What is the difference between Diving license types? What is your recommended Diving license (C card)?

Diving license type

For beginners who want to acquire a Diving license, we will introduce the type of license called C card, major guidance groups such as PADI and their differences, and instructor qualifications.


What are the license types for Diving?

Scuba license type Let's understand Diving license

In the clear water, colorful fish... Diving where you can forget the everyday and enjoy the beautiful sea is perfect for relieving stress. Working Female also recommended the Activity is.

If you want to enjoy Diving as a hobby from now on, you should definitely get a "Diving license". If you do not have one, it is customary to take a basic lesson before diving and with the assistance of an instructor.

But, Once you have a Diving license, you don't have to take a basic lesson and you can swim more. In addition, the depth of the dive will be deeper than without a license, and the time to dive will be longer, which is an advantage. Is.

Normally, at the Diving shop, you can not Rental Diving equipment or purchase tanks without showing the license other than the experience Diving plan. Therefore, if you want to enjoy Diving in earnest, Getting licenses Let's consider.

Here, we will introduce the features and types of Diving licenses, the content of the courses, and the costs.

Scuba license type

Although generally called "license" (qualification), the license of Diving is not a national qualification, it is a qualification certified by a private leadership group such as Diving School. The official name is "C card". C is an abbreviation for certification, and if you obtain it, it will prove that you have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for Diving.

In order to obtain a C-card, it is necessary to take a "C-card course" by the leadership group.

In the beginner's class C card course, you will learn basic Diving knowledge such as how to handle and manage equipment, Diving rules, how to contact sea creatures in the department (classroom), and underwater in the pool (limited water area) course After learning how to set up equipment and how to dive, you will practice what you have learned so far in the ocean training that actually goes out to the sea.

Nowadays, there are also groups that can do departments by e-learning, so it is possible to complete the department at your own pace while you are busy.

It is not one C card, but it is issued by 30 more in Japan and about 40 organizations including overseas. Even the C cards of the same group are ranked according to their Diving skills, and there are differences in the depth of water and Diving points depending on the type (C card ranks are described below).

Instructors at Diving School and Diving shops belong to one of these organizations. If you take a C-card course from an instructor, you will get a C-card from the instructor's organization.

Since the concept of Diving and the contents of the course are slightly different depending on the group, I would like to check which group's C card can be acquired before taking the course for Getting licenses. However, if the C cards of the same rank are used, there is no big difference in what can be done after acquisition even if the group is different.

Scuba license type

There are various organizations, but they account for 60% of the world market share, The major card in Japan is the C card of the American leadership group PADI. is. If you have a C card of PADI, you can enjoy Diving overseas, so if you are uncertain which group to choose, PADI may be an option.

On the other hand, there are some spots where you can't dive with a C card from a group that has very few Getting licenses and some shops do not lend you equipment. If you want to dive in various spots regardless of Japan or overseas, it is safer to get a C card from a major group.

However, when actually acquiring a license, compatibility with the instructor is also an important factor. Diving It is a good idea to choose School or a shop, taking into consideration the organization that suits your purpose, the compatibility between yourself and the instructor, and so on.

In the next chapter, we'll look at the differences between groups.

Differences between groups issuing Diving licenses

Scuba license type

Famous organizations that issue Diving licenses include PADI, NAUI, and SSI. The motto and course contents are slightly different, but the fee for the beginner course is common from 50,000 yen.


1966 Year was established organization in the United States Chicago. A course with the mission of "Teaching more people around the world about scuba Diving and letting them know its splendor and fun" with the concept of "enjoy" "learn" "polish" for divers Is being deployed.

For the first time in the Diving industry, where military-style training was the main focus until then, PADI developed "epoch-making training that you can enjoy easily and with peace of mind." PADI's system to hone skills while having fun is now supported by many people.

Currently, We are affiliated with more 5,800 dive centers/dive resorts in more 180 countries around the world, with more 17 million PADI certified divers, the largest scale in the world is.

PADI is committed to maintaining the quality of the course. Japan ・The feature is that you can take lessons of uniform content overseas. There are various courses available for beginners to For advanced level people, so you can step up and gain strength.

