Autumn in Japan: A Bucket List of Must-Try Autumn Activities

Autumn in Japan is a season of mesmerizing beauty, offering a tapestry of fiery reds and golden yellows. But more than just a visual treat, autumn season in Japan presents a plethora of activities beckoning both locals and tourists. Whether you're an adventurer or a peace-seeker, this guide presents the best autumn spots and activities in Japan to enhance your experience.

Embrace the Samurai Spirit: Experiences in Tokyo

Comprehensive Swordsmanship Samurai Course at a Real Dojo

Comprehensive Swordsmanship Samurai Course at a Real Dojo

Dive deep into Japan's rich warrior legacy by participating in an authentic samurai course. Held in Tokyo, this immersive experience covers techniques such as Iai, Gekiken, and trial cutting. Feel the weight of the blade, learn the precision of a strike, and grasp the samurai's art of calm readiness.

Comprehensive swordsmanship samurai course
Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo

Water Adventures: SUP, Rafting, Kayaking, and Canoeing

SUP in the Majestic Seas and Lakes

SUP in the Majestic Seas and Lakes

Glide gracefully on the tranquil waters of Japan's iconic seas and lakes. Whether it's the Sea of Zushi in Kanagawa, Shiromaru Lake in Okutama, or Lake Hibara in Fukushima, stand-up paddleboarding offers a serene way to enjoy the breathtaking autumn scenery.

Sunset SUP (with photography)
Zushi, Kanagawa
SUP tour at Shiromaru Lake
Okutama, Nishitama, Tokyo
SOUYU STICK: Certified SUP experience

White-water Rafting Experiences

White-water Rafting Experiences

Feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate through turbulent waters. From the challenging courses in Minakami, Gunma to the picturesque routes along the Yoshino River in Shikoku and the Hozugawa in Kyoto, rafting promises a thrilling and unforgettable aquatic adventure amidst the vibrant colors of fall.

Rafting 1 day fun
Minakami, Tone, Gunma
株式会社You MeRafting 四国支店
Half-day rafting tour with sunny and Instagram-worthy pictures
Nagaoka-gun, Kochi
Enjoy autumn Kyoto by rafting
Shinocho, Kameoka, Kyoto

Kayak Amidst Autumn's Splendor

Kayak Amidst Autumn's Splendor

Paddle through nature's most splendid season. Experience the dazzling display of Kinshu's autumn leaves in Fukushima, the serene waters of Lake Tazawa in Akita, or the crystal clear beauty of Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido. Each stroke brings a fresh perspective of Japan's fall beauty.

Kinshu's autumn leaves hunting kayak experience
Yama-gun, Fukushima
Lake Tazawa kayak tour with outstanding transparency
Semboku, Akita
ネイチャーアクティビティセンター オーシャンデイズ 支笏湖本店
Clear kayak tour (autumn leaves season)
Chitose, Hokkaido

Canoe Adventures

Canoe Adventures

Venture into tranquil waterways with canoeing excursions. Explore Tokyo's iconic Sky Tree from a water vantage, marvel at the Pinaisara Falls on Iriomote Island, or simply enjoy the reflective waters of Lake Aoki in Nagano. Every canoe trip is a step closer to the heart of Japan's autumn charm.

Outdoor Sports Club ZAC(ザック)
Sky Tree Canoe Tour
Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Canoe experience
Tone-gun, Gunma
Lake Aoki Canoe Tour
Omachi, Nagano

Journey on Wheels: Segway, ATV, and E-MTB Tours

Segway Tour: Lake Hakone, Kanagawa

Segway Tour Lake Hakone, Kanagawa

Zipping around Lake Hakone on a Segway is pure joy! As the wheels hum beneath you, enjoy panoramic views of one of Kanagawa's most beautiful lakes, all while surrounded by a symphony of autumn hues. An eco-friendly way to explore, it's an experience that perfectly combines modern tech with nature's splendor.

Hakone Lake Ashinoko Segway Tour
Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa

Off-road Adventure with ATV

Off-road Adventure with ATV

Gear up for an exhilarating off-road escapade in Minakami! Navigate the rugged terrains of Gunma on an ATV, feeling the cool autumn breeze as you traverse forest trails and open fields. With the vivid fall backdrop, it's a perfect blend of thrill and scenic beauty.

