Yamanashi / Yamanakako, Oshino
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A lucky day

The weather forecast has also gone out and it got weather and it was said that "Recent fishing farms are not so good", the result is 12 hours strong if it is over 2 hours.
Tempura was delicious, too.
Although I enjoyed the whole thing, it was regrettable that one of the other group who became obsessed with chatting and caught fishing line four times with us. It may be difficult because there is a direction of water flow and wind direction, but I would like you to have seats changed if you should be careful about second time if possible.
I also want to disturb you by looking at the time.

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Smelt fishing
It was lots of fun

It was kind of fun to tell me kindly politely. Thank you very much.

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Participation date: September, 2017
Wake Board
Even beginners OK? SUP Experience School

I was hoping for the lowest price in the Kanto suburbs and I was hoping that SUP would be able to learn in Yamanakako, but just like a person who previously wrote a review, there was only a few lectures on land alone for a few minutes . "Is that what I was applying for board rental? I am a participant but can not receive advice on the lake? Well, do you leave alone?" While asking yourself, there is no leash code, and it goes to the lake alone by himself The situation. Previously, thanks to participating in a friendly polite school in Tochigi Prefecture, I was learning how to re-boat when falling down, the direction of the wind, the flow of waves, so I never dropped, somehow back I was able to come, but if it was all the first day, I may have been at a loss.

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Participation date: September, 2017
Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
As a beginner &

Experience 90 minutes, first 5 minutes explanation of how to use
The initial explanation is short enough to be surprised.
Only how to carry the board, the position to stand, and the basic way of rowing.

I will not tell you how to cope when I fell from the board, but when I lost my board or paddle I can not afford leashes,
If you are experiencing SUP for the first time, you may find it difficult to understand how to change direction and fall back to the board.
After the first explanation is over, after playing freely, I thought that it is safer to listen beforehand because it's style.

There was no other purpose and I only dropped in the direction I liked.
The weather was nice and comfortable, but I wanted you to tell me sight of the area around the lake.
Perhaps I should have heard it in advance, but unfortunately there is no repeat.

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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
Lake SUP

SUP at the lake was the first time, but I was able to spend it relaxed very much!
Sometimes a wave of a small ship comes, but even a beginner enjoyed it!
The weather on the day we went was cloudy but I thought it would be more pleasant if it was sunny!

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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)
I had a very good experience.

It was still time for snow to remain, but in the ship there was no need for a coat and it was comfortable.
There was also a beginner for fishing, but it was easy to remove the needle from the needle after fishing and the hand was also hard to get dirty and enjoyable!
Three people, caught a total of about 70 animals in 3 hours, so we ate tempura satisfactorily. I got fried fish for the first time, it was very tasty!
I would like to take care of you again.

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Participation date: April 2017
Smelt fishing
Smelt fishing beginner is enough to enjoy activities

This time, I participated with her smelt fishing for the first time of the family (wife and children). Or condition that was good also Fortunately to, was enjoyed in full without getting tired even children, because it leads to the next (my prospectus street?), There was very good.
But, personally, but I feel that should be noted was good if it features a toilet, for the children like was also fun to ride round-trip boat to the toilet from the dome ship, it is indescribable office.
Because the dome ship, so enjoy a comfortable smelt fishing without being also depends on the weather, I think I feel sure and want also to go for beginners.

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Smelt fishing
Thank you very much

Although I looked for in the absence of dates of up to the day, I'm glad I get a reservation.
It was comfortable than expected.
I was healed to the owner of the smile of the handsome!
Next time I want to go with family.

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Smelt fishing
It was the best

I participated in the eight.
Fly board of overlooking the Mount Fuji in the fine weather was the best. Everyone was for the first time, I think that can also enjoy a beginner so get used to the extent that somehow lifted.
Water temperature there is also because it rained just the day before in early May is was considerably lower. Experience you need to wait for everyone to finish to go up off the coast in a boat over. So it is better to bring a towel or snowsuit that Ooeru the whole body, if this time is good.

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Fly board (fly in the sky with hydraulic pressure)
To snowboard Ofutore

I have done I think to snowboard Ofutore.
It was difficult to stand up, but because the feeling similar to snowboarding, I think that it is good to snowboard Ofutore if you can be standing

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Wake Board