Activities and activities that can only be done in Hokkaido in winter of 2018

Hokkaido activities in winter

The northernmost country "Hokkaido" is still the most seductive cold winter season ◎ Most people planning to travel in Hokkaido in the winter season from 2017 to 2018 ♪ Sightseeing in Hokkaido and sightseeing in Hokkaido Speaking of events such as seafood such as sea urchins and crabs, such as gourmet and Sapporo snow festival, the activities that can fully enjoy majestic nature and snow scenery are absolutely recommended ◎

Close up to winter activities that can be enjoyed in popular areas such as Sapporo, Otaru, Furano, Niseko ◎ The latest attention ranking analyzed independently from this site's entire booking data and the popular plan as a standard every season Introduction! ! ☆ ☆ experiences that you can only experience in Hokkaido in winter season with family, couples, friends

1. Snowshoe

Hokkaido Snowshoe Tour

Ultimate snow play = snowshoeing ♪ Activity Japan as a snow leisure enjoying Japanese winter ♪ Recommended winter sports ◎ Powder snow which can only be experienced in Hokkaido and superb view Snowscape waiting for you ☆

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Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)


プランID:3373Shiretoko Nature Office (Shiretoko Nature Office)
11,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

In the winter nature experience 1 day course you spend a day with plenty of contents combining "snowshoe hiking", "drift ice walk" (MEPS), "winter animals watching" going out for sea eagles and white-tailed vines and all the activities in winter I will guide you. Recommended for those wishing to enjoy winter in Shiretoko in a day! ! ※ The period and contents may be changed depending on the condition of drift ice


[Hokkaido, Sapporo] dwells winter forest Snowshoe trekking of Ezofukurou

9,000yen6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

About 30 minutes from Sapporo, snowshoe trekking in the forest where Ezo Owlow at Nopporo Forest Park lives! Family, fellow, with a couple. Let's enjoy walking with heart, warm private snow forest! You can take photos that will be instantiated!

Daisetsuzan Club

[Hokkaido Daisetsuzan] scenic snowshoe ★ Asahidake-Tenninkyo-Sugataminoike course

プランID:1600Daisetsuzan Club
8,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

While watching the majestic Asahidake walk a large snowfield with snowshoes. Go to near the fumaroles, please to experience the nature of the force.

2. Dog sledding

Hokkaido dog sledding experience

"Dog Sled Experience" that goes on a big snowy field with dogs and breathing is super-premium snow activity with few plans that can be reserved even if viewed nationwide! ! Therefore, the winter vacation season and Saturdays-and-Sundays public holiday will be booked and slightly full!

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Mashing Works

【Hokkaido / Tokachi】 Masher debut with Tokachi Husky Cruise! Two-seater dog sled experience (half-day course)

プランID:2448Mashing Works
34,560yen~​ ​(tax included)

I ride two at one dog sled and run. (If booking with more than 3 people, you can ride while changing course, please contact us.) During the tour the guide will take you on the snowmobile and support you. About two and a half hours including preliminary explanation, tour and tea time. Running time is about 1 hour - 1 hour and half, the distance is about 12 km. Photos and movie data showing the state of the tour can be viewed and downloaded in the customer's own folder.

Mashing Works

【Hokkaido / Tokachi】 Challenge the dog sledding race! One-seater Dog Sled Experience (half-day course · experienced person · 2 people)

プランID:19026Mashing Works
21,600yen~​ ​(tax included)

Alaskan Racing It is a super-authentic plan that you can feel the strength of Husky. Take a light dog sled for one-seater use for dog sled sprint racing and connect 4 to 6 sled dogs. Start speed is 30 km / h! Average speed 20 to 25 km / h! Although it may fall down the balance, it will be able to taste the best fulfillment feeling by the real Musher experience ♪ The data of the photograph and the animation which photographed the appearance of the tour can be viewed and downloaded in the customer's own folder.

3. Snowmobile

Hokkaido snowmobile experience

Popular Vehicle Activities in Winter "Snowmobile" also specializes in Hokkaido's vast snowfield as a field Exhilarating feeling is exceptional ♪ It is possible to book full-scale snowmobile licensing course from a beginner's plan to enjoy it even without special license!

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North Snow land in thousand-year-old


プランID:5075North Snow land in thousand-year-old
4,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

<遊び放題アイテム> 入場料(チューブ滑り含む) ミニスノーモービル(6歳以上対象) 四輪バギー(12歳以上対象) スノーラフティング(3歳以上対象) 雪上乗馬(3歳以上対象) 【所要時間】※積雪状況により所要時間が変更になる場合がございます。 ミニスノーモービル・四輪バギー 1回約70m×4周 スノーラフティング       1回約3~4分 雪上乗馬            1回約2~3分 ※0歳~5歳は入場料は無料 ※3歳~5歳までのお子様は保護者様同乗でチューブ滑り、スノーラフティング、雪上乗馬も無料にてお楽しみいただけますがミニスノーモービル、四輪バギーは1名乗りの為、安全上保護者様同乗でもお乗りいただけませんのでご了承ください。 ※お客様の安全面から、そりなどの持ち込みはできません。

Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)

[Hokkaido Hakodate] hurtling the lake! Onuma ice snowmobiles (1 seater) in the National Park ★ Group discounts ★

プランID:1410Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)
1,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Since it describes staff can also be operated easily by those of the first one-woman! The long course of one lap 1,000 m × 2 laps set offers. ※ This will be your guide in the snowmobile for the 1-seater

Leisure guide Asobiya Furano

[Hokkaido Furano] enjoy two people! Snowmobile! ! ★ 2-seater · 340cc ★

プランID:2350Leisure guide Asobiya Furano
10,260yen~​ ​(tax included)

Does snowmobile look difficult? You look scary? There is not such a thing. Since the guide guides you well after lecturing firmly, you can participate with peace of mind and women without worry. Why do not you try challenging a trip to the world where nobody knows about forest roads, mountains, snowy fields, etc. that can only be done by snowmobiles?