Minakami course half-day ATV tour
Minakami, Gunma

E-MTB Exploration

E-MTB Exploration

Elevate your biking adventures with an E-MTB tour in Hachimantai. With the electric boost, you'll effortlessly scale Iwate's terrains, allowing more time to soak in the autumnal vistas. It's a blend of physical activity and serene nature exploration, ensuring memories that last long after the ride ends.

Minakami course half-day ATV tour
Minakami, Gunma

Footsteps in Nature: Hiking and Trekking Adventures

Hiking Adventures in Hokkaido and Kanagawa

Hiking Adventures in Hokkaido and Kanagawa

Traverse the mesmerizing paths of Hokkaido's Shiretoko Five Lakes, each step a reflection of nature's autumnal dance. Or, wander the storied Kamakura Kodo trail in Hakone Yusakaji, Kanagawa, where history and scenic beauty meld in perfect harmony.

Guided morning trekking (up to 10 people)
Shari, Hokkaido
Hiking on the historical road - Hakone Yusakaji (Kamakura Kodo)
Ashigarashimo, Kanagawa

Trekking Expeditions Across Hokkaido and Niigata

Trekking Expeditions Across Hokkaido and Niigata

Embark on a deep dive into the wild landscapes of Hokkaido and Niigata. Scale the dramatic terrains of Shiretoko Goko, ascend the panoramic Kurodake, explore the autumn leaves covered expanse of Niseko Annupuri, or find serenity at Takaya Pond Tengu Garden in Niigata. Every route is a new journey, unveiling the heart of Japan's autumn splendor.

Guided day trekking (up to 10 people)
Shari-gun, Hokkaido
Guide Office Pika
Hiking tour with a professional guide in Kurodake
Sapporo Station, Hokkaido
Guide Office Pika
Niseko Annupuri Hiking Tour
Niseko Annupuri Trailhead, Hokkaido
Takaya pond & Tengu garden hiking tour
Myoko, Niigata

Explore in Style: Kimono Rentals and Sightseeing Taxi

Kimono Rental in Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, and Kyoto

Kimono Rental in Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, and Kyoto

Step back in time with a retro-modern kimono rental. Whether strolling Tokyo's bustling streets, marveling at autumn leaves by Kawaguchiko Lake, or visiting Kyoto's iconic Kiyomizu Temple, the kimono adds a touch of traditional elegance to your autumn adventures.

着物レンタルVASARA 浅草本店
Enjoy coordinating with an antique kimono
Taito-ku, Tokyo
着物体験サービス 寿屋
Kimono rental in Kawaguchiko
Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru, Yamanashi
Kiyomizu Temple Kimono (Yukata) + pottery experience
Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

Sightseeing Taxi Tour: Hakodate, Hokkaido

Sightseeing Taxi Tour Hakodate, Hokkaido

Explore Hakodate in style with a sightseeing taxi tour. Discover hidden gems, historic sites, and scenic spots, all while comfortably seated. It's a personal and intimate way to experience Hokkaido's autumn wonders.

Autumn leaves tour: Hakodate city `{`3-hour course`}`

Delightful Discoveries: Food, Festivals, and Classes

Sweet Endeavors: Strawberry Picking in Nagano

Sweet Endeavors Strawberry Picking in Nagano

Embark on a delightful journey in Nagano, picking luscious summer and autumn strawberries. With every berry you pluck, you're in for a treat. Top off your adventure with a special smoothie treat, and don't forget your 250g souvenir of hand picked strawberries to take home!

軽井沢ガーデンファームいちご園 [Karuizawa Gardenfarm Strawberry Picking]
Strawberry picking experience
Karuizawa, Kitasaku, Nagano

Halloween Flower Arrangement Class in Yokohama

High in the Sky Ropeways

Bring out your inner artist in Yokohama. This class invites you to craft Halloween-themed floral designs, whether it's a basket arrangement with tea or a spirited pumpkin basket, adding a splash of seasonal creativity to your autumn.

Halloween Harmony Light lesson
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Halloween Pumpkin Basket Lesson
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

Horse Riding Adventure at Koisegawa Riverbed in Ibaraki

Horse Riding Adventure at Koisegawa Riverbed in Ibaraki

Journey through the scenic landscapes of Ibaraki on horseback. As you trot alongside the serene Koisegawa riverbed, let the cool, crisp air and the beauty of fall in Japan captivate your senses.

