[Autumn Activity experience] Special feature on play and leisure recommended during the holiday season that you can enjoy while hunting autumn leaves

After summer vacation and Silver Week, autumn comes and the season of autumn leaves when the trees turn red and yellow comes.

2020 is also Japan The best time to see the famous spots for autumn leaves is approaching, and many people are not planning to hunt for autumn leaves. Is not it?

On this page, every Year focuses on the popular "Autumn leaves famous place x Activity experience" and the north is Hokkaido, south to Kyushu We will introduce recommended plans for each region 2020.

Let's enjoy autumn in Japan, where you can relax and enjoy outdoor sports or relax at Japan Culture Experience leisure.


2020 Best time to see the autumn leaves across Japan

[Autumn Activity experience] Special feature on play and leisure recommended during the holiday season that you can enjoy while hunting autumn leaves

2020 best time to see of the autumnal leaves of flat Year comparable or late

First of all, across Japan Roughly the best time to see the autumn leaves spots and famous places in various places (excluding Okinawa without autumn leaves) Check the autumn leaves forecast season I will continue to do it.

According to the announcement by the Japan Meteorological Agency 2020 is extremely hot in summer and cold in winter due to the influence of the La Niña phenomenon. Is predicted to be.

Therefore, in each area The best time to see the autumn leaves is flat Year or a little late Is expected to be.

Please check the "Autumn Leaves Prediction / Prediction Site" for detailed information on each area such as the beginning of coloring and the best time to see, and enjoy the autumn leaves hunting at 2020.

Best time to see the autumn leaves in 2020 (according to Activity Japan)
Hokkaido Region Approximately mid-September to late Oct.
Northeast Region Approximately late September to late Nov.
Kanto Region Approximately mid-Oct. to early Dec.
Koushinetsu Region Approximately late September to late Nov.
Hokuriku Region Approximately mid-Oct. to early Dec.
Tokai region Approximately early Oct. early Dec.
Kansai Region (Kinki) Approximately late Oct. to early Dec.
China Region (Sanin / Sanyo) Approximately mid-Oct. to early Dec.
Shikoku Region Approximately late Oct. to early Dec.
Kyushu Region Approximately late Oct. to early Dec.
* The above forecast varies depending on the area and altitude.



A 春の『桜前線』同様、秋には『紅葉前線』があるのをご存じでしょうか。紅葉前線は、9月中旬頃の北海道地方を皮切りに12月上旬の九州地方へと南下していきます。各地の標高や春~夏の気候も紅葉を左右する要因となるため、色付き始めや見頃の時期など詳細な情報については、その年の紅葉予想や予測サイトを確認すると良いでしょう。


A 春~夏の間、葉は活発に光合成を行いますが、季節が進み日照時間が短くなると光合成で得られるエネルギーは減っていきます。そこで、木々は光合成を行う緑色の葉緑素を養分として葉から回収し、落葉させる事で冬に備えます。落葉するまでの間、葉に残った色素や新たに作られた成分が黄色や赤色の『紅葉』として人々を楽しませてくれるのです。


A 紅葉スポットでのトレッキングなどで色付く山々を眺める、オーソドックスな紅葉狩りももちろん良いですが、いつもとは一味違う場所から紅葉を楽しんでみるのはいかがでしょう。カヤックやSUP(サップ)で「水面」から、ヘリコプターやバンジージャンプなどで「空中」から、赤や黄色のグラデーションを楽しんでみるのもおすすめです。


A 夏や冬に比べて気候の良い秋は、体を動かすアクティビティを楽しむのにもってこいの季節と言えます。サイクリングやノルディックウォーキングで、秋だけの景色を満喫しましょう。アウトドアはちょっと…という方には、歴史を巡るガイドツアーや着物レンタルなどの文化体験がおすすめです。紅葉をバックに撮る写真はSNS映えも期待できます!

Japan Autumn Foliage Spots x 2020 Recommended Activity

[Autumn Activity experience] Special feature on play and leisure recommended during the holiday season that you can enjoy while hunting autumn leaves

Enjoy the autumn colors of 2020 Activity

Then, "Activity Japan is currently accepting online advance reservations. Japan autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity Will be introduced for each region.

