【Gunma · Minakami】 Air Board & Snowshoe can be enjoyed both half-day ♪ Winter Value Set!

【Gunma · Minakami】 Air Board & Snowshoe can be enjoyed both half-day ♪ Winter Value Set!

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群馬 / 水上(みなかみ)
Air board
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Description of plan

Enjoy both Snowshoe and the air board is a great deal of the fee. Which those who are suffering or to participate in the tour, Chaimashou doing both! This set, because it is the same charge be divided into two days, you can also join to stay directly managed cottage, close to inns and B & Bs.

Two types of tour play at a time!

And the air board half-day course to play slipped the slopes for the first time anytime soon, beauty and snow play in the snow scene is the high set of satisfaction where you can enjoy both the snowshoe half-day course that was Guth condensed!
Which those who are suffering or to participate in the tour, Chaimashou doing both! Try at various playing, it is one of the fun also to find a favorite activity. Once the favorite of the tour is also found to come one day course is next time try to challenge!

Peace of mind also the first one!

In kappa CLUB, it has held a tour to suit your physical fitness and technical level.
For those who are for the first time experience the air board, first turn, deceleration, it will be received from the training of basic operations, such as stop. You politely lecture, please rest assured!
Also, snowshoeing is because they offer a light and easy to walk the type that can be handled easily on top of the snow, please rest assured even beginners!

Happy free transfer!

If you can make a reservation in advance, we will free transfer from accommodation, the nearest station kappa CLUB, up to the slopes. Please apply by all means feel free to!

Attractions of the plan


Minimum number of people 1 person
Number of people who can book 1 to 10 people
Schedule Late December (change required by the snow situation) - late March
Start time In the case of one day 8:20
In the case of divided into 2 days 8: 50,9: 50,12: 20
※ Please arrive 10 minutes before the tour start
※ If you divided the tour into two days, I will let you know at the time of booking is confirmed because it varies depending on the combination is set time.
Assemble point Kappa CLUB
Between Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture Water Machitera 18
Reservation deadline 2 days before

Advance preparation

Clothings and must-bring items [Required]
Snow wear (such as wear of the ski and board)
Snow boots (board boots available)
Grove (some of the water-resistant)
Hat (because you wear a helmet, bonbon with is not allowed)
Goggles (sunglasses is not allowed)
- Winter clothes (such as fleece)
Underwear and socks (and quick-drying and there is a recommended. Sorting still good)
Lift ticket holder
·neck warmer
About rental items Snow boots is because there is a rental at ¥ 500 ※, necessary one, in advance please let us know the size and quantity.
※ If it is difficult to offer, such as clothing and gloves, because it will guide you through the rental shop, please contact us.
Grove ※, goggles rental separately (¥ 500 approximately) is also possible. I many people to become you have forgotten, but it does not have your loan with free glove goggles.

Facility information

Changing room Restroom shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot convenience store/

Access and map


Between Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture Water Machitera 18

How to reach by car

Get off from the Tokyo area ... Kanetsu in motorway water IC
From Niigata direction ... get off at the Hokuriku Expressway, Kanetsu water IC
From Nagano direction ... get off from Joshinetsu Expressway Fujioka JCT at Kanetsu water IC

How to reach by train

Jomokogen Station, free transfer from the water station: we do must be reserved in advance.

About price

Basic charge

Adult /person 12,000yen It will be more than a junior high school student.

※Prices including all taxes.
※ This is the basic charge.
* Prices may vary depending on the schedule, so please see the price list displayed after selecting the date.

Included in price Guide fees, insurance premiums, air board snowshoe rental fee
Not included in the price ※ is not attached lift ticket. You pay a lift fee actual cost on site. (¥ 2000 ~ ¥ 3000, using the ski slopes, with the participation day of the week)
※ The Winter value set does not come with lunch. Or if you use the restaurant of the ski hall, please prepare in advance on their own.

List of handling plans of Kappa CLUB (Kappa Club)

About payment / cancellation

About payment Advance bank transfer.
If you have booked right before the tour day and paying in cash on the tour day we kindly ask to prepare a full payment for all members of your group. No separate payment is accepted.​ ​
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee By the circumstances of the customer, regarding the change of decrease ③ schedule of cancellation ② number of participants ① reservation, cancellation fee of following our regulations will occur.
· 15 days before to 7 days before 20%
- 6 days before to 2 days before 30%
- The day before 50%, on the day 100%
※ may not be able to participate in the tour late in the set time of the day, no fee will take 100 percent.
Cancellation by operators. Extreme snow shortage closure of the ski area by, in the circumstances under which said the lift service outages and poor visibility of by storm snow, there is also the case that the tour is canceled.
If you was canceled by our standards, full refund or, it becomes a transfer to another tour.
If the tour cancelled after your arrival to the start point please note that no refunds available for your transport expenses.
We kindly ask for your understanding.


Matters require attention ※ If you are pregnant, who tinged drinking and drunkenness, people with chronic disease that results in a hindrance to the tour participants do not offer participation.
※ air board, so you keep the posture for a long time in the state of the stomach, waist and back, such as the neck, chronic disease with a hindrance to participation, those who are disease, please refrain from the participation.
Other notices ※ is not attached lift ticket. You pay a lift fee actual cost on site. (¥ 2000 ~ ¥ 3000 position)
※ Since lunch is not attached, or if you bring your own, please use the ski resort restaurants
※ In the case of Winter value set, before and after the tour you can not get your designated customers. Here on the decision, I will inform you at the time of booking is confirmed
※ If you do the tour in two days, that effect, please fill in the remarks column

Everyone's experiences

I got a new experience, it was fun.

I got a new experience, it was fun. I want to introduce it to my friends. AIRBOARD is fun. I want to go again. The guide is also kind.
สนุก มาก ๆ ๆ เป็น กิจก รรม ที่ หา ทำ ไม่ ได้ เมือง ไทย ไกด์ ใจดี มาก ๆ ๆ

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Air board
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Thank you for your participation and review.
I'm happy that you enjoyed playing actively all day and enjoying it.
Please come and visit again.

Kappa CLUB

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First Air board!

Scenery is it really was good!
For the first time of the air board! But accustomed immediately, slipping out the speed, occasionally was able to spend or ... very fun and try to fill the body in the snow!
But is a place you do not usually use was or become muscle pain, also I want to challenge!
Thank you.

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Joined date: January 2014
Air board
Reply comments from operators

Post your thoughts to the air board tour, thank you.
For the first time of the experience, seemed to enjoy even becoming a muscle pain, it was good!
Also by ski slopes and snow quality to be used, because there is a variety also play of the air board, also please come and challenge.
Encouraged by this time gotten happy thoughts, this season is also the last day, I will do my best to enjoy a lot of customers ☆

Kappa CLUB staff all.

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If you book this plan 111 pt will be given!

Starting time 09:00
Participating ageAge 13 ~
Time required 2-3 hours On the day more than 6 hours
ScheduleLate December (change required by the snow situation) - late March
Assemble point Watch on GoogleMap