H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー
H2Oガイドサービス のギャラリー


H2Oガイドサービス features

H2O guide service flows in the Tone River Gunma Prefecture Minakami Town (Water)area So small Number of participants An outdoor tour of the system Rafting The event is held around the world and canyoning.

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Participating date: August 2017
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H2Oガイドサービス staff introduction

  • daemon Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Head Guide, Operations Manager Nationality New Zealand Guide History 1995- ■ Qualifications New Zealand Rafting Association Certified Grade 4-5 Senior Guide Wilderness First Aid 50h International Canyoning Association Certified Guide Canadian Avalanche Association Certified Recreational Avalanche Course

    ■ Message from the guide I LOVE DRINKING BEER… Come and play with H2O Guides !! ■ Career 1995 Started river guide in Rotorua, New Zealand. As a ski patrol with experience as a guide training course instructor, he has abundant experience in practicing emergency methods.

  • Iwao Assigned events/Years of experience, etc.:Guide, avalanche training instructor Japanese with a small voice. However, when a crisis is approaching, the base is messed up. Nationality in charge Japan Guide History 1999- ■ Qualification New Zealand Avalanche Association Certified Grade 4-5 Guide Japan Mountain Guide Association Certified Mountaineering / Ski Guide Stage 2 Wilderness First Aid 90h Japan Avalanche Network Certification Avalanche Worker Level 2 Canadian Avalanche Association Certified Ski Operation Level 1 All Japan Ski Association Official Ski Patrol

    ■ Career 99 years Started river guide in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture Based in Minakami Town, he has experience in rafting and mountain guides in New Zealand, Switzerland, and Japan. As a ski patrol in Japan and New Zealand as a backcountry guide, he has extensive experience in first aid and avalanche management work.

Information on H2Oガイドサービス

Insurance information Facility Liability Insurance Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance
License and Qualifications International Rafting Federation Certified Level 3 Instructor, New Zealand National Certified Grade 4-5 Rafting Guide
Member organizations and associations International Rafting Federation
Number of staff 3persons
Number of instructors 3persons
Selling points regarding safety Guides are certified by the International Rafting Federation and New Zealand National Accreditation. Safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets are certified by CE standards. The decision to run the tour lies with the trip leader's guide, not with the owner. For this reason, there is no management judgment regarding the safety of the tour, so we can provide a safer tour.

H2Oガイドサービス access - operating hours

84 Konita, Minakami Town, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture
Operating hours 8: 00-17: 00
Regular holidays No scheduled holidays

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