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[Okinawa Miyakojima] sea kayaking B course limestone cave exploration and snorkel with lunch

プランID:11433 提供:Kaiho Museum Sea Bloom

10,260yen​ ​(tax included)


Kaiho Museum Sea Bloom

Okinawa / Miyakojima
  • Empty-handed OK
  • Meal
  • ドリンク付き
  • 1 person participation Allowed
  • エコツアー
  • 自然満喫リラックス派
  • ファミリーで楽しむ派

Description​ ​

It is greedy plan to enjoy the 2 large marine activity of Miyakojima.
Snorkeling collaboration to cave exploration in the sea kayak.
Snorkeling are welcome rather than OK Even good at swimming because it is jacket and fins attached.
Because it is precious Miyakojima, Chaimashou enjoy the sea of ​​charm.
Because equipment set-inclusive rental, you can join empty-handed sense.
Smile of staff who burnt the day is waiting to meet with you.

Power expedition in kayak to spot "Pumpkin Hall"

Cave Bora fountain located in the southern part of Miyakojima, the entrance of the stalactites has alias of pumpkin Hall because it is shaped like a pumpkin.
The entrance will not be able to be facing the sea enter only at low tide. Aimed at the timing, and entry in the sea kayak.
In the back of the cave and go up the "pumpkin". "When the dive was a wish from the top of the stalactites, the wish will come true." It is said that.
Please try by all means courage.

Instructor of the best support with

Hitonatsukkoku' bright Okinawan people.
Who emigrated addicted to the charm of this island it is also about there.
So that you can tell the charm and splendor of the sea of ​​such island, instructors will be supported in full force from the beginning to the end.
Please look forward to it with confidence in the Omakase to us.

Attractions of the plan

Expedition to back up the pumpkin floating in the sea Explore the Miyakojima sea cave Bora Izumi. Do not put only at low tide. It is called Pumpkin Hall because pumpkin like that like floating in the sea.

Take you by Yes piece! It is shooting time. Let's show-through a sea of ​​blue in a good face on the back. Together to fish and also be Utsuru sea turtles.

Meet also with that Nemo Diving one is to meet with the beautiful sea creatures of the color of fun. Friends of anemone fish swim through the coral. A spectacle never seen will be expanded soon to close only with a photograph.

♪ I will difference I Do a good hot water (laughs) In Bora Izumi a click with everyone. A good clothes, even when wet, of course, such as the jacket is a rental (the fee).

Even where the white and blue world The sea is white transparent sand advance in kayak. You reflection shadow of kayaking in the bottom of the sea. I feel like somehow become very well is.

Full of golden sunset in the sense of fulfillment To dusk dyed golden color, it will meet with the sense of fulfillment full of yourself in the experience. Because sunset slow Miyakojima, fun daytime is full.


Minimum number of people 1 人
Number of people who can book 1人〜
Schedule Regularly
Assemble time Since the time to put in limestone cave in the ebb of the tide will change, it will be determined in the two days before the booking date.
As soon as decision time, we will contact you from here to two days before. (It is possible to tell a rough time in advance.)
Please arrive ※ tour 15 minutes before the start
※ There Transfer (Miyakojima-Ikemajima-Kurimajima) required contact the day before
Assemble point Miyakojima Kaiho Museum
Reservation deadline The day before, until 5 PM

Regarding advance preparation

About clothings and must-bring items ◇ good even when wet clothes
◇ belongings
 ・水着、タオル、ビーチサンダル、サングラス、日焼け止め 等
About rental items Please contact us so there is also rentable goods.

Facility information

Changing room toilet shower
Hot spring Locker Hairdryer
Parking Lot コンビニ

Access and map


Miyakojima Johen shaped Bora 591-1

How to reach by car

Miyako Airport (direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka, transfer in Naha from and Nagoya) than a 40-minute Bora bus stop walk 20 minutes by bus Xincheng Yoshino Bora line.
Drive from Miyakojima Airport (such as car rental), prefectural road 78 Route 25 through the National Highway 390 Highway


Pick-up there (Miyakojima-Ikemajima-Kurimajima) required contact the day before

time schedule

Payment procedures and rates in set to shop
Simple course (briefing)
体 験 
Across the lunch time you will experience sea kayaking, snorkeling and (in no particular order)
Exit dissolution

Price list

Basic charge

Children, adults / person 10,260yen 6 years old - less than 60 years old

※Prices including all taxes.

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Please click on the date of your choice from the calendar.

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  • 予約リクエスト予約後、事業者から受付可否を連絡


About payment Please pay by the day of cash.
Payment method The payment method specified by the operator.
About cancellation fee 当日:遊び・体験料金の100%
No contact cancellation: 100% of the play and experience fee
Cancellation by operators. It stops the day of the weather and the point of change or tour in the marine situation there is a case I am.
In addition, it may become cave explorers trekking tour by the ebb and flow situation.


Matters require attention ※ If more than 60 years of age it might be necessary medical certificate.
※ The participation of you are pregnant, please refrain.
Other notices There photography (optional)



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Participating age6 才~
Time required 5-6 hours
Assemble point Look in GoogleMap