Where is Izu? Activities that you can play in the Izu area

Popular attraction in the spring and summer of 2017 Attention to the Izu area greatly! Izu is a popular travel spot where many tourists visit every year with good access from Kanto Koshinetsu such as Tokyo, and it is a vibrant area of ​​outdoor leisure and marine activities unknown. Also, in Minamiizu Shimoda'sShirahamaAnd water quality survey appraisal AA ranked beach scattered, was introduced in media such as SNS and became popular number one snorkeling spot "Hirizo Beach"Also belongs to the Izu area.

This time together with popular tourist spots such as hot springs from basic knowledge like "Where is everything from Izu?", Outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, sea kayak and other marine sports as well as outdoor activities such as fun of traveling destination We will introduce the popular plans that you can make reservations at Activities Japan with cultural experiences and cultural experiences! It's popular every year, but 2017 is even more noticeable! ! Let's play with Izu ~ ◎

Where is Izu?

The area called "Izu (Izu)" of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture is divided largely, including Atami, Ito and IzukogenHigashiizu area, Including ShimodaMinamiizu area, Including Doi and DogashimaNishiizu area, Including ShuzenjiNakaizu areaIt is divided into four. The Izu Islands in Tokyo including Izu Oshima etc. are not included in the Izu area in this case. There is sightseeing spot for each area, and it is one of Izu's fun way to travel around relaxedly.

Popular attractions of Izu

The Izu area which makes a half round around the Izu Peninsula has sightseeing spots for each region, and it is popular for driving in family and date. Since all other than Nakaizu is facing the ocean, it is also a secret of popularity that you can enjoy it together with leisure such as marine activities.

Higashiizu area area attractions
Izu Animal Kingdom / Atagawa Banana Wanni Garden / Kawazu Nanaki / Feeling Type Zoo iZoo / Atsukawa Onsen / etc.

Attractions in the Minamiizu area
Yumigahama / Iro-zako / Road Station Shimogamo Onsen Yunohana / Kumano Shrine / Shimogamo Onsen / etc.
Nishiizu area area attractions
Dogejima cave piloting boat / Cape Lovers / Koganezaki / Suruga Bay Ferry (soil fertilizer) / Doi Onsen / etc.
Attractions in Nakaizu area
Rinno Falls / Izu no Kuni Panorama Park / Shuzenji Rainbow Town / Bamboo Rain Small Diameter / Shuzenji Hot Spring / etc.

Popular beach of Izu · Beach

The Izu Peninsula is a sightseeing spot attractive with its beautiful ocean with many popular beaches. Survey of water quality survey such as Yumigahama, Hirizo Beach, Shimoda, Nishihama Beach, Shirahama etc. in the Minamiizu bean area If you raise popular beaches of AA rank, it is not enough. If you are considering traveling and driving in Izu you can not absolutely exclude sea bathing and sea play. Let's participate by all means because there are many activity plans that you can feel free to experience.

Popular leisure activities of Izu

Marine activities are popular in the sea of ​​Izu with high transparency and beautiful. Especially boasts the high popularity of snorkeling which guides you to the best spot, experiential diving which can be danced even by novices, sea kayaking which seamlessly rows the ocean. It is also known as a popular area for paragliding besides the sea play.

Creating popularity of Izu · making food

In Izu travel, we recommend ceramic work to make works with potter's and hand grenades etc, glass workmanship to experience blowing glass experience and fusing experience at workshop. Especially the ceramics experience is popular and there seem to be many people who enjoy it together with hot springs and outdoor leisure. Izu Feel the art in a relaxing time, let's make only one souvenir and memories.

Popularity plan ranking of Izu

Finally I will introduce popular activity plan of the Izu peninsula area by ranking. Sea kayaking and paragliding plans including Horizo ​​Beach's snorkeling are ranked in. Please click to check the details of each tour plan.

First place
Marine Soft Shimoda


プランID:9931Marine Soft Shimoda
12,960yen~​ ​(tax included)

