Trekking clothing commentary! How to choose seasonal items that beginners want to know

Trekking clothing commentary! How to choose seasonal items that beginners want to know
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A popular activity that allows you to take a walk in the mountains more easily than mountain climbing, trekking .
In order to enjoy trekking more comfortably, understand the appropriate clothing and belongings.

In this article, Basic clothing suitable for trekking After introducing Items that should be included in each season Also explained!

In addition, useful items and A shop with reasonable and stylish items is also proposed.

trekking If you are concerned about this or are worried about preparing in advance, please use it as a reference.

What is trekking?

What is trekking?

" trekking ” means Activities to enjoy nature by taking a walk in the mountains That's what I mean.

Trekking is about enjoying mountain climbing aiming for the top of the mountain. climbing , unlike You don't necessarily have to aim for the summit. .
In addition, not only mountains but also walking in the fields hiking , but trekking refers to a walk in the mountains.

It doesn't require as much endurance as mountain climbing, and there are many cases where people avoid steep mountain roads and take walks. Recommended activities for those who are not confident in their physical strength It can be said.

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trekking clothes

trekking clothes

trekking Then, so that you can spend comfortably in the mountains where the temperature and weather change easily, Clothing that regulates body temperature Let's keep in mind

of trekking basic clothing from NG clothes Of course, Dressing tips for each season Introducing

Please use it as a reference when trekking.

basic trekking clothes

The basic clothing for trekking is: Seven It is a good idea to keep the

basic trekking clothes
  • underwear
  • T-shirt
  • long sleeve shirt
  • trekking pants
  • Trekking shoes/sneakers
  • hat
  • rucksack/backpack

Basic clothing for trekking layered coordination is.
As a basic layering, wear underwear to keep you from sweating, intermediate clothing such as a T-shirt to maintain your body temperature, and outerwear such as a long-sleeve shirt to protect against cold, wind and rain.

During trekking, the body tends to get wet and cold due to sudden weather changes and sweating while walking.
To reduce the risk of hypothermia, Wear is made of material that absorbs water and dries quickly Let's choose

In addition, it is easy to move even on steep mountain roads Stretch trekking pants Together, you can walk in the mountains with good footwork.

moreover, Outdoor brand trekking shoes and backpacks If you choose accessories such as, because the material and lightness are optimized, You can spend your time without the burden and stress of equipment world.

NG clothes for trekking

NG clothes for trekking

As NG clothing for trekking, the following Three Let's pay attention to the point of

NG clothes for trekking
  • cotton clothing and socks
  • denim pants
  • half pants

cotton material is pleasant to the touch, Easy to absorb moisture and hard to dry there is.

Not suitable for trekking as it can cause hypothermia. again, denim pants and It is difficult to dry when wet, and the fabric becomes hard as it absorbs water, making footwork difficult. avoid it.

During trekking, you may walk on unmaintained roads.

Therefore, the feet cannot be protected. half pants It is safe to avoid it because there is a risk of injury.
If you wear shorts, wear them underneath. Sufficiently long trekking leggings or tights Let's take measures such as wearing layers of clothing.

[Seasonal] Trekking clothing points

trekking When going to Items that take into consideration the climate and weather of the season Let's incorporate

here, Seasonal trekking clothes and points Introducing

Please refer to it according to the season you visit.

Trekking spring/autumn clothes

Trekking spring/autumn clothes

The points of clothing for trekking in spring and autumn are: Coordinates that can handle temperature changes is.
Incorporate the following items into your basic clothing according to the temperature and climate.

Trekking spring/autumn clothes
  • Innerwear made of synthetic fiber material
  • Windbreaker/soft shell jacket
  • Long-sleeved fleece jacket

synthetic fiber material teeth Quick-drying and water absorption Excellent for
Therefore, it is comfortable to wear underwear, underwear, socks, etc.