As an overall trend Outdoor Activity in the fields of rivers and canyons that flow through mountains or mountainous areas, and guided sightseeing tours around them There are many lineups.

Also, as a way to enjoy sightseeing walks in autumn The popularity of Japan Culture Experience leisure such as "Kimono Rental" is increasing Japan It is also a feature to do.

Now Year, because many of the tour in the form of thorough new coronavirus infection spread prevention measures will be held, it is a way of enjoying recommended to enjoy the great outdoors to avoid the densely-crowded.

"please note"
The Activity experience tours we introduce do not guarantee the best time to see the autumn leaves. Please make a reservation after confirming the autumn leaves information.

Hokkaido Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity




Believe in the rope that is connected to the bridge and dive into the river 20 meters below! Connect the harness attached to your waist to the bridge with a Climbing rope and jump from the bridge to the river. After a breathtaking few seconds of freefall, you'll swing big like Tarzan. Why don't you try this thrill with your friends? ! Now, the highlight of the courage! From around the end of September, the view is superb! Bridge swing surrounded by autumn leaves! Recommended! *Those who do not participate can also visit the site. ------------------------------------- HOA uses the following measures to prevent new coronavirus infections. We will carry out the tour while carrying out the activities of. "Health care staff," "confirmation of the guest's state of health," "facilities, ventilation of the thoroughness of the moving vehicle," "facility, disinfection and cleaning of the equipment," "hand washing, mask, Sekie Ticket enforced the" ask the cooperation of everyone I will do it. -------------------------------------

アミューズスポーツ(AMUSE SPORTS)

[Hokkaido Jozankei] enjoy the great outdoors! Jozankei Toyohira canoe touring (Jozankei forest course)

アミューズスポーツ(AMUSE SPORTS)

Jozankei The Toyohira River Canoe Course is located upstream of the Toyohira River Jozankei Hot spring Do near. The Toyohira River surrounded by trees can also see autumn leaves in the fall. Jozankei Forest bathing is a canoe trip that takes about 1km in 60 minutes, and the heart is healed by the rich green of Toyohira River and the quiet and clean river.

ネイチャーアクティビティセンター オーシャンデイズ 支笏湖本店

[Hokkaido Lake Shikotsu]Clear Kayak Tour (Autumn Foliage Season) Superb View! Tour photo &Hot spring Sale ticket gift ♪

ネイチャーアクティビティセンター オーシャンデイズ 支笏湖本店

Autumn leaves at a level comparable to Jozankei ♪ Free photos of the tour experience! 10 Year more No. 1 water quality in continuous Japan underwater Transparency creates Clear Kayak to see the world and the magnificent autumn leaves of Lake Shikotsu! You can enjoy from 4 years old ♪

Tohoku Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity


[From Kaminoyama Hot spring] GoTo! Zao Autumn Leaves 2020


[GoTo! Travel campaign Support target] Kaminoyama Hot spring 30 minutes by taxi from the tourist information center From the Zao Chuo Ropeway to the summit of Mt. Torikabuto while watching the red, yellow and green color scheme from the sky. You can overlook the city and mountains such as Kaminoyama and Yamagata. When you take the lift to Dokko Marsh, you will be greeted by a collaboration of blue-green water surface and autumn leaves. Dokko swamp is in full bloom at Oct.. The autumn colors from the ropeway to the entire mountain are in full bloom in the middle of Oct.. A plateau lunch that you can choose at "forest inn SANGORO" near Dokko-numa. Take the lift ropeway back to Zao Central Ropeway Hot spring station and walk around Zao Hot spring. Take a milky footbath, see souvenirs, and take a walk in the city with abundant amount of hot water and a sulfur smell of Hot spring. Not only Yamagata but also Tohoku 's delicious foods will be available at "Gutto Yamagata" for shopping and returning.


[Fukushima Ura Bandai] Kayak experience while looking at Mt. Bandai! Apply from one person OK!