The "PADI Open Water Diver Course" is for beginners. Participating age is 15 years old and more, and it is a course that requires 3 days for practical training in addition to the department. The department also offers e-learning. The tuition fee depends on the shop and the Number of participants of participants, but it is about 50,000-100,000 yen.


NAUI is 1960 Year in the United States in Diving historic organization that held the instructor course. "Is left the beloved of the people trust", "Dive Safety Through Education (safe through education Diving to the motto of practice)", it has been offering a program with the firm for skills development. Due to its solid training content, we have partnered with NASA, Walt Disney World Resort and the Florida Aquarium.

There is a "NAUI Open Water Diver Course" for beginners, and Participating age are 15 years old more (10 years old more junior divers). Dates varies from shop to shop in 2.5 days and costs from 50,000. Departments can utilize e-learning.


SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL (commonly known as SSI) is an organization established in 1970 Year with the wish of divers that "everyone can learn scuba Diving". more, 110 countries in the world, 2,800 stores We are affiliated with more shops.

Because it is one of the Diving instruction groups that have been approved by the international ISO, SSI C cards are like passports for diving in the oceans around the world.

The beginner course is the SSI Open Water Diver Course. Participating age is 15 years old and more, and the price is from 50,000 yen.

PADI Diving license list

Even C cards issued by the same group are ranked according to their level. Let's check the type of license of the representative organization PADI.

license Water depth Acquisition days Acquisition cost Acquisition condition
Scuba license 12m 1 day (*Pre-learning required) About 30,000 yen 40,000 yen 15 years of age or older.
OWD 18m 2-4 days About 50,000-100,000 yen 15 years of age or older.
AOW 30 m 2 days minimum About 50,000-100,000 yen Other group C card holders with OWD more /equivalent
RED No special requirements. 2 days minimum About 50,000 yen AOW graduate, Emergency First Response (EFR) program graduate
DM No special requirements. 1 week~ About 150,000yen ~ 18 years old more, AOW/MSD completion,Take EFR primary and secondary care training, experience more 40 dives

* The above is an approximate guide. Please contact the shop for detailed conditions.

Open Water Diver (OWD)

Acquired Open Water Diver (OWD) OWD is a popular license that many people are challenging

The license for the most basic level C card is "Open Water Diver" (commonly known as OWD). It can be acquired through 3 steps: department, pool training, and ocean training. The number of days is 1 day for departments, 3 days for training and practical training, and it takes at least 4 days for acquisition without prior learning. The price is 50,000-100,000 yen.

If the acquisition, Diving is considered to have the necessary knowledge to, Diving equipment in Shopu Rental you will be able to or purchase. It also enables diving to a depth of 18m.

Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW)

Obtained Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) AOW seems to have more spots to dive

After getting OWD, the next step is Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW). There are two types of PADI: "Adventure Diver" or "Advanced Open Water Diver". Adventure Diver course is 10 years old more, Advance de Open Water Diver course is 12 years old more can attend is.

You can get the Adventure Diver certification in a minimum of 1 day, and the Advanced Open Water Diver in 2 days. Prices start from 40,000 yen adventure divers and 50,000 yen for advanced open water divers.

With a license for the Advanced Open Water Diver, you can dive up to a depth of 30 meters, which gives you a wide range of Diving options.

Rescue diver (RED)

Rescue diver (RED) acquisition If you get RED, you can dive with peace of mind

If you want to further improve your Diving skills after acquiring AOW, why not aim for a Rescue Diver (RED) Getting licenses?

Persons who have obtained a PADI Adventure Diver more C card and have completed the Emergency First Response (EFR) program to learn rescue methods in daily emergency situations are eligible to attend.

In the course, you will spend more two days learning how to rescue an injured diver and how to search underwater. The price is around 50,000 yen.

Once you get it, it is a meaningful license that not only allows you to enjoy Diving yourself, but also to protect the safety of others.

Master Scuba Diver (MSD)

Master scuba diver (MSD) has the highest amateur license. The acquisition, RED license, 50 dives more of the Diving there are conditions such as experience. There is no course for acquisition here, and you can be certified by applying to PADI with an application fee of about 12,000 yen.

If you acquire it, it will be a proof that you have acquired various ways to enjoy Diving the ability to prevent and cope with troubles, and you will be able to dive at For advanced level people spots around the world.