Spring and autumn, when the seasons change, are times when the temperature tends to fluctuate.

spring teeth, Windbreakers and soft shell jackets that are both waterproof and windproof If you wear it, you can not only regulate your body temperature, but also feel safe in sudden rain or walking in the water.

autumn conscious of warmth, Long-sleeved fleece jacket It is safe to bring

trekking summer outfit

trekking summer outfit

The point of summer trekking clothes is Innerwear that does not trap sweat is to incorporate
When preparing basic clothes, the following Five Be conscious and incorporate it.

trekking summer outfit
  • underwear with a cooling effect
  • Mesh material underwear
  • climbing skirt
  • UV material long-sleeved shirt/hoodie
  • wide-brimmed hat

In the summer when it is easy to sweat, it is necessary to choose clothes that do not trap sweat as much as possible.

Undergarments made of materials with a cooling effect or mesh materials If you wear it on your bare skin, Comfortable by preventing the drop in body temperature caused by sweat You can enjoy trekking in

Also, in the summer when the sun is strong, UV material long-sleeve shirt or hoodie and It is also a point to block direct sunlight is. wide-brimmed hat Plus, being conscious of the shade will also reduce the risk of heat stroke.

If you feel hot with trekking pants that are long enough, Wearing a mountaineering skirt and tights that are long enough is recommended. Prevents injuries and sunburns, and is breathable and comfortable you will be able to spend

trekking winter clothes

trekking winter clothes

The point of winter trekking clothes is to prevent your body temperature from dropping too much. Coordinates with heat retention effect is to be conscious of
Try incorporating the following items into your basic outfit.

trekking winter clothes
  • Innerwear made of wool and woolen fabric
  • Windproof trekking pants
  • Inner Down Jacket/Down Vest
  • Down jacket
  • thick socks
  • gloves
  • Scarf
  • Knitted hat that covers the ears
  • Trekking shoes with excellent anti-slip effect

In winter, the temperature is low and the outside air is cold, Wool and woolen materials with excellent heat retention Let's take in inner wear.
Let alone underwear, Enough leggings or tights It is recommended that you wear it under your trekking pants to keep your feet from getting cold.

Also, since you may feel the heat during trekking, Inner down jacket/down vest that is easy to put on and take off so that you can regulate your body temperature with Layering Let's do

When trekking in a snowy mountain where you can see the snow, choose a down jacket with a higher heat retention effect. Trekking shoes that do not slip on snow Let's protect the safety of our feet.

Exposed areas such as fingers, neck, and ears tend to get cold, so cold weather goods It is safe to incorporate

trekking packing list

trekking packing list

Let's take a look at what you should bring to make your trekking more comfortable.

Must-have items from, Useful items I'll list them up and introduce them to you.

Please use it as a reference.

Must-have items/must-have items

  • rain gear/rainwear
  • change socks
  • towel
  • tissue paper/wet tissue
  • emergency food/snack
  • water
  • Plastic bag

The weather in the mountains is changeable, so rain gear be sure to prepare

Besides rain, during trekking, Cases where you get wet while walking in rivers or puddles is also assumed.
for that reason, Body towels and face towels Prepare each replacement socks It is safe to bring your own.

Also, trekking uses physical strength, Emergency food and snacks, water Also bring

Nowadays portable food for trekking And so on. Chocolates and nutritional supplements that can be easily purchased at convenience stores, Foods that can supply energy in a short time are recommended is.

When eating in the mountains, rice balls, bread, etc. Easy-to-carry, non-perishable food Let's choose
Avoiding hunger and dehydration also prevents hypoglycemia due to lack of energy.

Plastic bag be sure to bring it with you.
It is necessary to take garbage back with you while trekking in order to protect the beautiful natural scenery. minimum manners is.

Handy items to have/useful goods

  • trekking pole
  • first aid kit, household medicine
  • Health insurance card
  • mobile phone battery
  • climbing map
  • compass

If you enjoy walking on steep mountain roads, 2 trekking poles It is safe to have.
It reduces the burden on your knees, so even those who are not confident in their legs or physical strength can enjoy trekking with peace of mind.

again, Prepare for sudden illness or injury during trekking , First aid kit, household medicine, health insurance card It will be helpful to bring a

In trekking through the mountains, The possibility of getting lost and getting lost is not zero .

In case of emergency, Portable smartphone battery, mountaineering map, compass You can rest assured that you are prepared.

where to buy clothes for trekking

where to buy clothes for trekking

next, A shop where you can buy clothes for trekking Introducing

They have both physical stores and online sales, so if you want to see the actual products before choosing, please refer to them.


