The season of rafting has arrived! Kanto Three major rafting special feature!

If it is a torrent rafting experience
Snow melting Water rich in rainy season
Recommended from May to June!

Rafting is a river activity that makes a river descend by a small boat called raft. Especially the popularity of rafting down the torrent is high and the natural water roller coaster experienced in the nature is refreshing feeling and the effect on stress divergence is enormous. We will introduce the "Kanto three major rafting" recommendation plan of Gunma Prefecture Minakami Tone River, Saitama Prefecture Arakawa Nagamaki, Tokyo Metropolitan Tama River, especially for leisure activities of the holiday season such as Golden Week rich in water.

Gunma Minakami Rafting

Japan's Three Major Rampage River "Tone River"
Minami Kamiyachi Tone River, Tone-gun, Gumma Prefecture, famous for Mizuki Onsen and Mizuki Plateau, is a rafting spot representing Kanto counted as one of Japan's three great rampage rivers. It is also a popular river activity area where canyoning and other activities are popular, and many shops are organizing tours, plans combined with BBQ and hot springs are gaining popularity.

Kappa CLUB (kappa Club)

<4月~6月>【群馬・水上】ラフティング半日コース!! 春は日本屈指の激流でスリル満点!

プランID:534Kappa CLUB (kappa Club)
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

**春ラフティング** ★4月から6月下旬まで★ 中学生以上の方限定!!雪解け水で増水したスリル満点の春ラフティングがオススメ!! ツアー前にしっかりと安全説明するので、初めての方も安心♪ ☆☆春のお得なキャンペーンのお知らせ☆☆ 毎年恒例『水の日』キャンペーン *5/2~7/18 毎週水曜日 通常価格 8000円 → 半額 4000円!!! 春の利根川は、雪解けで増水するため日本屈指の激流が体験でき、特に4~6月はダムの放流により激しいラフティングが楽しめます。 半日コースでも約10kmの距離!激流ポイントがたくさん含まれ、日本国内では珍しい本格的なラフティングが体験できます! また、夏になって水量が落ち着くと下れる距離は約3kmと短くなりますが、水温も上がって絶好の水遊びシーズンとなります! 川の中で泳いだり、崖からジャンプしたりと、ラフティング以外にもツアー中のアトラクションが楽しめます。

Kappa CLUB (kappa Club)

<4月~6月>【群馬・水上】ランチ付♪スリル満点 日本屈指の激流ラフティング 1日コース!

プランID:8046Kappa CLUB (kappa Club)
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

*春限定!ラフティング1dayツアー* ★ランチ&デザート付★ 4月から6月下旬までの期間限定ツアー!! 春の雪解けで増水した利根川でラフティングを満喫!! ☆☆春のお得なキャンペーンのお知らせ☆☆ ①毎年恒例『水の日』キャンペーン *5/2~6/27 毎週水曜日 通常価格 12000円 → 半額 6000円!!! 激しいロングコースを下るなら、春先(4~6月)限定のラフティング1日コース! 春の利根川は、雪解けで増水するため日本屈指の激流が体験でき、ダムの放流により激しいラフティングが楽しめます。 最大35kmという長い距離には激流ポイントがたくさん含まれ、日本国内では珍しい本格的なラフティングが体験できます! そのためリピーターにも大人気のコースです。 途中の川岸に上陸して手作りアウトドアランチを召し上がっていただき、ツアー後には疲れた体を癒すデザートも付いていて、 食の楽しみも人気の理由です。

Kappa CLUB (kappa Club)

【Gunma · Minakami】 "Early Bird Campaign! June Weekday only "with lunch ♪ Spring Rapid Rafting (1 day course)

プランID:15601Kappa CLUB (kappa Club)
12,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

【Early Booking Campaign! 3000 yen is profitable by reservation one month before June / Weekday Limit / Experience Day! 】 If you go down a violent long course, rafting one-day course limited to early spring (April-June)! Spring's Tone River increases the water due to melting solder, so you can experience one of the most powerful torrents in Japan and you can enjoy intense rafting with the release of the dam. A long distance of up to 35 km contains a lot of torrent points, you can experience rare real rafting in Japan! Therefore, it is a very popular course for repeaters. After landing on the riverbank on the way and having a hand-made outdoor lunch, after dinner we have a dessert to heal tired body and the enjoyment of food is also popular reason.

Panorama Adventures

【群馬/水上/みなかみ】爽快!激流川下り ラフティング半日ツアー!DVD付きプランあります☆

プランID:4826Panorama Adventures
5,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Most of the staple menu in a panorama. Freshness down the torrent of the Tone River does not understand and does not experience. Rafting experience of 1 hour and 30 minutes too fun also will be feels short. To Once you experience addictive. It is long and enjoy the also feature up to Summer Season Autumn season. In particular, the water jump of the summer season is a masterpiece.

Max Water base

【Gunma · Minakami】 Student group deals best! ¥ 1,000 discount! Rafting Tour ☆ (half day course)

プランID:13036Max Water base
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

激流を仲間と乗り越え、ゴール後には最高の達成感★ 18歳以上の学生グループは人数に関係なく、通常料金より¥1,000オフ! さらに15名様以上の学生団体様は、平日限定で写真データサービス等の嬉しい特典付き♪ ※対象期間:7月21日~9月16日限定(8月11日~19日は対象外) 全身に水しぶきを浴びて仲間たちと漕ぎ下るワクワクの体験時間はあっという間です! ※参加者様全員が18歳以上の学生であることが条件です(ゼミの先生などはOK!) ※参加日当日に学生証をご提示ください

Forest & Water Water base

[Gunma, water / water] plenty enjoy the beautiful nature! Rafting (half-day course)

プランID:279Forest & Water Water base
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

The most popular tour is this! In a stable amount of water throughout the season, there is laughter a beautiful torrent, please enjoy the special time of Yes tears. Below it is above the elementary school students in what year old if there is a healthy, is the best of the river to enjoy comfortably.