Urabandai/Bandai Kogen

Japan Canoe Federation official recognition School"Moku Moku Natural Pass" Because instructors are together, the first person can enjoy touring on the lake with confidence! You use "Kayak There is a range from one seater to three seater. Apply Number of participants and Ageo/Okegawa We will decide the best combination (boat) according to our configuration. ※ As the number of one-seater is limited, it may not meet your request. The basics are two-seater. Stage of experience "Lake Shobara" is a small lake surrounded by forests, so it is less susceptible to wind and the waves are calm. Spring is cherry blossoms and fresh green, autumn is autumnal leaves, it is the best location that you can see nature and Mt. Kayak What is it? Use a paddle with a blade on both sides Vehicle is. Experience is stable and easy for beginners Kayak Please use our peace of mind if you are new to you.


[Akita ·North Akita-shi] Enjoy the seasonal scenery ♪ Lake Taihei pleasure boat and unexplored stroll


This is a pleasure-boat with an observation deck "Moriyoshimaru", travels between Taihei Lake and Komata Gorge. You can enjoy both the sightseeing boat of lake and an exploring around the unexplored nature! Taihei Lake is an artificial lake which was made according to the completion of 30km Moriyoshi Dam. It is crowded with the explorers of valley views and anglers during the season. It only takes about 15 minutes boat ride to arrive at Komata Gorge Pier. There is a 1.8km long promenade in Komata Gorge where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of seasons. From the fresh green in spring to the deep green in summer, Komata Gorge fascinates people with its refreshing scenery worthy of the name of “hidden world”. Furthermore, the autumn leaves of Okumoriyoshi are so colorful that can be described as "embroidery". The incredibly beautiful unexplored world only can be created by God is waving to you, and takes to the another world. The boat runs every hour from 9:30 to 15:30. * Please note that the last pleasure-boat of the day (15:30) does not stop at Komata Gorge.

Kanto Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity

ワンドロップ アウトドアガイドサービス

[GoTo regional common coupons available] Autumn leaves! Nara俣湖canoe half-day tour * Kanto, Gunma, Water

ワンドロップ アウトドアガイドサービス

[GoTo regional common coupons are now eligible! ] GoTo regional common coupons (paper coupons only) can now be used! Please feel free to contact us as we will respond at the tour reception on the On the day. * The response may change suddenly depending on the situation, so we appreciate your understanding. [One-drop corona measures and requests to customers] https://wp.me/p9YmqI-1MI [Walk on the water in a canoe! ] Let's experience canoeing under the sky! The nature you can enjoy on a canoe is exceptional! Even beginners can easily operate it, so children and adult can enjoy it ♪ The Auto Campers area will start again, so it's perfect the day after the camp! -Nara俣湖half-day tour of the flow to 1, change of clothes set, come please ♪ 2 and finished the restroom, briefing self-introduction, On the day of the field condition, and a simple meeting, such as a physical condition. 3. Safety Explanations Lectures on how to row a canoe, dangerous acts, course Explanations etc. 4, Tour start Enjoy while rowing the lake relaxedly and talking about nature commentary and the history of Minakami Town ^ ^ Take a walk on the water for about 1,5 to 2 hours with a break ♪ 5, After talk / dissolution injury While checking the existence of such things, we will disband by seeing the photos during the tour and introducing other tours ^ ^ [Activity Japan privilege] Tour photo present by posting an experience Review ♪

ブループラネットカヤックス(Blue planet kayaks)

[Saitama / Nagatoro] Kayak experience (half-day course) to enjoy autumn leaves hunting in Nagatoro / Iwadata with a superb view

ブループラネットカヤックス(Blue planet kayaks)
Chichibu Nagatoro

Take a walk on the surface of the water while gazing at such a magnificent view of trees dyed in red and orange reflected on the deep green water surface. Why don't you feel the autumn leaves of Nagatoro through Kayak? The venue is a calm place with rock pavement designated as a scenic natural monument. It is a steep valley and is said to have the most spectacular scenery in Nagatoro. Enjoy the beautiful nature of Nagatoro and Kayak. For first-time users, how to hold a paddle, how to ride Kayak, how to row Explanations. At first, it may not go straight, but after a while, you will be able to go straight. Please enjoy the beautiful nature of Nagatoro. half-day is okay for those who are worried about their physical strength, half-day is also good for sightseeing in Nagatoro.