" Workman is a store specializing in outdoor, sportswear, and work clothes.
Let alone outdoor scenes such as trekking, Fashionable items that are easy to incorporate into everyday life are available.

In addition to having an abundance of reasonably priced items, the lineup of items unique to a specialty store is attractive.
As well as clothing, shoes and accessories suitable for trekking, Total coordination possible .


Japan's leading fast fashion brand " Uniqlo But it is possible to prepare items for trekking.

At UNIQLO, Material with excellent quick-drying and heat retention In addition to clothing, accessories such as socks, rucksacks and backpacks are also available. Reasonable price range are sold at

As size development is abundant, Easy to find items in the right size This is also the reason why I recommend it.

In UNIQLO, from autumn to winter, Lightweight that can be packed compactly and carried in a special bag Down jacket will also appear.
It is especially recommended as a cold weather gear for trekking in winter.


" montbell ” is a Japanese outdoor brand. Founder is a famous climber That's why we have a wide variety of outdoor wear and outdoor goods.

At Montbell, headlamps, trekking poles, goods for snowy mountain trekking, etc. You can buy specialized outdoor goods is characterized by

The online shop introduces clothing and items that are necessary for different purposes, so you don't know what to start with. Recommended places to buy for trekking beginners It can be said.

Popular tour ranking for trekking beginners

Popular tour ranking for trekking beginners

Trekking beginner In that case, you might be wondering which course to take.

If a beginner experiences alone, first It is recommended to participate in a tour where you can experience at a great price is.

Nature guides will tell you how to enjoy and highlights in the mountains, and you can become trekking companions with the same tour participants, so you can enjoy trekking even more.

1 rank

[Equipment rental free] Jomon cedar trekking tour <Group discount available> Even beginners can go to Yakushima lightly!

12,800 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 4.8
  • (30 reviews and testimonials)

*Regarding partial self-restraint of business due to the state of emergency declared on January 7, 2021's No. 1 popular route Jomon cedar day tour. Total distance is about 22km. It's never easy, but I can do my best! Living in Yakushima and loving the island

2 rank

[Yakushima, equipment rental free] Shiratani Unsuikyo - Taikoiwa Tour

7,800 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 4.9
  • (17 reviews and testimonials)

*Regarding partial self-restraint in response to the declaration of a state of emergency on January 7, 2021 Shiratani Unsuikyo, famous for its mossy forest, and Mt. Okudake on Yakushima It is a tour around Taikoiwa that can be done. Listen to the sound of the babbling brook in the deep green forest.

3 rank

[Kagoshima/Amami Oshima] Kinsakubaru primeval forest walking/trekking tour (mini-day 3 hour course)

Island Service
Amami Oshima Islands/Okinoerabu Island
4,500 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 4.7
  • (10 reviews and testimonials)

Take a 3-hour walk through the Kinsakubaru Primeval Forest, which was used as the setting for the movie and is filled with subtropical plants that you don't usually see. Hikagehego grows up to 10m in height. (It is said to be the largest of the ferns.) Otaniwatari, Ryūkyū Urajirogashi, and Alocasia, which are as tall as a person. Drumming and a

4 rank

[Kagoshima/Yakushima] Let's go see Jomon cedar with a private guide! 10% discount on rental now!

Yakushima guide tour
33,840 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review and testimonial)

Needless to say, Yakushima's No. 1 popular Jomon cedar mountain climb! The encounter with the Jomon cedar and the sense of accomplishment after walking a long road will be the best memories you will never forget! Along the way, you can have a fun time with the guide's nature commentary and talks about the history of Yakushima, making the 22km journey feel short. Also, since it is a fully chartered tour, you can take pictures slowly with a single-lens reflex camera.

