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Beautiful cityscape and buildings.
Introducing the plans for France and Paris!

Introducing a safe and cheap optional tour plan unique to the travel agency HIS.

Recommended plans in Paris, France

The price changes according to the exchange rate situation, so the correct price is See details Please check the detail page from.
  • A Japanese guide will guide you through the monastery of Mont Saint Michel, a World Heritage site.

    Mont Saint Michel Full Day Sightseeing tour with Japanese Guide and Lunch

    "➀オムレツの昼食付(飲み物代別) モンサンミッシェル名物のオムレツ(前菜)を含む昼食付き。 はるか昔、長い厳しい道のりを歩いて巡礼していた巡礼者たちに振舞われたとされたことが起源とされるオムレツをお楽しみください。 ②オムレツ+プレサレ子羊の昼食付(飲み物代別) プレサレとは潮をかぶる牧場の草を食べて育つ羊たち。 この羊の仔羊の肉が「agneau de pré-salé」(塩沼の仔羊肉)と呼ばれ、モンサンミッシェルを含む地方の名物料理となっています。"

    "モン・サン・ミッシェル修道院は日本語ガイドがご案内。 見所や歴史背景をピンポイントでご案内いたしますので、個人で見学するのに比べ臨場感が違います。修道院見学後は約1時間のフリータイム。島内に立ち並ぶショップでのお土産探しも楽しいです。 "

  • "Bateaux Mouches" 1949 Year Bateaux Mouches company, which was founded in by Jean Bruel is the most famous in the Seine river cruise ship.

    Seine River Cruise "Bateau Mouche" Boarding Ticket

    Depart from near the Alma Bridge and take a one-hour leisurely tour of Paris' sights on the banks of the river Seine.

    Since it is sailing regularly from morning to night, please enjoy the city of Paris on a cruise ship at any Tour Time during your stay.

  • ★ Emitravel comes with all plan monastery admission tickets ★ Limited days when professional guides guide the monastery!

    Day Trip to Mont Saint Michel and Normandy ...

    "大好評!日本のおもてなし★アシスタントの丁寧な心配り、選べる3つのかわいいいなか村、散策に便利な特製MAP付き、ハネムーンカップルの祝福など盛りだくさんの内容!早め出発で時間効率抜群! "

    "【人気の秘密】 ★大好評!小さなかわいいいなか村で地元の方々との交流&ここでしか買えないお土産! ★エミトラベル特製モンサンミッシェル修道院案内マップ&お土産情報も満載!自由散策時間も特製地図があるから安心! ★モンサンミッシェルでのフリータイムはゆったり3時間。修道院入場券付 ★ハネムーンの方限定!田舎村でのあたたかな祝福タイム&記念品贈呈 ★無料WIFI付きバスなのでツアー道中もたいくつしません!"

  • Listen to the Palace of Versailles, built over 50 Year of the reign of King Louis XIV, while listening to the Japanese audio guide.

    [World Heritage] Versailles Palace half-day sightseeing (with audio guide)

    "修復工事が終了した「鏡の間」は一番の見所。かつてはこの場所で国外の賓客が王に謁見しました。 他にも「アポロンの間」、「ヴィーナスの間」、「マルスの間」など有名な大居室の連続です"

    Ticket and Japanese staff are included in the tour, so there is no need to purchase Ticket. You can enjoy sightseeing with confidence. * After entering the Palace of Versailles, you will be able to visit the museum on your own.

  • [Paris tourism new classic] 1-day ticket Sale progress! Please see the introduction movie ♪

    パリ・オープンツアー(L'Open Tour) (乗り降り自由観光バス)

    A two-story open bus is an efficient way to travel around the major sights of Paris. There are a total of 3 main tour courses (one shuttle) and more 30 bus stops. You can get on and off at each stop, so you can use it at your own pace.

    "●ツアーポイント● 屋根のないオープンバスで、パリの街を眺めながら移動 オペラ座、ルーヴル美術館、ノートルダム寺院、エッフェル塔、シャンゼリゼ通り、凱旋門など主要観光名所を網羅 乗り降り自由でご自分のペースに合わせて利用 日本語オーディオガイドの説明あり "

  • Welcome to La Vallee Village! This is the only outlet mall in France!

    La Vallee Village Outlet Shopping

    Authoritative about 100 brands of the Interior and the fashion world is No holidays earlier in Year and provides a collection of degree at great prices.

    Outlet outlet malls such as Armani, Calvin Klein Jeans, Diane von Furstenberg, Gerard Darrell, Guess, Jimmy Choo, Maju, Paul Smith, Saint-Dupont, Sadig & Voltaire There are many shops of French and overseas brands.

  • " 事前入場券があれば予約時間に行くだけ。チケット購入の長い列に並ばずに入場できます。 "

    [Admission Ticket] Louvre Museum Ticket

    The Louvre Museum, proud of France. Long queues are usually created for visitors from all over the world to buy Ticket.