[GoTo target] Go by the new limited express train "Laview"! Scandinavian Christmas Market & Autumn Leaves Viewing Bus tour to Enjoy in the World of Scandinavian Fairy Tales [P016661]

Chichibu Nagatoro

Item No. P016661 ◆ GoTo Travel Business Support Target Travel Price 13,500 yen, GoTo Support Amount 4,725 yen = Actual Payment 8,775 yen! ● Tove Jansson Akebono Children's Forest Park Tove Jansson, creator of "Moomin" A beautiful park, also known as the "Moomin Valley," filled with thoughts. This park, which is loved not only by children but also by a wide range of generations, is a space where you can enjoy a relaxing time while feeling the refreshing breeze and sunlight through the trees. The park is dotted with unique buildings like the world of Scandinavian fairy tales, and it is an exciting park that makes you feel excited just by taking a walk. In autumn, the trees in the park are dyed yellow and orange, and you can enjoy a more beautiful landscape. ● Metsa Village "Christmas Market in Scandinavia" Metsa Village is Theme parks, which opened on the shores of Lake Miyazawa at 2018 Nov. and enjoys the Scandinavian lifestyle. There is a market where you can enjoy shopping for Scandinavian brand miscellaneous goods, fresh local vegetables and crafts, and a restaurant where you can enjoy Scandinavian-style food and drink. Enjoy shopping and strolling while enjoying the atmosphere of being in Scandinavia! There is "Moomin Valley Park" on the same site, and you can relive the world of Moomin! If you wish, let's go to "Moominvalley Park" while exploring Mezza Village! "Scandinavian Christmas Market" will be held at Mezza Village! The park is decorated with a large Christmas tree and illuminations, creating a gorgeous atmosphere. Get ready for Christmas at the Christmas market, where you can find Christmas-related miscellaneous goods and tableware! ● Meal at Kiyokawaen / Magitei A restaurant where you can enjoy seasonal dishes on the shores of Lake Nagurikawa, which has beautiful autumn colors. From the large window of the room, you can see the autumn leaves of the Naguri River, and you can enjoy your meal while watching the flow of the Naguri River. ● Easy! Go by the new round-trip limited express train "Laview"! Seibu Railway's new limited express train that debuted at Year last year! Enjoy a leisurely train journey from Ikebukuro to Hanno!

Koushinetsu Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity


[Niigata / Myoko / Autumn Super Deals Day Trip Package]-Up to 30% OFF !! Superb view of autumn leaves / sightseeing gondola PKG ♪

6,1005,200yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Contents of this plan □ Sightseeing gondola round trip for 1 person □ Lunch for 1 person (Plate or Asahi) adult: Salad / Pasta / Soft drink child: Kids curry / Desert / Soft drink □ Starry sky Hot spring Bathing 1 person-with towel □ adult only: Resort money 1,000 yen [Fee] -adult: 6,100 yen ⇒ 5,200 yen (14% OFF) -4 years old-elementary school 6 Year Student: 3,600 yen ⇒ 2,600 yen (27% OFF) -3 years old: 2,000 yen ⇒ 1,400 yen (30% OFF) * 4 years old to preschoolers are charged the same as elementary school students, so please enter Number of participants in the place of elementary school students when making a reservation. .. [Reservation] No reservation is required, so please come at your favorite time. However, the business hours are different for each facility, so please check the official website when you visit. * Even if you make a reservation in advance, there is no guarantee that you will be given priority in admission at that time, and the staff will guide you in advance, taking into account the congestion situation of On the day. Please understand. [Usage restrictions] -Nothing in particular [Experience reception period] -2020 Oct. 10 days-Nov. Until 8th * However, September 8th-Nov. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 5th Will be. (Open on public holidays) [Sightseeing gondola business hours] 9: 00-16: 00 (Last uphill ride 15:15) [Restaurant business hours] 11: 30-15: 00 (Last entry 14:30) [Starry sky Hot spring Business Hours] 14: 00-18: 00 (Last entry 17:00)