5 rank

[Fukushima Prefecture, Iwaki City] Iwaki Walking 2022 [Trekking with a guide] Let's go around the road of training with a climbing expert! Yunodake autumn leaves trekking

Activity Japan Tohoku (Iwaki Tourism Town Development Bureau)
2,500 Yen~ (tax included)

=================== Let's go around the path of training with a climbing master! ================ Combat with the master climbing celebrities, I will follow the old monk's path of Iwaki's spirit mountain "Yunodake". This course starts from the Kawakami Valley, which has been selected as one of the 100 famous mountains in Fukushima, and goes around the temple while looking at the mountain stream and clear stream. Yunodake Elevation: 593.4

6 rank

[Fukushima Prefecture, Iwaki City] Iwaki Walking 2022 [Trekking with guide] Climbing “Takifuji” and Ryujinkyo autumn leaves trekking

Activity Japan Tohoku (Iwaki Tourism Town Development Bureau)
2,500 Yen~ (tax included)

=================== Let's enjoy the autumn leaves of the mountain that can be climbed by three generations of parents and children! ==================================================================================================================================================<================<===<=====<====<=================! Let's enjoy autumn leaves leisurely in Tono town where Ryujinkyo is located. Visit the local traditional event, Yuzu-mairi, and pray for Yuzu. ■Takifuji Elevation: 306m ★Local

7 rank

[Kagoshima / Yakushima] Tour (half-day tour) aiming for "Mononoke no Mori" (moss covered forest) in Shiratani Unsuikyo Up to 6 people

Yakushima Guide Club
5,000 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (9 reviews and testimonials)

Take the Shiratani Unsuikyo course for about 3 hours in the morning and aim for the forest of Mononoke, where you can relax and enjoy nature. Since it is a course in the morning, "Yakushima 2" departing from Miyanoura Port at 13:30 will be in time. In the case of a high-speed boat departing from Anbo Port at 13:30 and an airplane at 13:35, please contact us.

8 rank

[Okinawa Yanbaru] Unexplored Yanbaru shower climbing & canyoning Zip slide & natural water slider (with photo and video shooting service)

adventure island
Kouri Island/Yanbaru/Kunigami Village
12,800 Circle 7,800 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.5
  • (8 reviews and testimonials)

"Regional common coupon usage plan"★Original tour that can only be experienced here♪★Outstanding exhilaration♪Natural waterslides♪★Overwhelming speed! Take a walk in the air on a zip slide ♪ Enjoy a super active and exhilarating river swim in the jungle. Not enough trekking? A super active tour that includes climbing! adventure island opens

9 rank

[Kagoshima / Amami Oshima / 1 day plan] Kinsakubaru primeval forest walk & mangrove canoe touring, chicken rice lunch included

Island Service
Amami Oshima Islands/Okinoerabu Island
12,000 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 4.6
  • (9 reviews and testimonials)

Forest bathing while observing the flora and fauna in the Kinsakubaru virgin forest with a guide. Relaxing and fun canoe touring in the mangrove primeval forest, which boasts the second largest scale in Japan. A chicken rice lunch at the local restaurant "Torishin" is included in the tour price. Depending on the ebb and flow of the tide, the order of the Kinsakubaru primeval forest and the mangrove primeval forest will change.

10 rank

【世界遺産 西表島】water牛車and人気の観光名所へマングローブSUP・カヌー×秘境パワースポット巡り&由布島観光コース【ツアー写真データ無料】

Iriomote Island KEN GUIDE
Iriomote Island and other Yaeyama Islands (Yubu Island and Barasu Island)
9,500 Circle 7,500 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.9
  • (64 reviews and testimonials)

世界遺産 竹富町観光案内人条例公認プロガイド案内.世界遺産 西表島人気のアクティビティ〜SUPマングローブリバークルーズ&ジャングルtrekkingand秘境パワースポット巡りネイチャー体験!ランチタイムの後teeth,可愛いwater牛車に乗り三線を聴きながらゆったり〜揺られながら海の上を渡ります.楽園!由布島観光を楽し

Let's enjoy trekking with the best clothes!

Let's enjoy trekking with the best clothes!

This time, Recommended tour plans, where to buy from trekking clothes and necessary belongings etc. have been comprehensively introduced.

Trekking is not only for people who like mountain climbing, Perfect for those who want to feel the changing nature of the four seasons is.
If you want to enjoy nature in a different way, why not try trekking?

Please use this article as a reference for trekking clothing and essentials, as well as information on where to go!

*Information such as plans, fees, and introduced facilities is current as of October 2022.

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