLUB outdoor tour, thank you.
1 day like Were you satisfied with playing a lot, received a very high rating and your comments, I'm glad!
Since it has held a tour in the Tone River, which became a torrent of completely different look to the time of the spring, please by all means also to come to play to change the season.

Kappa CLUB
All the staff.

First Air board!

Scenery is it really was good!
For the first time of the air board! But accustomed immediately, slipping out the speed, occasionally was able to spend or ... very fun and try to fill the body in the snow!
But is a place you do not usually use was or become muscle pain, also I want to challenge!
Thank you.

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Air board
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Post your thoughts to the air board tour, thank you.
For the first time of the experience, seemed to enjoy even becoming a muscle pain, it was good!
Also by ski slopes and snow quality to be used, because there is a variety also play of the air board, also please come and challenge.
Encouraged by this time gotten happy thoughts, this season is also the last day, I will do my best to enjoy a lot of customers ☆

Kappa CLUB staff all.