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♪ I think that there are many people planning a trip to Okinawa during the summer vacation of 2017 ♪ If you think of Okinawa it is an outdoor sports that can enjoy the beautiful southern country's nature such as the blue sky and the emerald green ocean and a shipper that tells the history of Okinawa to the present age Traditional culture experiences such as making and Ryukyu glass experiences are indispensable ◎

However, I think that there are many people who do not want to spend so much money on hotels, airplane fee, souvenirs for meals, etc., and something more expensive expense. Since it is absolutely worthwhile not to go to Okinawa to experience activities, we will introduce popular activities with a viewpoint of "price focus" ♪

Check the plan that can be reserved at the lowest price from the popular activity ranking based on reservation data of July - September 2017 which will be the most Okinawa travelers ◎ The low price pricing plan is likely to fill the reservation So early decision ◎ Let's enjoy Okinawa ~ ☆

1 place Snorkeling

2nd place SUP

Captain Resort (CAPTAIN RESORT)

Popularity soaring ↑ "SUP" 30 minutes from Naha! Easy experience at Nishihara-cho Kirakira Beach! Okinawa Supp

プランID:15319Captain Resort (CAPTAIN RESORT)
2,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Okinawa! Take a walk on the blue sea with SUP and enjoy it graciously. Experience for beginners SUP (stand up paddle board) is a guide. At a couple! With your husband and wife! With parents and children! with friends! Brothers and sisters! How to enjoy depends on you. Of course, you can enjoy swimming at the beautiful beach and other marine sports during the vacant time. Marine sports longing for the blue sea, memories of priceless Okinawa. Marine sports, which attracts attention in Japan in recent years, SUP (SUP) SUP stands on a bigger board than a normal surfboard, is a marine sport to ride a wave while walking on the sea while rowing a paddle. The origin of SUP was Hawaii in the 1960's. Originally people were enjoying marine sports on the beach of Hawaii, they were born by thinking that something could not be done with other sports using surfboards. Originally recognized as an activity to train legs, in Europe and the United States attention was focused on the fitness element of SUP and it became a big fashion. By standing on the board, nature and inner muscle are trained, and as you continue you can expect fat burning and tightening of your body.

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3rd place Canoe / kayak

Bise marine leisure

[Okinawa Bise] clean it Kuridaso to sea ♪ family to recommend sea kayaking experience!

プランID:13466Bise marine leisure
2,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

It started rowing in sea kayak to Hinault of Bise. If it except the water in the box glasses, is full of coral and colorful fish us.

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4th place Experience diving (beginner OK)

Diving shop killer whale

[Okinawa Chatan Sunabe Maeda Misaki] tail If two or more persons to obtain pricing experience diving Plan B

プランID:4245Diving shop killer whale
4,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Little bit experience diving a short period of time. If the application or more for two people, you can enjoy at great-value rates. Hey I want to try a little doing diving, recommended experience diving towards that. Anyone we try to be able to enjoy safely. Please come by all means in your family!

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5th place Parasailing

MarinChu (Marinchu)

[Okinawa Naha] overlooking the Okinawa sea and islands! Beginner parasailing experience (beginner-children orientation course)

プランID:4915MarinChu (Marinchu)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Is a popular plan for those people and children there is a resistance in a high place. I want to enjoy parasailing but high places do not like! Such is recommended to you! It is a popular plan in children and women! Would enjoy with confidence because your face is also a distance to look down pat! For those who want a lot of shooting such as a photograph is the course of pat! (The length of the rope 50m)

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6th place four buggy

Pounding Yanbaru down char

[Okinawa Nago] run comfortably the forest Bal yan a four-wheel buggy! There is also a walking time [Buggy Ride Tour

プランID:12784Pounding Yanbaru down char
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Okinawa Prefecture, northern part, the natural hands-tourist facility in Nago "pounding Yanbaru down char", provides an activity that you can experience the natural charm of Okinawa. In our plan, run the facility in the course in the four-wheel buggy, and then stroll through the woods. The required time will be about 70 minutes.

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7th place making shisa

Ishigaki Island Yaeyama tourism services

[Okinawa Ishigaki Island] souvenirs also recommended ♪ Schiesser painting experience

プランID:11732Ishigaki Island Yaeyama tourism services
540yen~​ ​(tax included)

Let's experience the painting of Schiesser in Ishigaki Island Yaeyama tourism service! Because each one is handmade in the workshop, to choose what you like from every form is different Schiesser, please attach a color to colorful. Work you can take home that day. In your sense, Let's make one of Schiesser in the world.

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8th Banana Boat

9th flyboard

10th Wakeboard

Ocean Party (OCEAN · PARTY)

OK until [Okinawa Ginowan] beginner ~ experience! Wakeboard towing (one 20 minute to)

プランID:9717Ocean Party (OCEAN · PARTY)
3,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Slalom from the direction of the first experience, is a plan for those who can, such as off-the-way key. And 20 minutes towing in Kawasaki jet ski (personal watercraft). Confirmation of the basic skills, you can base the experience of the wakeboard, such as level up.

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