    Prepare Ticket in advance and view the works efficiently at your own pace.

  • ♪ Reliable to participate by one Female! After enjoying the night view, send it to a hotel in Paris!

    Safe and secure! ■ Paris night view illumination tour

    "ムード満点の厳選したパリの夜景スポットを日本人アシスタントが専用バスにてご案内致します! ★夜のパリでも安心して世界一有名な夜景を楽しみたいならこのツアーがオススメ!"

    Start at 22:00 where you can participate slowly after dinner. There are 3 photo times when you get off at the best spot. (Get off at the beautiful Eiffel Tower with the best shot of the Arc de Triomphe illuminated and the impressive diamond flash.) After the tour, we will safely send you to the hotel (limited to Paris hotels)

  • A bold and secure winter-only tour where you can experience Mont Saint-Michel at noon, sunset and night view on a day trip!

    [Winter only] One-day night view Mont Saint Michel and Normandy country village tour

    Even if you are late at night, you can also plan to send a hotel in Paris! With a Japanese assistant, you can rest assured.

    "自分のペースで楽しめる特製MAP付き!時間によって変化する大自然のスペクタクルを日帰りで体験。冬は日没時間が早くなることを活かして、今までは一泊しないと見ることができなかった幻想的な夜景を日帰りでツアーにて実現しました。 一泊する時間がない方、朝がちょっと苦手な方も安心して参加できるオリジナルツアーです!"

  • A one-day, two-day plan that allows you to fully enjoy the evening and night views of Mont Saint Michel

    Best 8 hotels on the opposite shore or on the island ■ Mont Saint Michel and Normandy Ina Village Tour 2 days 1 night (with 2 meals)

    Includes 2 meals! Full course with drinks at restaurant + full course + drink, hotel breakfast included! !

    It is a sightseeing accommodation plan from Paris that you can choose from 8 hotels on the opposite shore or island ♪ Normandy Inna Village Strolling is a set and doubles the charm! Morning, noon, evening, and night view! If you want to fully enjoy the impressive scenery of Mont Saint Michel that changes with time, this tour!

  • Efficient tour of three old castles in the Loire Region a day trip

    [Deluxe] Loire Region of castles Tour one day tourist cave restaurant with lunch

    Many ancient castles scattered in France's longest Loire river basin. In particular, you will visit the elegant Chenonceau castle, which is indispensable when talking about French history, and the Chambord castle built for hunting.

    You can see a number of interesting inventions at the castle of Amboise, a collection of the best of Renaissance, and the adjoining palace of Da Vinci, Clos Luce.

  • Popular wine tour Year autumn

    [Nov. 17, 2018(Sat)] Beaune Wine Festival and World Heritage Vezelay

    Every Year Nov. 3 is opened on the weekend, visit the three days of the most famous wine festival in Beaune glory in France.

    "ワイン競売会には世界中からワイン商が集まります。祭り期間中は、大道芸やパレードなど、さまざまなイベントが繰り広げられます。ワインの試飲(別料金)のほか、食通の町としても知られるブルゴーニュの料理もお楽しみ下さい。 また、ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されているヴェズレーを訪れます。サント・マドレーヌ・バジリカ聖堂は、「巡礼の道」の起点の一つとして栄え、中世の姿を残しています。"

  • World heritage Mont Saint Michel, known as a small island floating on the sea several times at Year, during the high tide.

    Mont-Saint-Michel and Honfleur full-day sightseeing

    Visit the monastery called the “Western Wonder”, which was completed in about 800 Year. You will also visit Honfleur, an old fishing port town that attracted impressionist painters.

    " ★➀昼食付、②昼食なし、③日本語ガイド&昼食付の3種類からお選びいただけます。 ★日本語ガイド付きをお選びいただけると、政府公認ガイドが修道院内をご案内します。"

  • The Louvre, the world ’s leading collection of 300,000 collections

    half-day tour of the Louvre Museum (from morning / afternoon) with Japanese guide

    It's not possible to overlook in just one day.

    Therefore, this course includes must-see works such as “Venus of Milo”, “Nike of Samothrace”, “Mona Lisa” of Leonardo Da Vinci, David ’s “The Coronation of Napoleon”, Delacroix ’s “God of Liberty Leading the People”, etc. Will help you to enjoy the music efficiently.

  • Ideal for families! From Paris to the dreamland Disneyland Resort by deluxe bus.

    Disneyland Paris 1-Day tour

    There are two parks in Paris: Disneyland, where the world of dreams and magic spreads, and Walt Disney Studio, where the magic of Disney spreads into the world of movies. Please enjoy your dream and fairyland.

    "行きのバスのみ、英語を話すアシスタントが同乗します。日本語を話すアシスタントは同乗しません。 ※行きのバス車内にてお帰りのバスの場所(集合場所)をご案内いたします。お帰りの集合場所は、基本的にバス到着場所と同じ場所の予定です。また、行きのバスと帰りのバスの車体(色、形など)が異なる場合もございますのでご注意ください。"