[Nagano / Omachi City Canoe] Lake Aoki Voyager Canoe in Autumn Leaves Interesting Experiment / Play Tour [With Lunch]


Go To Regional coupon dealer. Antivirus store. Enjoy a leisurely voyage canoe tour while overlooking Jiigatake and Hakuba Sanzan in the Northern Alps, enjoying the natural changes on the shores of Lake Aoki, and enjoying interesting experiments and nostalgic play. When you arrive on the north bank, it's time for a picnic lunch brought by your guide. It can also be enjoyed by families with children and 3 generations. Northern Alps International Art Festival 2021 Scheduled to be held Shinano Omachi (Omachi City)


[Yamanashi Prefecture, Minamitsuru] Overlooking Mount Fuji and Aokigahara Jukai! Mikkodai Nature Guided Tour (180-minute course)


It is a mountain climbing course that walks through the hills made of the Jukai, which is a forest created by volcanoes, and the uplift of the seabed. Koyodai can enjoy the scenery of the surroundings with Mt. Fuji in the background, and you can see the superb view selected as the Fuji Hakkei. From the observation platform at Sankodai, you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views, overlooking Mt Fuji, Aokigahara Jukai, and three lakes. Start the ice hole and follow the mountain path in Jukai to Sankodai at the goal.

Hokuriku Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity

tm navi

[Toyama Prefecture, Nanjo] Autumn Toyama Mountains in the western part of the prefecture are wonderful! Gokayama trekking tour / Ningyoyama plan

tm navi

When the mountains of the Northern Alps began to be covered with snow, Toyama The mountains in the western part of the prefecture are in the fall foliage season, perfect for enjoying Akiyama climbing! Toyama Would you like to walk safely and happily in Akiyama in the western part of the prefecture with the Japan Mountain Guide Association certified guide? ~On the day Flow ① Checking clothes, belongings, pre-mountain Explanations(10 minutes) ② The meeting place Climb from Yamaguchi Travel by car (60 minutes) ③Preparatory exercises (10 minutes) ④Climb Yamaguchi From the top of the mountain (Lunch is timed) ⑤ From the top of the mountain Yamaguchi ⑥ Stretching exercises and dissolution (15 minutes)


[Toyama / Kureha Hills] Nordic Walk (Kureha Hills Course) 10 minutes by car from Toyama Station, pole Rental available


Near woodlands of Kureha hill in Toyama center. The scenery that spreads the white carpet in a pear flowers in the spring, while watching the autumn leaves in the fall, you can enjoy Nordic walk. Toyama Bay and up the hill, and views of the Toyama Plain.

自然に大の字 あそぼーや

[Winter Kayak] Let's row on the lake surface of autumn colors and silence! Mikatagoko Course [2 hours]

自然に大の字 あそぼーや

Autumn season from Nov. to Dec. ♪ The warmth of the sun and the cool cold wind of autumn. You will be healed just by floating on the lake. We will guide you while reading the wind blowing over the lake.

Tokai Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity

Inabe cycle terminal

[Mie ・ Inabe] Enjoy 10 people in 10 colors! Cycling guided tour! Day trip Hot spring There is also!


Take a cycling tour of Inabe City with a guide. Various proposals can be made according to the wishes of participants (ex: temple / shrine tour / cafe tour / scenic spot tour / country landscape / cycle train / trout fishing / buckwheat experience / cherry blossom viewing / foliage picking / Umebayashi Park etc.). Also The meeting place 3 minutes on foot from Hot spring There is, and you can go home after cycling.

