Okinawa Diving Introducing area spots! Kerama, Blue Cave, Ishigaki island, Miyakojima, etc.

Okinawa Diving Introducing area spots! Kerama, Blue Cave, Ishigaki island, Miyakojima etc. Okinawa Diving Introducing area spots separately! Kerama, Blue Cave, Ishigaki island, Miyakojima, etc.

Okinawa southernmost tip of Japan and consists of about 160 islands of all sizes. Each to taste the tropical atmosphere Year is the resort of Japan's most visited by many people. Needless to say, it is also a popular spot for Diving, and the islands are roughly divided into the Okinawa main island and its surrounding islands, Kumejima, Miyakojima Islands, Kerama Islands, Yaeyama Islands, each with many Diving spots. Scattered. Highly transparent blue sea, coral reefs, dynamic terrain, and sea creatures such as manta rays and sea turtles attract many divers doing.

Okinawa Diving spot

Okinawa Diving spot

Okinawa southernmost tip of Japan and consists of about 160 islands of all sizes. Each to taste the tropical atmosphere Year is the resort of Japan's most visited by many people. Needless to say, it is also a popular spot for Diving, and the islands are roughly divided into the main island of Okinawa and the surrounding islands, Kumejima, Miyakojima Islands, Kerama Islands, Yaeyama Islands There are many Diving spots scattered around.

The clear blue sea, coral reefs, dynamic terrain, and sea creatures such as manta rays and sea turtles attract many divers.

Okinawa Diving spot map

Okinawa main island Diving spot

Tokyo about two and a half hours by plane from, Okinawa that has become a gateway to Okinawa 's main island. Prefectural Address of Naha in, there is a downtown, such as the International Street, crowded with many people. There are many tourist facilities and historical sites on the island such as Shuri Castle, Churaumi Aquarium, Peace Memorial Park, and Himeyuri Monument.

There are many Diving spots, Onna Village where there is a cave of blue (woman Son) area , Beach spots along the breakwater Chatan area Located in the southernmost part of Okinawa, you can enjoy Diving all Year round Itoman area , Diving spots are scattered around the peninsula and remote islands Motobu area And so on.

Okinawa remote island Diving spot

Okinawa remote island Diving spotAs a Diving spot for remote islands, the most unavoidable area is about 40km west of Naha, which consists of about 20 large and small islands. Kerama Islands .. It is known for having a high chance of encountering a beautiful sea called the Kerama Blue, a sea turtle.

On the other, coral reefs and there are mangrove forests, Diving as well as Kayak, such Activity also popular Ishigaki island , Miyakojima where you can enjoy the underwater scenery such as coral reefs, caves, and arches is also popular. We'll talk more about these islands later.

Naha about 30 minutes by plane from, Okinawa is located in the westernmost of the islands Kumejima is, population 10,000 people a little less than an area of 59.1 sq km, idyllic atmosphere drifts island. You can dive into the sea mainly on boat Diving around the deserted island and Hateno beach made of sandy beach.

Iriomote Island, which is the second largest at Okinawa, is one of the Yaeyama Islands. Iriomote wildcats are part of Iriomote Ishigaki National Park where 90% of the area is called the jungle. Mainly on the boat Diving, there are scattered dive spots. Famous for the island of Baras made of coral fragments is. Since there is no airport on Iriomote Island, access is approximately 40 minutes from Ishigaki island by high-speed boat. In the Yaeyama Islands, Other, Diving at Kuroshima, Kohama Island, Hateruma Island, etc. I can do it.

About 45 minutes by flight from Ishigaki island, Yonagunijima, the westernmost part of Japan, You can see the hammerhead shark with a high probability. Diving area. Many divers are visiting from overseas.

Kerama Islands

Kerama Islands Diving spots

Kerama Islands are located about 40km west of Naha City, Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Aka Island, Kerama Island 4 inhabited islands, uninhabited islands, and islands consisting of about 20 large and small islands. The highly transparent sea and coral reef called "Kerama Blue" is attractive is. 2014 Year is to have been designated as a national park.

Diving spots, Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Aka the center. Boat Diving in the main, beautiful coral reefs, the fish shade density, in addition to the highly transparent sea, from the point where the water depth can enjoy in shallow beginner enjoy the dynamic terrain For advanced level people many to the point of, and wide variety. For which the island is also entertainment and a large resort hotel is not, nature and Activity is recommended for people who want to enjoy.

