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★ until the end of April ★ choose activities Japan Limited Offer! Camera rental usually 1000 yen ⇒ Free! ! Or MarinChu original towel gift!

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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So I feel a friendly is more of the staff was able to happily because it was good

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参加日: 2016 年 08 月
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Hog the sea of ​​Okinawa

It has been parasailing first challenge at the third time of Okinawa.
There is also the fact that Silver Week, Okinawa large congestion wherever you go.
At the time of acceptance, but waiting field had returned full of people escape to ship me to induce staff's Marinchu (laughs)
Enjoyed the cruise while talking get along with other audience (laughs)
Parasailing is I have to rollicking forget to unimaginable beautiful scenery, the old.
The weather is also coupled with was good, you have crisp and left the scene in mind also recalls now.
I participated with my daughter and mother, but lucky to be able to ride with three people! (Toka it may not ride usually)
Thank you people of the friendly staff

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参加日: 2015 年 09 月
Refreshing! ︎

I participated in the family. The son of the elementary school was the first all right or worry afraid of heights, but it was not fun with all very pleasant, not fear. Since the close from Naha hotel was able to and going to the beach after a parasailing play plenty of 1 day.
I was happy also became a discount in the membership registration.
In addition, we want to use.

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参加日: 2015 年 08 月