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Introducing the popular and recommended Activity experience plan of the classic Bali travel abroad!

Local optional tour of tropical resort Bali. Bali is full of attractions such as many world heritage sites, beautiful beaches and Activity to experience nature!
In addition to sightseeing, abundant spas and beauty treatments are also recommended! From Bali's affordable city spa to luxury hotels with luxury hotels, you can find the perfect spa and beauty salon here in Bali!

Recommended plan for Bali

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  • My Mai Original Beach Club, "My Mai Beach Shack", opens on Pandawa Beach!

    Mai Mai Beach Shack with transfer from hotel

    Mai Mai's exclusive area “Mai Mai Beach Shack” is now open on Pandawa Beach, known to those who know it as a beautiful sea!

    Guide to the photogenic Pandawa Beach, located on the southern tip of Bali, with white sand and turquoise waters. The dedicated area has a parasol and daybed and a shaded rest space. There are Changing room, shower, toilet, and Locker with a lock so you can enjoy the beach life with peace of mind. Fashionable cafe Nagisa Bali will appear in Mai Mai Beach Shack for a limited time!

  • A fun island adventure surrounded by the nature of the island!

    Lembongan Island Adventure

    An adventure tour to enjoy nature on Lembongan Island, which has a clearer sea than Bali.

    Bali Marine Walk offers a variety of Activity packages on Lembongan Island. Choose your favorite package and spend a day on Lembongan Island.

  • Landed at a beach club on Lembongan Island. An island time where you can spend your time freely on the dazzling sandy beach.

    Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise

    Enjoy a day at the Bali Hai Beach Club on beautiful Lembongan Island, a private and peaceful tropical island with unspoilt and beautiful nature.

    Relax at the beach club. You can spend time in the pool or enjoy a number of marine Activity. Enjoy Kayak, stand-up paddle boats, semi-submarine tours, unlimited banana boat rides, and Snorkeling for free. The village tour will also remind you of traditional island life and interaction with the people!

  • underwater experience Activity over aqua knots. Enjoy 30 minutes! Meet tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs in the crystal clear waters of Lembongan Island

    Aqua Knot & Bali Hai Beach Club Cruise

    Aqua knots in it to wear the helmet of Sea Walker underwater to allow breathing in, can be exposed to the tropical coral reefs and abundant marine organisms of Lembongan underwater experience Activity is over.

    The friendly staff will put you on a Seawalker helmet, and you will be able to feed 5m deep underwater with a professional diver, take pictures and take a 30 minute underwater walk easily. At Lembongan Island Beach Club, you can relax by the pool and enjoy a number of marine Activity. Enjoy Kayak, stand-up paddle boats, semi-submarine tours, unlimited banana boat rides, and Snorkeling.

  • Drive Noyama with four-wheel drive buggy or quad (ATV)!

    Bali Buggy Ride or Bali Quad (ATV) Ride

    Ride through the nature of Bali on a four-wheel drive buggy or quad (ATV) that can run all along the mountain road, sandy land and mud road!

    Quad (ATV) is a four-wheel drive all-terrain bike and Buggy is a four-wheel drive, all-terrain lightweight car. Since both are automatic cars, handling is basically simple. Start the mountain road and pass the paved road. Hindu temple, green country rice field is pleasant! The scenery that you can see while feeling nature on the skin in the farms and villages full of tropical trees is exceptional.

  • Is a funny orangutan coming right next to eating breakfast ?!

    Orangutan and breakfast

    Balizu is located in the suburbs of Ubud and has a land area of 7.5 hectares. There are basically no fences outside the beast area, and the appearance of monkeys flying around the trees is impressive. You can experience breakfast with orangutans at this Balizu!

    In addition to orangutans, elephants, porcupines, gibbons, etc. also appear! The breakfast will be an unforgettable experience while you are in close contact with animals. After breakfast, Zoo to walk in. In the site surrounded by subtropical nature, there are about 350 animals, including Sumatra Tiger and Sumatra Elephant, which represent Indonesia.

  • Welcome to the tropical dazzling jungle! Safari & marine park where you can enjoy it

    Bali Safari & Marine Park

    On the site of about 40 hectares, many animals such as Sumatra Tiger and Komodo Dragon, which are rare in the world, live in the wild.

    There are plenty of Activity such as safari journey to explore safari on a dedicated tram (bus), and popular animal shows and commemorative photography with elephant riding experience animals, so you can enjoy it all day long!

  • A nice package that allows you to experience two popular Activity in Bali at once!

    Rafting& Elephant Ride

    A nice package that allows you to experience two popular Activity in Bali at once!

    Ride on the back of Sumatra elephant and take a walk (about 30 minutes) in the green nature of Bali, then Rafting on the Ayung River! It takes about 9 km of the tributary of the Ayung River in about 2 hours. For lunch, please enjoy Indonesian buffet after Rafting.

  • Elephant ride with nature!

    Elephant trekking (with lunch & transfer)

    Enjoy approximately 30 minutes of True Bali Experience's Elephant Ride.

    Enjoying the natural scenery of Bali, such as the jungle trees, the sun, and the field of fruits that serve as elephants, the elephant ride is refreshing and refreshing in a forest bath. Package with round-trip hotel transfer (only in the target area) and lunch.

  • Enjoy the marine Activity in the blue sea!