Mountain guide service

[Limited time offer] The autumn colors of Mt. Amagi are at their peak now! Autumn leaves trekking tour


Mt. Manzaburo, the highest peak in Izu (Mt. 100 in Japan) This course starts from the Amagi Kogen Parking Lot, goes through the natural forest and the afforestation zone, and heads to Manjirodake (1,300m). If you climb this road, you can see Mt. Fuji to the north and Izu Oshima and Niijima to the southeast of the Minami-Alps if the weather is nice. It is a course where you can enjoy the autumn colors by climbing Manzaburo (1,406m), the highest mountain in Izu and one of Japan's 100 famous mountains. This is a general route with a course time of approximately 6 hours (including breaks). < Itinerary > Amagi Kogen Parking Lot /Departure (9:00) ↓ Manjirodake ↓ Manzaburodake (100 Famous Mountains in Japan) ・(Lunch) ↓ Yuzawa ↓ Amagi Kogen Parking Lot Arrive (15:00) *Walking time: about 6 hours (rest (Included) [Meeting The meeting place /time] Amagi Kogen Parking Lot 8:45 am Meeting (decided by light rain) *Please contact us if you do not have transportation to the meeting The meeting place [For those who are worried about the toilet] We will set up a zelt (simple tent) Masu (Please bring mobile toilet and paper) [Fee (per person)] 7,500 yen (tax included, insurance included) *Please prepare your own lunch [Minimum Number of participants] 2 people

General Incorporated Association SINet Association

[Gifu / World Heritage Shirakawa-go] Sightseeing from the sky! Autumn leaves Miboro Lake Helicopter sightseeing flight (2 people 3 minutes course)


★ Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage Site famous for gassho-zukuri ・ Heli Cruising southern region ★ Shirakawa-mura is the most beautiful season of the Year from late Oct. to early Nov.. Why don't you look at Japan's leading rock-fill dam "Miboro Dam" and the autumn leaves of Hakusan National Park from the sky? The magnificent view of the emerald green lake surface shining in the autumn colors is incredible. ★ 3 minutes flight course for 2 people ★ 3 minutes course Flight experience near Miboro Lake * Course changes depending on the weather, etc. With a smooth ride, children and elderly people can enjoy it with confidence. Sightseeing without walking ♪ You can see the superb view from the sky.

Kansai Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity

Kyoto Kimono Rental Rei

Go To Travel Area Common Use a coupon Available [Kyoto / Kiyomizudera] Kimono rental (with free mask and hair accessory Rental benefits) for 2,300 yen Enjoy the autumn leaves

京都きものレンタル 麗
Gion/Higashiyama/ Kitashirakawa Area
3,0002,300yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

Ideal for couples, friends, families, etc.! Go To Travel "Regional Coupons" can also be used! You can Kimono rental at a special Sale rate of 2,300 yen per person (same price for Female, Male, and children) ♪ Moreover, masks are distributed free of charge, and hair ornaments can be Rental for free! Limited to 2 more people. option hair set is also a low price of 1,000 yen ♪ Let's go sightseeing in Kyoto a reasonable price! With this plan, customers can choose their favorite kimono and yukata. About 2 minutes on foot to Yasaka Shrine. Within walking distance of Kiyomizu Temple and Chion-in Temple! Since it is located in Gion, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants nearby ♪ Moreover, the bus stop is nearby, so it is a very convenient location for sightseeing. Dressing takes about 30 minutes, so after that, you can enjoy sightseeing in Japanese clothes until 18:00, which is the return time. Rental fee includes a set of items necessary for dressing, so you can come to the store empty-handed. option hair sets, makeup, hair accessories and accessories can be Rental. * Please see the "Other notices" column for our new coronavirus infection prevention measures. ※ use of pregnant women will rejected we have been. * Since our store handles Go To Travel "Regional Common Coupons", you can use it cheaply using "Regional Common Coupons". Please check the Go To Travel Secretariat official website (https://goto.jata-net.or.jp/) for information on how to use the "Regional Coupon".

one-more-kyoto Another Kyoto, Kyoto again

[Kyoto / Kameoka] A tour to enjoy the autumn leaves, the Okuzashiki of Kyoto, and the nature, food, culture, and history of Kameoka.

one-more-kyoto もうひとつの京都、もう一度京都

Enjoy Kameoka, the back room of Kyoto. Kameoka is blessed with nature, food, culture and history. There are a lot of attractive contents such as Unkai, Tamba Dainagon, Kyoyasai, Izumo Ojingu, Akechi Mitsuhide.

