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Okinawa / Miyakojima
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Sea turtle was seen soon

We changed the snorkel of course B to the one that sea turtle is seen by addition of fee. I got a lunch between the kayak and the sea turtle snorkel and also at the lunch, because I wore a wet suit, I ate outside because the wind passed through. A cold day continued recently, kayaks and sea turtle snorkel are also less time than usual? As I went on, I thought that it was good even if I ate lunch after experiencing it at once and changing clothes. The tour itself was a really good experience.

  • 4.0
Joined date: February 2018
it was fun!

I experienced snorkeling where a blue cave sea kayak course and a sea turtle can be seen.
I enjoyed the experience, but maybe I did not need lunch.

  • 4.5
Participation date: April 2017
It was the best!

We used a set of limestone kayak tour and experience beach diving.
Because it was off season, the instructor arrived on my own by one on one hand.
The limestone cave was moving, beach diving was also the best to swim with the sea turtle!
The instructor was helpful and courteous explanation and guidance, and I enjoyed very much.
Although the building is boring (lol), I'd like to recommend it very much.

  • 5.0
Participation date: December 2016
Diving (beginners OK)