[Hokkaido · Furano recommended leisure guide] winter Furano/Biei/Tomamu Play! Snowmobile ・ Smelt fishing ・ Snowshoes ・ Motor Paraglider ・ Hot air balloon etc ... "popular outdoor Activity Reservation fee comparison》

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Furano/Biei/Tomamu Characteristics of

<< Furano/Biei/Tomamu レ ジ ャ ー 's popular leisure ・ Activity First of all, let's check the popular tourist spots around it before introducing the item of area It is the lavender which reaches the peak of the season in summer (early July ~) as the first image of the area as a highlight of the area ◎ The beauty that the lavender fields such as "Farm Tomita" and "Town Lavender Garden" are purple Is every Year We enjoy many tourists ♪ In addition, we have many popular sightseeing spots such as "whitebeard waterfall" known as power spot, superb view spot and "blue pond" and gather topic by media such as SNS ↑

And « Furano/Biei/Tomamu The Tokachi mountain range in Daisetsuzan National Park, which is known as Japan's largest national park, is lined with》, and the rich nature is utilized in the winter Ski & snowboard"Or" Snowshoes "," Snowmobile It is famous as a spot where you can enjoy various winter sports, etc. ま た Also, it cools down to -30 ° C in winter area There is a great deal of snowfall and there is a great view of diamond dust on the morning when it is sunny, and both seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Furano/Biei/Tomamu It is the overwhelming wilderness that becomes the protagonist of how to enjoy》 ♪

Popular tourist spots around Furano
Lavender field / Whitebeard waterfall / Blue pond / Mild Seven hill / Ken and Mary trees / Fukiage Hot spring/ Shikisai Hill / Farm Tomita / Kanayama Lake / Shinei Hill Outlook Park / Roadside Station Minami Furano / Visiting locations from northern country / etc.

Popular outdoor leisure items


Popular items in the spring-summer season
Motor Paraglider / Rafting / Hot air balloon / Segway / All-terrain vehicle / River fishing / Canyon rafting / Such

Popularity plan ranking TOP 10

Activity Japan Winter based on the latest booking data Hokkaido ・ We announce Furano popular plan ranking TOP10 ♪ We ranked in high rank even in popular item ranking "" On the ice Smelt fishing "Or" Snowmobile Such as "in winter Hokkaido Many unique experience tour plans are ranked in the top 10 areas in the rankings too 多 く In addition, this Furano area" Motor Paraglider "Or" Hot air balloon Sky represented by Activity It is also a popular spot for Whole year Its popularity will continue over time ◎ Hokkaido It is also recommended to enjoy the magnificent nature of the sky from the sky ☆

List of popular & recommended shops

Lastly the winter Furano's popularity introduced above Activity Hold an experience plan Activity Japan Recommended shop Partner We introduce in list ♪ Various kinds of spring summer season other than winter sports Activity There are many shops that offer experience tours Year Through Hokkaido Furano area You can enjoy the great outdoors with outdoor leisure で Each shop · Partner Handling of Activity Other than the item, business hours and regular holidays, Address Such Detail Please check from the following ☆ ⇒ To Furano's experience plan list

Leisure guide Asobiya Furano
business hours 8:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday Seven days a week
FUN outdoor activities
Regular holiday 7 days a week
MPG Sorachi
business hours< summer > 8: 00-16: 00 < winter > 9:00-16:00 ※ The details of business hours Contact us Please give me.
Regular holidayFixed holiday (during windy weather)
business hoursTelephone reception desk 8:00-21:00 ※ There are times when you can not answer the phone without fail during the tour. At that time, excuse me, but a word, I will contact you from here if you can leave a message on the answering machine.
Regular holiday
Guidelines Outdoor Club
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
White Koala rental skiing
business hours Telephone Hours: 7:00 to 20:00
Regular holiday
Furano Nature Club
business hours 8:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday
River trip Hokkaido
business hoursReservation Contact us Reception hours: 24 hours
Regular holiday Season in a week
Daisetsuzan Club
business hours
Regular holiday
Hokkaido Tourist Individual Ikuta Taxi
business hours
Regular holiday No scheduled holidays
business hours
Regular holiday

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