GOODTIMES Shirohigashihama store

【 Shiga · Ishiyama】 Autumn leaves! Ishiyamaji worshiping with a 6-seater megaphap (including worship fee)


A tour to visit Ishiyama Temple where the autumn leaves are beautiful. A place related to "Shizukube" famous for "Genji Monogatari". Lucky luck up in the worship! ? Ishiyama-dera is a historical temple of the 33rd place of the 33rd place in West Country.

Autumn leaves spots in the Chubu Region (Sanin / Sanyo) x recommended Activity

Ko Ko Ni Shi Ka Office

【Hiroshima・Hatsukaichi・Miyajima】"Tour of Aki"「Cycling Tour Around Temples」

コ・コ・ニ・シ・カ Office

It is a cycling tour around Miyajima of the World Heritage Itsukushima Shinto shrine and the historic "5 Shinto shrines" that boasts of "Akunokuni" located in Hatsukaichi on the opposite shore. I will go around leisurely and historic sites while looking at the sea of Seto up close. Visiting shrines in Miyajima is a popular tea house in Momijidani Park, where only locals in Miyajima can use, and there is also a pleasant lunch watching deer. ※ Rental BIKKE is manufactured by Bridgestone and all have electric assist. ※ height 145 cm more Can ride and the height of the saddle can be adjusted to a comfortable height. ※ English interpreter is attached.


[Hiroshima / Kamiishi Kogen] Strolling through the Japanese garden of the sky "Higashirin" with kimono plan (with kimono or Yukata Rental and matcha) | There are also Male 's kimonos


"Higashirinen" is a Japanese garden with a site of 10,000 tsubo with an altitude of 600m and a view of the mountains below. Why don't you take a walk in a kimono while feeling the breath of nature that changes expressively in each season, such as weeping cherry blossoms in spring, deep green in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter? There are many photogenic spots such as the Taiko Bridge, tea room, and bamboo grove. Delicious matcha and Japanese sweets are also included. We will also put on a kimono and set a simple hair, so you can leave it empty-handed. Full bloom of colored leaves example Year Oct. late-Nov. is around the middle.


[Shimane ・ Enokawa] single seater Kayak Go about 5km on the river! Canoe Experience (half-day course)


Basically, it is a one-seater Enogawa river about 5 km from the canoe village of Ochi Kayak Get off at There is also a section with a flow (Set), but it is a course that beginners can enjoy without difficulty. Spring is mountain cherry blossoms, early summer is fresh green, summer is water play, autumn is autumn leaves, early winter is winter, winter is snow scene and various kinds of enjoyment are waiting. every Year, From elementary school Year To the person of distribution Ageo/Okegawa ・ Sex It is a popular tour that many people participate regardless of.

Shikoku Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity


[Kagawa / Takamatsu] Take a walk in Ritsurin Garden, Japan's largest special place of scenic beauty in kimono, with beautiful autumn colors


You can choose your favorite kimono and dress it in the “Kuribayashi Park”, a cultural property garden designated as a special scenic spot in the country. After that, you can have a free walk in Ritsurin Park for 2 hours. Ritsurin Park is 400 Year It is a migratory garden in the early Edo period, boasting a short history, and has been selected as the highest rated three-star in the “Michelin Green Guide Japon”. If you take a stroll in the garden in a gorgeous kimono, you will be able to experience a valuable experience that you wouldn't find anywhere else, like you are in the history. The park also has a lot of beautiful photo spots where you can see kimonos. ~On the day Flow (1) Reception (5 minutes) (2) Kimono selection (10 minutes) (3) Kimono dressing (10 minutes) (4) Walking in Ritsurin Park (100 minutes) (5) Kimono return (5 minutes) Click here for other photos → #wasabijpkimono