Outside riding (long ride horse trekking)
Ishioka, Ibaraki

Picnic in Shizuoka's Autumn-Colored Tea Village

Relax amidst the scenic tea plantations of Shizuoka, colored in autumn shades. Lay out your picnic and let the gentle rustling of tea leaves and the subtle aromas of fresh brews set the mood for a peaceful afternoon.

体験型古民家宿 旅ノ舎
Autumn-colored tea village picnic and chestnut kettle rice experience
Kakegawa, Shizuoka

Unique Transportation Experiences

Breathtaking Boat Cruises

Breathtaking Boat Cruises

Board a serene boat journey across Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma in Hokkaido. Surrounded by dazzling autumnal shades reflecting on still waters, it's a tranquil escape into nature's beauty.

Lake Onuma + Lake Konuma Island tour boat
Nanae, Kameda, Hokkaido

High in the Sky: Ropeways

High in the Sky Ropeways

Elevate your autumn views with the Komagane Ropeway in Nagano. This journey takes you to Senjojiki Cirque, where vibrant fall foliage meets spectacular mountain vistas. A breathtaking ascent that's unmissable!

札幌通運株式会社クラブゲッツ 東京支店
Take the Komagane Ropeway to Senjojiki Cirque - An altitude of 2612m
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Memorable Sightseeing Spots

Autumn Asahidake: Hokkaido

Autumn Asahidake Hokkaido

Marvel at the pristine beauty of Asahidake in Hokkaido. As autumn descends, the landscapes transform into a painter's palette of reds, golds, and oranges, creating an unforgettable vista for nature lovers.

Enjoy the Garden of the Gods During Autumn In Asahidake
Asahikawa, Hokkaido

Bus Tour with Seafood Delicacies: Kanazawa

Bus Tour with Seafood Delicacies Kanazawa

Relish the flavors of Kanazawa on a special bus tour, where gourmet seafood kaiseki cuisine meets breathtaking sightseeing. As you navigate through the city's iconic spots, savor every bite that captures the essence of the sea and the season.

Superb seafood kaiseki cuisine at Natadera Temple
Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Daisetsu Kogen Onsen Swamp Tour: Hokkaido

Daisetsu Kogen Onsen Swamp Tour Hokkaido

Immerse yourself in Hokkaido's unique wetlands. The Daisetsu Kogen Onsen Swamp is especially captivating in autumn, with contrasting colors reflecting in tranquil waters. A refreshing escape for those seeking serenity.

Guide Office Pika
Taisetsu Kogen Onsen swamp tour - Autumn leaves trekking tour
Asahikawa Station, Hokkaido
Guide Office Pika
Daisetsu Kogen Onsen Swamp Tour
Sapporo Station, Hokkaido



      As the leaves change color and the air gets crisper, Japan's scenic landscapes and myriad activities promise an unforgettable autumn experience. Whether you're looking to indulge in cultural activities or seeking thrilling adventures, there's something for everyone in this land of the rising sun. So pack your bags, and make this autumn in Japan a memory to cherish!

      Frequently asked questions

      QHow do I get around between these activities and spots?

      AJapan's public transportation is top-notch, with trains and buses connecting most destinations. Renting a car can also be an option for harder-to-reach areas.

      QWhen is the best time to experience autumn in Japan?

      AThe best time typically ranges from mid-October to early December, varying by region. Northern areas like Hokkaido see autumn colors earlier, while southern regions experience them later.

      QIs it crowded at popular autumn spots in Japan?

      AYes, popular leaf-viewing locations can get crowded, especially on weekends. Visiting on weekdays or exploring lesser-known areas might be quieter.

      QWhat should I wear for outdoor activities in autumn?

      ADress in layers. While days can be mild, mornings and evenings are cooler. Wear comfortable shoes, especially if planning for hikes or long walks.

      QCan I book these activities in advance?

      AAbsolutely! Platforms like Activity Japan allow you to book many experiences beforehand, securing your spot.

      QAre these activities family-friendly?

      AMost are suitable for families, but always verify age and safety requirements, especially for adventure-based experiences like rafting or ATV tours.

      QDo I need to speak Japanese to participate?

      AWhile helpful, many tour operators cater to English speakers. Still, knowing basic phrases can enhance the overall experience.

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