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[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] Create your own original goods at a factory found within Japan’s second-largest production area of clothing labels.

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  • Operate rain or shine
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    Within 1 hour

-The world of original design that started with the woven name-Some people may not be able to come up with the woven name, but the woven name is the name of the manufacturer and everywhere in the fabric products we usually wear and use. "Are" attached to display the brand name. Komatsu City has the second largest share of woven names made in Japan after Maruoka City in Fukui Prefecture. Today, 100% of Japanese weaving names are made in these two cities. It is a weaving name that weaves with a jacquard loom, but now it is made by various methods such as printing and silk screen. In this program, you can create original designs such as T-shirts and tote bags using such diversified machines. ~ Flow of the day ~ ①Original tote bag making experience: Print a picture drawn on the spot on the tote bag * 1 30 minutes ②Almost 100% of domestic production is made in Komatsu City and Maruoka City, Fukui Prefecture 20 minutes tour of the "Ori Name" factory * For foreigners: Information on the day is only in Japanese.

Making original goods that can be done because various manufacturing is realized, not just "woven name"

Originally, Nakagawa Sangyo has created woven names using jacquard weaving, but as we continue to diversify according to the times, we print not only woven names but also various products such as mugs and T-shirts and make final products. Is possible. One of the great strengths is the flexibility of the design team to create anything using in-house resources. The program will use these new machines to create original T-shirts and tote bags using the illustrations designed by the participants and the photos in the camera roll that day.

Weaving names 1 to 10! Tour the factories that have been manufactured in-house in the world of division of labor

The current situation is that Japanese manufacturing is steadily shrinking due to being pushed by large-scale overseas production bases. Weaving names are no exception, and 100% of Japan's weaving names are produced in Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture and Maruoka City, Fukui Prefecture. There are over 20 companies in Komatsu City. In the textile industry, where division of labor is flourishing, Nakagawa Sangyo promoted introspection to "make it possible to manufacture in-house without relying on the outside", and as a result, product processing, inspection, bending and cutting are all integrated production. You can now finish it cheaply. During the tour of this program, we infiltrated the inside of Nakagawa Sangyo, which is doing 1 to 10 for weaving names. You can observe how the woven name attached to the towel that you casually hold is created.

Supported by a creative design team

If you take a tour of Nakagawa Sangyo, you will notice that there are many young employees. It seems that they naturally gathered as they proceeded with in-house production and diversification along with the history of the company. I want to try my creativity because it is Nakagawa Sangyo that challenges various manufacturing while responding to customer's request! It may be that designers who are full of challenges will gather. I'd like to make an original T-shirt, but I'm worried if it will look good, but I'm relieved. A team of designers full of various ideas will support you.

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    The actual experience time is about 1 hour.
    Operating period 2021/11/12〜2021/11/13
    Assembly time Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation time.
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    Matters require attention ・ Be sure to follow the instructions of the staff as there are dangerous places in the factory.・ Shooting inside the factory is prohibited.・ In addition to tote bags, T-shirts can also be selected.・ In addition to the pictures written on the spot, we also have photo data, etc., so please contact us on the day.・ Preschool children are not allowed to participate.
    Other notifications * 1 In addition to tote bags, T-shirts can also be selected. In addition to the pictures written on the spot, there are also photo data that can be handled, so please contact us on the day.

    Access - Map

    62 Karumimachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture 923-0824
    Assembly point

    Nakagawa Sangyo

    If you arrive by car

    16 minutes from Komatsu IC

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