Saitama Nagami Rafting

"Arakawa" with a steady amount of water charm
Tourist attractions such as Sanemine Shrine and Nagatoro Iwami are popular Saitama Prefecture Chichibu-gun Nagami-cho is a popular area for Arakawa rafting courses where you can enjoy with a steady amount of water. There are also many shop facilities that are hosting rafting and you can enjoy a wide range including plans that you can enjoy easily from a half-day course. There are plans that can be booked with discounted campaign rates, which is recommended for spring and summer leisure.

Gran index Nagatoro base

[Nagatoro rafting] popular No, 1 activity!

プランID:14Gran index Nagatoro base
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Rafting is riding on a large rubber dinghy, it is a sport that passengers going down the rapids to suit everyone in the force. Thrill and excitement to break through the rapids while raising the spray, is the exhilarating sense of the real thrill to go down the inside of the large nature. Customers will continue down the river aboard seven at the maximum in one boat. Please join us on this occasion because it is feel free to enjoy outdoor sports to young and old alike.

Amus House Nagami Base

[Saitama Nagatoro] superb view! Rafting (half-day course)

プランID:274Amus House Nagami Base
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Rafting and is the outdoor activities you want to use a rubber dinghy for the rapids down paddling the river. Joined forces in a group is the thrill and exhilaration attractive to break through the rough seas. You can experience such a rafting tour in Saitama Prefecture. About 3 hours until the required time is dissolved from the set of the tour. 're Actually riding on the boat will be the course down the about 6km river in about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. Other times the movement of our vehicle, change of clothes, description, will be like practice.

Nature Navigator Nagatoro base

[Saitama Nagatoro] Arakawa rafting (half day course)

プランID:357Nature Navigator Nagatoro base
7,300yen6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

【ネイチャーナビゲーター長瀞ベース】 〒369-1305 埼玉県秩父郡長瀞町長瀞824-1 秩父鉄道長瀞駅から徒歩約4分!!無料駐車場あり!!

Sambar stored Ventures

[Saitama Nagatoro] region the longest course! Nagatoro rafting tour!

プランID:7761Sambar stored Ventures
7,200yen~​ ​(tax included)

Popular rafting spot in the Kanto, Saitama Prefecture Nagatoro (Nagatoro) held every day in the town. Sambar stored Ventures organized by the rafting tour, you can challenge with confidence in the first one.

Water Park Nagatoro rafting (WATER PARK NAGATORO RAFTING)

[Saitama Chichibu] down fun! Smile full rafting!

プランID:10850Water Park Nagatoro rafting (WATER PARK NAGATORO RAFTING)
7,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is the best mood to join forces with friends and family down the rapids in the water splash. Swim the natural monument of the pile of rocks in front of the eyes, you can enjoy the tourist Nagatoro in the unusual line of sight. Bright and fun guide who will accompany! Please enjoy the rafting fun perfect score by all means.

Tokyo Okutama Rafting

"Tamagawa river" excellent access from central Tokyo
It is a popular spot of rafting, which is said to be the most accessible from the city center, Okutama Town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo, famous for Okutama Lake and Nishihara Limestone Cave. There are various courses that can be enjoyed widely from beginners to experienced people, so children can also enjoy it so it is also popular for leisure such as school trips. Other areas such as canyoning and SUP (stand up paddle board) are popular areas.

Mitake race rafting club

[Tama-Mitake Valley] is a course where I am feeling the atmosphere of the rafting club [club experience course]

プランID:493Mitake race rafting club
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Those who us interested in the club's activities. Please try to subscribe to the once practice. Or are you the kind of practice, what kind of people are in the club. You should be able to get to feel the atmosphere. By all means please feel free! !


[Tokyo Okutama] experienced instructors guidance ♪ Standard rafting tour! [Half-day plan]

5,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

The ever popular outdoor sports, why not challenge the rafting? About 5 kilometers down the rapids of the Tama River in 6 bid Rafutoboto is to introduce, a two-hour river tour! After the tour, lunch and BBQ in the option, the party is also possible additional ♪

Gran index Okutama base

[Okutama rafting] enjoy the valley beauty of Okutama! !

プランID:13Gran index Okutama base
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

美しい大自然と、都会の色が融合するアウトドアカルチャー溢れる町「東京都 奥多摩町」。 グランデックス奥多摩ベースのラフティングは、御岳渓谷に流れる多摩川を下ります。 荒波を突破する感覚は、一度味わったら忘れられない思い出になりますよ。 個性と経験豊かなアウトドアガイドが みなさまの奥多摩でのアウトドアライフを余すことなくサポート。 新しい遊びの創造と さらなる冒険心を心に抱き、共に笑い、身近な自然で非日常の体験を♪

Forest & Water Okutama base

[Tokyo Okutama] clear stream and a spray of water hit the heart! Rafting (half-day course)

プランID:283Forest & Water Okutama base
6,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

In a stable amount of water throughout the season, there is laughter a beautiful torrent, please enjoy the special time of Yes tears. Below is also a what-year-old as long as above is in good spirits from the elementary school, is the best of the river to enjoy comfortably.

Crusoe rafting (CRUSOE RAFTING)

【Tokyo · Okutama】 Standard Rafting Tour <You can also have a holiday · BBQ! · Group rate available! >

プランID:1162Crusoe rafting (CRUSOE RAFTING)
6,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

The most basic tour of Crusoe rafting. Because it is a holiday center held, you can enjoy together with their peers. Guests can jump into the clear stream from the rock, to come with us valuable experience that or look at the nature seen from the waterfront!