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Introducing the surfing information characteristic Okinawa unique. Okinawa because the whole island is surrounded by reef, low tide will leaf and bare. For this reason, surfing is possible only 2 hours before and after high tide. Current in various locations in the prefecture will occur, but you must be careful because very different in nature from the current in the beach break outside the prefecture. Surf season is April to November in the east coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the East China Sea side west coast is October to April. Suicide in the Itoman, because it is about 30 minutes and the access from the Naha Airport, the famous surf point to visit many tourists. Throughout the year, will be offshore in the north wind, you can surf even for beginners smaller the south of the swell catch, it is size. In addition, there are no facilities such as parking and shower, but Sunabe points of the waves constantly in winter. Summer, it often becomes a typhoon waiting, but big waves and powerful is popular to break. Point has been familiar with the name from the left (south from) bowl, Hawaiian, such as California (season is September to March). Tengan point of that can be surfing at low tide because the water depth is deep. Since located in the bay, but is the point is a large swell not stand is not when the waves enter, such as a typhoon, is popular for easy ride in the mellow (during the season typhoon). School by island local surfers and professional surfers If you learn, such as the challenge course of the few people for surfing experience, check out the course that suits your level. Course of reservation are also accepted at the nearest shop. Safely, and without inconvenience to local and local surfer, I just want to enjoy.

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