Dive Master (DM)

Dive master (DM) acquisition Full-scale Getting licenses

The dive master (DM) is a license that can be said to be the gateway to professional divers. This is a highly challenging license that requires professional level knowledge and skills.

You must be 18 years of age more an AOW or MSD license, have a minimum of 40 dives, and have EFR primary and secondary care training. The course lasts about a week and costs around 150,000 yen. If you obtain it, you can also play an active role as a leader position in Diving.

Assistant Instructor (AI)/Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)

Scuba Obtain Diving Certification

People to be aim at instructor qualifications, first assistant instructor (AI) Getting licenses is Required. Once you get it, you will be able to assist the instructor.

The conditions are that you have a PADI dive master license (even open water divers to rescue divers are required), 18 years old more, dive experience listed in the log Since the number is 60 at more, it is necessary to take a course to acquire AI.

If you take the next step, the Open Water Scooter Instructor (OWSI) and pass the exam, you can be a full-fledged instructor (OWSI is described below).

You can take an AI course for at least 3 days and an OWSI course for at least 4 days, and you can also take both courses for 7 consecutive days. The charges for AI and OWSI are about 100,0000 yen respectively. If you take both, it will cost about 200,000 yen.


Diving license recommended for beginners

Scuba license

Scuba license type

It will take at least 3 or 4 days to complete the course of the department, pool training, and ocean training to obtain a C card. It may be difficult for some full-time workers to have a coherent time. It is also true that there is a need to enjoy Diving more easily without aiming to acquire a C card.

Scuba license is recommended for those who want to learn the basics and try a simple dive. is.

This is a private qualification issued by organizations such as PADI and NAUI as well as C cards. 15-year-old more (Junior Scuba Diver is 10 years old more) can be retrieved.


In the course, you will learn the first half of the open water course, the basic knowledge. Upon completion, you will be able to Diving up to 12 meters under the guidance of an instructor. Also, depending on the group, you can get services such as purchasing Diving equipment and tank Rental.

It's also a good idea to get a scuba license and enjoy scuba, and get an open water license when you get used to it. Some groups consider the scuba license as part of the Open Water Diver course and can easily step up.

For example, PADI has two sessions of "Development of Knowledge" and "Pool (Limited Waters) Dive" and "Open Water Dive" after the Scuba Getting licenses You can get a license.


On the other hand, NAUI also has a scuba diver license. In the "NAUI Scuba Diver License" course, usually limited water area (skill practice where you can reach your feet), ocean training (open water), and subject course are held in 3 days. You can also make the subject a DVD study at home, and acquire it in a limited two-day limited water and ocean training.

If you obtain a license, you can dive up to a depth of 18 m, so it can be said that it is a license equivalent to OWD of PADI. Once certified, a C card will be issued. As with OWD, you will be able to enjoy Diving with buddies in the oceans of the world.

NAUI Scuba Diver · Getting licenses After, "NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Course" It would be nice to try. With a license, you can send Diving up to a depth of 30m. In addition to the water depth, Diving spreads, such as Night Diving.

Depending on the NAUI School, you may continue to take the Advanced Scuba Diver Course after taking the Scuba Diver Course.

Mr. Nakamura of "Miyakojima Diving Aquatic Adventure" in Okinawa Miyakojima, which actually holds "NAUI Scuba Diver Course" and "NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Course",

"Even if you want to get a license, there are quite a few people who participate in experiential Diving every time, despite having skills, even though they have skills. However, if you get a license, you can freely dive and have fun. Speaking only of Miyakojima, the range and places where you can dive such as caves and wrecks will expand. You will be able to enjoy a completely different world from experience Diving, so it is recommended to obtain a license.”

And the benefits of these Getting licenses.

"Some resorts like Miyakojima want to do Diving after Getting licenses and still want to enjoy sightseeing. Those who want to enjoy everything on a limited itinerary Take the department online from your home to save time, and then you can get a license in a short time if you finish training such as ocean training in the field."

Said Nakamura. By studying the department at home, you can devote the time to local Diving and sightseeing. You can enjoy the beautiful sea only at Miyakojima. If you are thinking of Getting licenses why not consider acquiring one at a resort?