    Marine sports & transportation to the ocean house

    A Japanese guide will guide you to Tanjung Benoa Sea House, so you can enjoy your favorite Activity by On-site pay..

    Customers participating in the marine sports & transfer to the ocean house can use the facilities of the “sea house” for free. All-you-can-eat Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng at the ocean house!

  • Efficiently participate in two optional tours a day, more affordable and two birds with one stone!

    Combi C (Elephant Ride & Ubud Sightseeing + Uluwatu Sightseeing, Kecak Fire Dance & Dinner)

    Plan to go around two popular tours in one day. ● Elephant Ride & Ubud Sightseeing

    After sightseeing in the popular Elephant Ride and Ubud, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sea! Visit Uluwatu Temple and watch the spectacular Kecak Fire Dance and dinner.

  • Efficiently participate in two optional tours a day, more affordable and two birds with one stone!

    Combi B (Ubud de Sightseeing & Lunch + Uluwatu Sightseeing, Kecak Fire Dance & Dinner)

    Plan to go around two popular tours in one day. ● Ubud de Sightseeing Tour & Lunch ● Uluwatu Sightseeing, Kecak Fire Dance & Seafood BBQ Dinner

    Visit Ubud's sights, lunch in Tegalalang, and a spectacular view of the sea! Visit Uluwatu Temple, masterpiece Kecak Fire Dance, and dinner.

  • A day around the world heritage where you can feel the history of Balinese people coexisting with nature!

    New World Heritage Tour Tirta Empul & Batur

    In 2012 Year Bali's “Cultural Landscape of Bali Province: Subak Irrigation System Based on Tri-Hita Karana Philosophy” was registered as a World Heritage Site.

    It is a tour around the tourist points registered as the first World Heritage in Bali.

  • A spectacular spot on the sea! The stunning Kecak Fire Dance @ Uluwatu Temple!

    Uluwatu Sightseeing, Kecak Fire Dance & Dinner

    The sunset over the Indian Ocean is a magnificent scale, and the silhouette of Uluwatu Temple floating in the red-colored sky is very fantastic.

    “Uluwatu” means cape. Please take a look at both before sunset, where you can enjoy the beautiful blue sky, and at sunset, where you can enjoy the red sky and the silhouette of the temple that shines behind it. Kecak Fire Dance is a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean at sunset (moves to a covered stage when it rains). Enjoy the famous Ikan Bakar (seafood barbecue) at the Jimbaran Beach stand.

  • One-way transfer from Denpasar airport with Japanese guide to the hotel (south beach area).

    Denpasar Airport-> Hotel (South Beach area) One way transfer

    One-way transfer from Denpasar airport with Japanese guide to the hotel (south beach area).

    ● Mixed car transfer plan One-way transfer from Denpasar Airport to the hotel (south beach area). It will be mixed transfer with other customers. ● Private car transfer plan This is a one-way transfer from Denpasar Airport to the hotel (south beach area). We will pick you up in a private car for your group only.

  • Let's make my original trip. Where you want to go with a Japanese guide.

    Charter car

    "I'm a little tired of going around Sightseeing tour... I recommend the Bali Charter car plan where you can freely go anywhere you want, anytime, anywhere."

    If you are a charter car, a dedicated driver familiar with Bali will drive you, so you can feel safe wherever you go. In addition, you can enjoy a completely private sightseeing because it is not a mixed car with other customers. Consult your Japanese guide and decide where you want to go. You can choose from 5 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours, and you can tour as much as you want (up to 12 hours) from morning to night. Because it is a car movement, you won't get tired even with long-term plans! Of course, you can use it easily even if you are new to Bali. Visit a secret spot that you can't easily go by and enjoy your original trip.

  • “Zen” is the concept. Fully relax and polish your beauty in a natural + stylish spa!

    Suma Spa

    The basis of Suma Spa is moisturizing, soft and smooth, relieving stress and boosting immunity ★ Virgin coconut oil and a lot of antioxidants are effective for anti-aging, leading to shiny skin ★ Mangosteen, We are particular about using products created from natural materials based on these two.

    Based on the concept of "zen-zen-", we are pursuing not only the body but also the mental and spiritual healing.

  • A spa wrapped in the murmuring of the river

    Kayumanis Spa at Kayumanis Ubud

    Kayu Manis Ubud's five stilt spa villas were built along the river flowing through deep green forests.

    "Experience a blissful treatment at a spa villa that uses timber and thatched roofs in a privacy space where various vegetation grows around. Treatments that use abundant natural materials are scrubs and masks of plants caught in organic fields. Is used for.

  • To the world of cutting-edge Ayurveda

    Prana Spa

    A treatment that incorporates the traditional Indian beauty and health medicine “Ayurveda” in full-scale, pays attention to the oils used and is imported directly from India.

    Why do not you experience the stress-free state called Nirvana with the ultimate power combining the latest equipment and healing unique to Bali?

  • Last day plan to rent a villa with pool and enjoy afternoon tea by the pool, private spa and barbecue dinner.

    Last day plan with room available Spa and BBQ party at villa with pool at Vinilla Villa Nusa Dua

    Bali is home to many late night flights. After checking out the hotel on the last day, it is a plan that you can fully enjoy your trip to the last minute.

    "A villa with a pool is available for up to 9 hours (13:00-22:00) and you can enjoy a 2-hour spa, afternoon tea, and a BBQ dinner where the chef cooks on the spot in the villa. It's a plan.