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Country Lake SystemsCountry Lake Systems

Yamanashi / Kawaguchi, West Lake, Fujiyoshida, Lake Shoji, Lake Motosu
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アウトドア好き集まれ!河口湖や富士山とその周辺をベースに、カナディアンカヌー、MTB、四輪バギー、キャンプ、フィッシングetc… 大自然の中で思う存分楽しむのが、カントリーレイク流。水辺や野山での遊び方を伝授します。また、修学旅行や林間学校等での自然体験のための、教育旅行プログラムも充実。環境教育や野外活動をする方のための指導者向けプログラムや企業研修プログラムもご用意しています。

Country Lake Systems Gallery

A lot of outdoor experiences!

Experience canoe with dogs! Your dog is also a canoe dog! What?

Kawaguchi-ko and Mt. Fuji that you can see on Canadian canoe

ATV (4 wheel buggies) in the original course running in the forest that can only be experienced here!

The powerful full run of 8 wheel buggy is like a rollercoaster in the forest!

Aoki explores the primitive sea and the lava cave!

Touring with MTB is the best while feeling nature!

Fuji from the Country Lake Systems is superb! !

Country Lake Systems


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business hours 8:00-20:00
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