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[Ishikawa / Komatsu City] A gallery tour and Kinrande experience where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful world of gold behind the glaze built by the Living National Treasure.

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  • Operate rain or shine
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    13Age ~ 99 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours

The back side of the colorful color. Among the many "traditions" and "evolutions" of Nishikiyama kiln, there are many fans in the world view and charm of the work, and we pursue "Kinrande" works using gold leaf that we create independently. Kinrande kiln. The second generation owner, Minori Yoshita, is widely known as a living national treasure of Kutani ware. In this program, you can see the inquisitive spirit transmitted to the Nishikiyama kiln and experience a part of it in order to demonstrate the creativity that can be said to be a transcendental technique that looks very profane. Nishikiyama kiln with a history of over 100 years. In addition to traditional techniques, we are also working on new things in the face of the big question, "How will we deliver it in the next 100 years?" We will review traditional techniques, search for a way that is suitable for our current life, and train the staff of the kiln. Nishikiyama kiln manufacturing aims to integrate tradition and innovation. "Kinrande" Kinrande refers to the decorative technique of fixing gold on colored ceramics and its works. Beginning with the Song dynasty in China, it flourished from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty. In Japan, the Kinrande appeared from the Genroku era of Edo, using the Ming dynasty's Jingde Town kiln as an example, and it resembled the "Kinrande" woven fabric woven with gold thread and cut gold leaf, so it came to be called by this name in Japan. rice field. There are techniques such as "drawing gold" to draw a line with gold paint, "swinging gold" to scatter gold powder, and "pasting gold" to paste gold leaf. * For foreign nationals: Information on the day will be in Japanese only.

A workshop tour that looks into the pursuit of production that never stops

"What should I do if I can demonstrate my skills accurately and cost-effectively?" "We will not adjust ourselves to the technology, but we will adjust the technology to our own way." From the words of Mr. Yukio, the 4th generation. , You can see the production attitude that is hidden behind the creativity of Nishikiyama kiln and is not bound by the existing frame.

From laser cutters to medical tools! Production site pursuing creativity

In the studio, you can see how the gold leaf is cut with a laser cutter. It seems that various tools that can not be seen in other workshops are ingenuity that was adopted while emphasizing how to fully demonstrate their skills in the production at Nishikiyama kiln. .. In the workshop tour, you can see not only the production process but also the tools used and the background of incorporating the tools.

Kinrande experience at the stone gallery where Kutani ware stands out

Near the workshop, there is a gallery "Mutan" made of Kanagasoishi, which has been used for warehouses and walls since ancient times, in the center of Komatsu. You can feel the original beauty of Kutani ware, which stands out in the shade of natural light, without shining the spotlight on the pottery. In this program, you can make your own Kinrande small box by pasting the gold leaf cut with a laser cutter on a small box of your favorite color and shape.

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    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
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    1~2 hours
    120 minutes
    Operating period 2021/11/12〜2021/11/14
    Assembly time 13:50
    Booking deadline until 16:59 7 das ago

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    Matters require attention Shooting outside of permitted locations is prohibited. Those under elementary school age cannot participate.

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 Kinrande experience at the gallery の画像

    Kinrande experience at the gallery Kinrande experience will be held at the gallery "Sazodan". You can create works while slowly viewing the exhibited works.

    Time schedule

    Workshop tour (20 minutes)

    Workshop tour (20 minutes) You can see the work scene in the workshop.

    Kinrande experience (90 minutes)

    Kinrande experience (90 minutes) Paste the pre-cut gold leaf on the small box. Let's make an original small box with free ideas. (The image is an image)

    Access - Map

    -18 Takandomachi, Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
    Assembly point

    Kinzan kiln

    If you arrive by car

    10 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway "Komatsu IC" (3 parking lots available)

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