The plan to get an introductory license for NAUI, a long-established organization, on Miyakojima is also popular. Usually available in 3 days. If you study in advance with a DVD, you can get it in two days. Recommended for those who do not have time together with Miyakojima sightseeing.

    NAUI Scuba Diver Getting licenses Recommended Plan
    Miyakojima Diving Aquatic Adventure

    【Okinawa · Miyakojima】 NAUI scuba diver · licensing course 2 days course

    宮古島ダイビング アクアティックアドベンチャー
    Miyakojima (Irabujima, Shimojijima, Kurimajima, Ikemajima)

    In earnest Diving If you want to start the NAUI Scuba Diver Course. The first step to becoming a diver, Diving How to handle the equipment needed for underwater Environmental knowledge, etc. Diving You will learn basic knowledge and skills in performing activities through coursework and ocean practice. After completing this course, a C-card will be issued and you will be buddy in the oceans around the world without instructors or dive masters. Diving You can enjoy

PADI scuba license dive spot

Get a scuba Obtain Diving Certification

A recommended Diving spot for people who have acquired a scuba license is Shizuoka Prefecture. Izu Or Amami Oshima there is. All of them are popular spots where you can experience the diverse ecology of the sea at a depth of 10 meters less.

Among the Izu, Tomito has gentle waves, making it easy for beginners to dive, and you can meet various types of marine life such as shrimp and anemone fish. other than this, In Izu Kawana Or Shimoda There are plenty of Diving spots for beginners such as .. You can also visit Tokyo on a day trip and enjoy diving on weekends.

Such as colorful tropical fish and corals, Amami Oshima is the place to see tropical sea life.. White sand glitters on the bottom of the shallow water, and you can enjoy the sea of the southern island that is not in Honshu. If you are lucky, you can even encounter sea turtles.

Open water diver

Get an Open Water Diver Getting licenses

OWD license that allows you to dive to a depth of 18m. Recommended Diving spots after acquisition, Tokyo of the Ogasawara Islands Or Shizuoka Izu , Okinawa 's remote islands (Yaeyama Islands, Iriomote Island, Miyakojima) etc.

Chichijima and Hahajima, consisting of Other 30 Ogasawara Islands is a popular Diving spot near Tokyo. At Ogasawara, which is called the “East Galapagos”, a unique ecosystem extends to the sea. In addition to the deep-sea native fish, Yuzen, large-scale fish such as bluefin tuna and dolphins, you can also encounter a variety of creatures such as sea turtles.

Hachijojima is known for the high transparency of the sea. Diving spots. The charm is that you can meet a variety of fish from small creatures to large migratory fish. There are plenty of Diving spots with a maximum depth of 20 m.

Among Okinawa, Iriomote Island is known for its spectacular ocean views, such as coral reefs and schools of tropical fish. There are many points for OWD holders with a water depth of 5 to 18 m.

I want to enjoy more! Instructor aiming Diving license

Get a scuba Obtain Diving Certification

If you want to enjoy Diving in various seas after getting OWD and want to make Diving a hobby for the rest of your life and to spread the wonder of Diving to other people, consider obtaining an instructor qualification. ?

Instructor qualification is Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) Is called. After gradually acquiring intermediate and advanced qualifications from OWD, those who have experienced a certain number of Diving will be eligible for the examination.

In the case of the most major organization, PADI, after getting the first license, OWD, after obtaining all the qualifications from Intermediate Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) to Assistant Instructor (AI), participation in the course is permitted. I will.

Participation in the course includes conditions such as experience of more 60 dives including difficult diving such as night Diving, deep Diving, underwater navigation.

And you can take the Instructor Exam (IE) after attending the OWSI certification course.

As with OWD, courses for obtaining qualifications are open at shops and School, so the number of days and prices may differ slightly depending on the shop. Dates is about 4 days and the price is about 100,000 yen. The cost of the exam (IE) that you can take after the course is 103,400 yen. (* 2020 as of May)

If acquired, it will be possible to work as a company employee Weekday to become a Diving instructor as a side job on holidays. It is no longer a dream to make an instructor a core business.

Diving where you can meet the beautiful scenery of the sea. First of all, why not try OWD Getting licenses and take the first step to enjoy Diving?

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