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MarinChu (Marinchu)MarinChu (Marinchu)

Okinawa / Naha
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★ until the end of April ★ choose activities Japan Limited Offer! Camera rental usually 1000 yen ⇒ Free! ! Or MarinChu original towel gift!

Characteristics of MarinChu (Marinte)

2015 spring! Naha, Okinawa Prefecture departure parasailing shop [MarinChu] departure ride from the harbor from the new open !! Kokusai Street & Naha Airport about 10 minutes by car to the ship! Trying to fluffy air walk the sky hanging on parachute in the sea of ​​Naha off the coast. Also it is seen pat such as Chibishi islands and uninhabited island of Kerama Islands! Chance that luck to encounter creatures of the sea, such as you are happy if sea turtles also (° o °) in between sightseeing at the required time of 1 to about 2 hours! Nante it is also possible! Family and making memories with friends and lovers and parasailing! Other things about the marine sports, please consult ヽ (^ o ^) 丿

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Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Maejima 1-5-15
business hours 8:00~21:00
Regular holiday Year-end and New Year holidays
credit card Available
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