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It is said that it used to be familiar since the Heian period Houseboat Is modern but new Year Meeting and forgetfulness Year Used for various drinking occasions such as meetings adult It is a popular game as a "night life of Cruising In addition to the demand for so-called restaurants such as “Autuhibune” and “Fireworks watching” in summer, it is highly popular as a tourist boat that enjoys seasonal views. Also 2017 Nowadays from the young generation Year Attention to foreigners or foreign tourists visiting Japan Tokyo It is one of the popular leisure activities.

This time Tokyo Cruise the Bay and the Sumida River and the canals around it Houseboat Basic knowledge such as boarding place and reservation method of including meal course contents and charge price Activity Japan Recommended for booking with Houseboat We will introduce the experience plan in a thorough close-up. You can choose from a reasonable and casual plan to a little extravagant plan to create a special day Houseboat Please look for play. Houseboat Is summer Tokyo Recommended for Activity ◎

Yakata boat cherry blossom view
Hanami cruising of popular houseboats (end of 2017)

Seasonal limited houseboat special experience where cherry blossoms circle around the Sumida River in Tokyo. It is a popular plan that got many reservations early in the beginning of reservation reception in 2017 as well. Since the popular explosion is expected in 2018, please check at the stage when the flowering prediction is announced ◎

Houseboat attracting attention as Tokyo tourism

At one time the image as a seat for banquets and drinking parties was strong Houseboat But nowadays we are not limited to it Tokyo Popular as a leisure experience for sightseeing Year It is rising. Tokyo Bay and Sumida River Tokyo The location where you can feel the taste is attractive, and the view of the big city from the top of the boat is a masterpiece. The night scene is also beautiful Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Asakusa with Asahi Breweries, a famous tourist attraction area Landscape, Odaiba Beach Park, Shiokaze Park and Oi area Such 2020 Tokyo Olympic athletes' villages and venues Houseboat It can be seen from Go out weekends and dates, Tokyo Come for sightseeing Houseboat please use.

Yakata boat sky tree
Houseboat looking up at the Tokyo Sky Tree
Houseboat Asakusa
Cruising the middle of Asakusa

Houseboat Fireworks watch cruise at

Cherry blossoms season Houseboat Cherry-blossom viewing Cruising It is popular along with Events Is summer such as Sumida River Fireworks festival It is a viewing cruise. Houseboat If you make a reservation, there is little influence of taking place and crowding, and stress-free in an unobstructed location that overlooks your eyes. Fireworks festival You can enjoy Example Year,east Kyoto Within Yukata Rental plan It is also a feature that there are a lot of reservations combined with, and both will be flooded with reservations. Year It is recommended to make an early reservation so as not to miss the timing once. 2017 Sumida River Fireworks festival, Koto Ward Fireworks festival, Adachi ward Fireworks festival Reservation such as has started, and new at any time Houseboat A plan for a fireworks viewing cruise will be added.

Houseboat fireworks
Fireworks festival Cruising Click here for the plan
Fireworks festival Yukata Rental
Fireworks festival Together with Yukata Rental Is popular

Houseboat Rates and menu contents of

Tokyo Embark on Houseboat The price of will vary depending on the course content but Activity Japan Handled by The lowest price is 6,998 per person yen(tax included) ~ There is a plan available. The basic menu includes high-class Japanese food including lunch, domestic specialty Japanese beef and sushi, etc. There is also a plan with many all-you-can-drink options included in the price. Wed Washing toilet Of course there are many ships complete with karaoke etc. more It is a content that can taste the satisfaction of

Tokyo house boat meal
Houseboat that can serve authentic Japanese food
Tokyo Houseboat Equipment Facility
Comfortable shipboard with digging and a flush toilet

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