Tokashiki Island (Aharen beach, Tokashishihisa beach, Nozaki, etc.)

About 30 minutes by high-speed boat from the main island of Okinawa (about 70 minutes by ferry), Tokashiki Island where the Kerama blue sea and rich greenery spread. With a population of about 700, it is the largest island in the Kerama Islands.

Diving spots are scattered around the island, but there are several around the island's representative Aharen beach. Off the beach, in front of Hanale Island, you can enjoy the white sand and colorful fish. Under the Aharen Lighthouse, the southernmost point of the island, "Under Lighthouse" is a popular terrain point.

In Tokashiki Other in, (as Toka) WatariYoshimi consequent sea turtles inhabit the beach and is also a point of popularity such as the superb view point, "Nozaki" of coral reefs in the north-west of the island.

Zamami Island (Nita cave, Ama beach, Furuzamami beach, etc.)

Tokashiki Island (Aharen Beach, Tokashishihisa Beach, Nozaki, etc.) Diving spot

Zamami Island is 50 minutes by high-speed boat (90 minutes by ferry) from Naha. Relatively water depth is shallow, since the wave also gentle Diving and diving easy even for beginners It is said.

There are two beaches on the island: Furuzamami Beach and Ama Beach. Furuzamami Beach, located on the northwestern side of the island, is the main beach of the island, where the beauty of the white sand that stands for more 800m stands out. Ama Beach is within easy walking distance from Zamami Port. The atmosphere is shallow and calmer than Kozamami Beach.
Both have a beautiful contrast between the white sand and the highly transparent sea, so you can not only swim in the sea but also Snorkeling and Diving. You can enjoy the colorful fish swimming and the beauty of the coral reef. Ama Beach is also known as a beach where you can meet sea turtles with a high probability.

In addition, "Nita cave" is known as a spot where you can dive in a cave. It's fantastic to see sunlight coming in through the rocks!

Aka Island (such as Nishimaba)

About 1 hour by high-speed boat from Naha (90 minutes by ferry), Akajima is a small island with a circumference of about 12km. It is connected to the islands of Geruma and Fukuji by a bridge, so you can enjoy the island tour.

Nishibama Beach is in the eastern part of Aka Island. The beach also has spectacular spots such as the Kitahama Observatory and the Nishibama Terrace! You can see the uninhabited islands such as Ankenashiki Island, Kahi Island, and Amuro Island.

Nishibama is Diving enjoy beginner Diving is also a spot. The pure white sand spreads and the colorful fish are gathered together for a relaxing effect.

Onna Village Blue Cave

Okinawa Diving spot Onna village Blue cave <Okinawa facing the sea of the main island west side, Okinawa Resort color among the distinctively Onna. There are plenty of resort hotels, spas, restaurants and cafes. Because you can also go to Diving spots Recommended area those who want to enjoy both sightseeing and Activity is.

Blue cave also has experience Diving

Okinawa The most popular Diving points on the main island Located on Maeda Misaki in Onna Village, "Blue Grotto" ..

Inside the cave with a total length of about 30 m, you can experience the mysterious world of the sea as sunlight shines in from the entrance and the sea shines blue. Of course, even beginners can dive, and there are many experience Diving tours around 2 hours that you can feel free to join. The tour includes not only the blue cave but also Diving at the point where you can see the beautiful waterscape of tropical fish and coral reefs.

Cape Maeda, where the blue cave is located, offers a panoramic view of the East China Sea and is a representative scenic spot on the main island. Please enjoy the beauty of the sea from underwater from outside.

Maeda cape and access to the blue of the cave is Naha is about one hour by using a high-speed drive from the airport. On tours, you will often meet at shops in the surrounding area and head to the field.

Ishigaki island Diving spot

Okinawa Ishigaki island Diving spot

Ishigaki island is the gateway to the Yaeyama Islands. Access to the island is 1 hour from Naha, 3 hours from Haneda and 4 hours from Narita. It is the third largest island in Okinawa after the main island and Iriomote Island, and is the commercial center of the Yaeyama Islands. On the island An island where you can enjoy festivals and traditional performing arts as well as rich nature such as the beautiful transparent sea, Kabira Bay, and the starry sky that has been certified as one of Japan's Top 3 Star Attractions But there is.