静岡県の南端、南伊豆は石廊崎と中木の境の海岸「ヒリゾ浜」。そこは歩いて行くことが出来ない「伊豆の最後の秘境」と呼ばれている人気の場所。 関東近辺でも、伊豆半島でも、抜群の透明度と魚影の濃さはシュノーケリングポイントとして他のビーチの追随を許しません!ヒリゾ浜には中木にある渡し船に乗船して行く以外では上陸できない為、シーズンピーク時には駐車場や宿泊施設が混雑します。当ガイドツアーではそんな混雑も回避!専用駐車場に止め、送迎をおこなっています。美しい海岸としてネット写真や口コミで広がり、お正月のgoogleのCMで「ヒリゾ浜を紹介したい」というワードもピックアップされるほど。8月の最盛期には入場制限がされるほど人気沸騰中です!そんな人気のヒリゾを満喫する為にはガイドツアーでの参加がおすすめ。人気のビーチとはいえ海岸には危険があり、ガイドツアーであればヒリゾ浜を知り尽くしたガイドがその日のベストなシュノーケリングポイントを案内。また、9月まで楽しめるのもポイント!9月でも水温は高く、魚影も濃く存分に楽しめます。インスタ映えする写真も撮影できるので関東の女子旅日帰りスポットにもおすすめです。

Second place
KAI'TO sea kayak school

[Izu Shimoda] Aloha! Shikayakkingu & Snorkeling Experience Tour!

プランID:329KAI'TO sea kayak school
8,700yen~​ ​(tax included)


3rd place
Para Field


プランID:587Para Field
8,640yen~​ ​(tax included)


Nishiizu-Takko kayak center Sea fan

[Shizuoka Prefecture Nishiizu] for the first time, even peace of mind! ! Experience sea kayak tour

プランID:12283Nishiizu-Takko kayak center Sea fan
8,640yen~​ ​(tax included)

You will experience the tour to use the sit-on kayak that can be performed with ease in the first one. Topography and transparency both enjoy abandon the beautiful Nishiizu of the sea! ! Sea conditions are and or landing on the beach can not go is from the land or go to the cave of the secret can see Mount Fuji out to off the coast when a good mood is the explorer! !

5th place
Imaihama Flying School (Imaihama Flying School)

[Shizuoka Izu] to the instructor and the sky! Half-day experience and tandem flight course (half-day course)

プランID:4661Imaihama Flying School (Imaihama Flying School)
11,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Instructor paragliding on the safe side, it is carefully explained in the training fun. Because the half-day experience is also performed course you can enjoy the fluffy floating feeling of floating in half a day. After enjoying, along with the instructor, please enjoy the air walk to raise the altitude of up to 120m! Sky can enjoy, it is a very greedy plan that can be further enjoy nature.

6th place
Kayaking Resort Minamiizu Wonderful World (WONDERFUL-WORLD)

[Shizuoka Minamiizu] one day explore the mysterious cave! Sea kayak tour (2-3 seater)

プランID:5671Kayaking Resort Minamiizu Wonderful World (WONDERFUL-WORLD)
16,800yen~​ ​(tax included)

Rent a board of two or three-seater has become a plan to go paddling in the sea. Your family, you will be riding along the boards with such friends to enjoy the world of the sea. Please feel free to participate in the walk of the sea because even organizations like you correspond.

7th place
Ida diving center (Ita Diving Center)

[Shizuoka Prefecture Nishiizu] Let's play with a lot of fish! Snorkel course

プランID:9015Ida diving center (Ita Diving Center)
5,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Beaches proud of the transparency of the top class among the Shizuoka Prefecture of Ida, still always keep the Shizuoka Prefecture No.1 in water quality survey to examine every year the Environment Agency! ! Since entering the sea while ensuring the safety per instructor you can join us in peace the sea for the first time of the child.

8th place
Koganezaki Dive Center

子供も大人も一緒に楽しめる♪シュノーケリング! 【伊豆黄金崎はお魚いっぱい♪】約2時間!

プランID:9788Koganezaki Dive Center
5,292yen~​ ​(tax included)

It is information of snorkeling experience plan with 9 o'clock aggregation course and 1 pm gathering course. Why do not you enjoy snorkelling at the calm and beautiful sea of ​​Nishi Izu! Is it? Snorkeling is a particularly popular plan among the activities guided by Koganezaki Dive Center as a safe and secure sea-going plan that you can enjoy the ocean freely. Equipment rental is also substantial, so you can feel free to participate. Bright staff will support you so that even those who are not experienced can enjoy the ocean with confidence! Please participate!

9th place
Kayaking Resort Minamiizu Wonderful World (WONDERFUL-WORLD)

[Shizuoka Minamiizu] beginner recommended! 1-seater sea kayak caving tour (1 day course)

プランID:5666Kayaking Resort Minamiizu Wonderful World (WONDERFUL-WORLD)
11,550yen~​ ​(tax included)

Fun touring tour that target the very first time towards the sea kayak. It has become a plan that the experience with the 1-seater dedicated kayak. Age, will be conducted from a single person regardless of gender. You can also enjoy sea kayaking in the family! Please feel free to participate in the walk of the sea.

10th place