[Kochi ・ Niso river] A river going down experience to enjoy Niso blue ♪ SUP adventure ★ Recommended for women's trip ・ couple ♪

Tosa/Yokonami/Shikoku Karst

[Rivering experience at SUP! Japan's No.1 clear stream, plan of secret spot enhancement of the Niyodogawa ♪] It is a plan of about 2 hours and 30 minutes that the local guide guides you to the secret spot of Niyodogawa where you can go down the river with SUP. We will lecture on techniques necessary for rivers that are different from the sea and lakes in the Nintsu Blue, which has won the highest transparency and water quality that can not be tasted elsewhere. If you look around you can see the majestic mountains and the feeling of openness surrounded by the warmth of nature, creating a mysterious feeling that your heart is floating! Let's enjoy the leisurely down river in such a river in the middle of the river ♪ [Even if you are safe for the first time! Professional teaching, river down experience ♪] Beginners will be taught from the basics, so you can enjoy in peace! In order to start the tour after practicing firmly in the gentle place of the flow of the river and mastering the basic operation, even inexperienced people can enjoy SUP! It feels good to stand on the SUP board and feel the wind received by the whole body, and sit on the board or lie down while watching the clouds flowing in the sky more You can enjoy the whole of nature and enjoy!


[Tokushima / Mugi] [Regional common Use a coupon! ] Small children can also participate! Exhilarating canoeing experience


Recommended for beginners and families! Why don't you try to make a canoe debut on the gentle course of the flow of the sea river? Feel the clear river and the refreshing wind on the skin while floating the surface with high stability canoe, all refresh from the top of the head to the tip of the foot! We will listen carefully to each customer's request, so you can enjoy an experience that matches your skills and expectations. Intermediate and advanced users are also welcome!

Kyushu Region autumn leaves famous place × recommended Activity


[Fukuoka ・ Fukuoka City] Sea breeze sea Nakamichi beach park Segway Tour (2 hours 30 minutes)

Fukuoka city (Hakata/Tenjin)/Dazaifu

☑︎ Regional common coupon dealer ☑︎ Anti-virus store You can experience a Segway tour at the national Uminonakamichi Park in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City! The vast grounds of the park are full of various attractions! Let's enjoy the charm of the park that can not be reached in one day on a Segway. We will go around with a guide such as a flower garden, an off-road course, and a cape overlooking the sea. It is a tour where you can enjoy the nature and flowers of each season, such as co-starring cherry blossoms and nemophila in spring, a course where you can feel the sea breeze in summer, cosmos and Kokia with bright red leaves in autumn, and a Zoo in winter. It's only about 20 minutes by boat from Hakata city to the site, so it's easy to access!

private charter bus

Kyushu No. 1 Autumn Leaves [Oita / Yabakei ⇔ Fukuoka Departure / Arrival] A private tour (11h) that is safe and unrelated to denseness among friends

private charter bus "Leed One" at Fukuoka, Japan
88,00073,800yen~(tax included)
Special Deals

After thorough anti-virus measures, we chartered a bus to the No. 1 autumnal spot "Yamaki" in Kyushu, where the population density is not high, and we have a rich seating space and always take measures for ventilation inside the vehicle. You can charter! "Boarding place (in Fukuoka Prefecture)" → "Expressway SA / PA" → "Aonodomon" → "Rakanji Temple" → "(Not) Lunch" → "Ichimoku Hakkei Observatory" → "Saruhi Senbokyo" "→" Expressway SA / PA "→" Boarding place (in Fukuoka prefecture) "


[Kagoshima/Yakushima] To the clean mountain world! Leisurely day trekking course-recommended for beginners!


Compared to Mt. Miyanoura, this is a mountain where you can encounter the scenery of Takayama at Yakushima much more easily. Recommended for beginners. Kuromidake is a corner of Okudake that rises in the center of Yakushima. Unlike Mt. Miyanoura, which is covered with a yakuza grassland, Kuromidake is a mountain where you can enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery, both in the early summer of fresh greenery and in the fall of autumn leaves.

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