Ishigaki island has many Diving spots on the island. North, where untouched nature remains Manta Scramble It is divided into three parts, the central part known as Diving and the southern part near the city. You can also dive in Taketomi Island or Kuroshima. Of these, Diving, which is relatively popular, is located in Chubu area. Here are some of them.

Kawahira area (Kawahira Ishizaki Manta Scramble)

"Diving spot

Speaking of Diving Ishigaki island, it is famous to see manta rays is. The manta ray is the world's largest ray belonging to the Toby ray family. It is a popular sea creature that looks elegant and swims like a octopus sail. Most of them are about 2 to 3 meters, but if they are large, some manta rays exceed 4 meters.

Ishigaki island 's representative manta spot "Kawahira Ishizaki Manta Scramble" .. It is located about 10 minutes by boat from Kabira Bay, and it is a popular Diving point where you can encounter manta rays with high probability. is. Since the water depth is shallow, even beginners can dive. You can see it in 1 Year, but from 9 to Oct. you can see the swimming actively during the breeding season.

Maibara-oki area (Maibara W Leaf)

There are many Diving spots off the coast of Maibara. It is an area you can see many corals. "Maibara W Leaf" is one of Ishigaki island 's top-class coral and fish shadows It is said that. This is also a shallow water, so even beginners can enjoy it with confidence.

Mikamizaki area

It is the Mikamizaki area that attracts divers with its complicated terrain. You can enjoy the characteristic terrain and lively coral. Especially popular with "topographic divers" as it has arches and halls .. The light shower from the top of the hall is also mysterious. The "Mikamizaki Lighthouse Below", which is under the Mikanzaki Lighthouse, which is a tourist attraction, is famous.

Miyakojima Diving spot

Miyakojima Diving spot

Okinawa Miyakojima Islands about 300km south of the main island. In addition to Miyakojima, there are Ikema Island in the north, Kurima Island in the south, Irabu Island and Shimojima Island in the immediate west, and small Ogami Island in the east. It can be reached from Naha by airplane in about 1 hour and from Tokyo in about 3 hours by airplane.

Miyakojima is an island made of raised coral reefs. There are many beautiful beaches and a relaxing mood. Such Speaking of Diving Miyakojima, you can enjoy the scenery and topography woven by coral reefs. .. Especially around Irabu Island and Shimojima Island, there are many dynamic topographic points such as caves, halls and arches.

Southeast area Miyakojima

To the southeast of Miyakojima, Heian Nazaki Diving points are scattered from the periphery along the south coast. The feature is that you can see the dynamic terrain, a school of tropical fish and a school of migratory fish.

The "Panari Hose Inner Leaf" is one of the leading coral colony points. On the south side of the island, off the Nanata coast "Nanamata Arch" There are also terrain spots such as.

Yaeshiose area

Yaeboshi area Diving spot

“Yabiji” is one of Japan's leading coral reefs, also known as Japan's Great Barrier Reef. It is about 10km north-south and 6.5km east-west, and there are about 100 large and small coral reefs scattered around. You can see various types of coral reefs and the tropical fish that inhabit the area. Other attractions include arches, drop-offs, coral reefs and a variety of landscapes. "Hanadai Arch" There are many tunnels and caves "Roots of the buckthorn" There are points such as.

Irabujima / Shimojimajima area

Such as caves, halls, arches Topographical spots are concentrated in Irabu Island and the Shimojima Island area to the west of it. is. The many points that allow you to enjoy the dynamic waterscape attract many terrain divers.

The most popular point is "Devil's Palace" .. After passing through the pitch-black, narrow caves and arches, you will finally reach a huge vertical hole called the "palace." There is no doubt that you can enjoy exploring the complicated terrain. In addition, the sunlight pouring down from the ceiling shows a mysterious beauty.

You can see the wonderful artistic beauty of the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. "Antonio Gaudi" .. The complicated cave and arch are like one work. The blue colored by the shining sunlight is fantastic. We also enjoy fish watching such as sea slugs and gobys.

There are countless Diving spots in Okinawa. Many of them are places that even beginners can experience, so be sure to check out the tours in the area interest you.