Whale watching in Japan 80Results / Popularity order

Among the whales, dolphins of nature, that is observed in the ocean, it is one of the popular tourist in recent years in Japan. If you want to observe the dolphins are sometimes distinguished as dolphin-watching. In 1950 the United States San Diego, California, is the beginning that came to be to be suitable for the observation of the Gray Whale (Gray whale). Then in 1955, it has been San Diego Chuck Chamberlin is the beginning that took the form of as a tourist that was set a board called "gray whale watching 1 $". Increased to visitors in the year to around 10000 people, similar to the tourism industry in other regions it is now satisfied. 1985, in New England, the dynamic behavior of humpback whales that can be observed is called popular, we reverse the state of California is the birthplace in attendance. First whale watching in Japan is said to have been carried out in the Ogasawara 1988.


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