4. Wagasa fishing

Hokkaido Wakasagi Fishing Experience

Dome ship is the mainstream for leisure but domestic fishing in ice can be experienced if it is Hokkaido ◎ "Fun fishing and eating delicious" is the basis ♪ Freshly fried freshly baked tempura is excellent ☆

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Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)

[Hokkaido Hakodate] winter classic experience! Ice smelt fishing in Onuma Quasi-National Park

プランID:1408Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)
1,600yen~​ ​(tax included)

Please come by hand. We have prepared a set of Saya · Eee, you can enjoy it with fishing all you can. If you can not catch, do not worry as we will guide you in a large sled to a well-being. Cooked fish caught in tempura deliciously! Tempura at freshness is exceptional! ※ Tempura will be cooked at 500 yen per dish (12 ~ 13 animals)!

Cycling Frontier Co., Ltd. (CYCLING FRONTIER)


プランID:11601Cycling Frontier Co., Ltd. (CYCLING FRONTIER)
7,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

【昨年度、北海道エリアワカサギ釣り体験ツアー催行実績ナンバーワン!!】 北海道で最も多くのお客様をガイドしたワカサギ釣りガイドの第一人者がお届けするワカサギ釣り体験ツアーです。 有名な新篠津村で唯一、貸切釣りエリアでの開催! 防寒着や長靴などレンタルも充実、ストーブ付き釣り小屋で暖か快適!釣り場にはトイレも完備!! 経験豊富なプロガイド同行のプライベートツアーで、餌付けなどに不安な女性やファミリーのお客様でも安心です。

FUN outdoor activities

Minamifurano Tomamu [Jinshan Lake winter tradition] ice smelt fishing

プランID:1553FUN outdoor activities
4,500yen~​ ​(tax included)

Set a mechanism to open a hole in the frozen lake! Only stringy When the bite after the only this only. Drilled troublesome hole, feeding, such as a set of gimmick is leave it to the guide! After a little also caught ♪ You can your feel free to experience in a child even for beginners and learn the ropes is fried on the spot, to tempura! Fried piping hot fresh on the spot, which caught is the best in exceptional!

5. Canoeing / Kayaking

Hokkaido Canoeing / Kayaking Experience

"Canoeing and kayaking" popular as activities to enjoy on rivers and lakes also has unique experiences of Hokkaido in winter ◎ If you row out on a sunny morning, you can see diamond dust shining in the air:

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Canoe shop Hiraiwa

[Hokkaido Kushiro River] make the snow and ice, enjoy the winter unique wetlands! Canoe tour of the winter of Kushiro River

プランID:11570Canoe shop Hiraiwa
9,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Winter, midwinter, Kushiro is Shibareru, of snow and ice world. Sunny morning descended diamond dust from the blue sky, you Light sparkling in the sun. Marked with hoarfrost on the trees along the river raise the steam from the river surface, it looks like crystal of ice had bloom. Do not look forward to such white wetlands and healthy animals from the canoe? To customers in consideration of the safety, hire a full dry suit, a professional guide will guide you. Why do not the river edge of the firm winter Equipped Not experience.

Kushiro Marsh & River

【Hokkaido · Kushiro Marshland】 ★ Limited winter ★ Kushiro Wetland Winter Canoe & Marsh Watching

プランID:1642Kushiro Marsh & River
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

キラキラと輝く霧氷 川を流れる「蓮の葉氷」 遠くに見える野生動物 冬の釧路川と釧路湿原をカヌーで進みましょう。 流れる氷にふれればゼリーの上にいるような不思議な感覚を味わえます。 カヌーの後にはスノーシューで、今下った釧路川と釧路湿原がご覧いただける絶景ポイントへ。 新感覚な冬のアウトドア、ウィンターカヌーをお楽しみください!

North East Canoe Center

[Hokkaido Teshikaga-cho] winter of headwaters Nature tour (眺湖 Bridge and Midori Bridge course)

プランID:1975North East Canoe Center
10,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Down the Kushiro River headwaters of the snow scene in the canoe, it is a half-day course to enjoy a snowshoe trek in the fields and mountains. Very fantastic winter of Kushiro River headwaters part. Clear water looks to the bottom of the river, the flow of pristine to rapidly meandering, in the air chilling cold, and go down along with the guide. Slowly walking in the powder snow that the Wakotohanto of deep snow wearing snowshoes completely covering the virgin forest, enjoy nature observation while the snow play.

Hokkaido's popular plan

There are plenty of tours that can only be experienced in the winter season, such as jewelry ice "jewelry ice" and tours to see the ice waterfall! In addition to the 5 activities you introduced, there are many activities that you should absolutely experience if you go to Hokkaido ◎

Samurai Produce

[Hokkaido / Tokachi] The topic on media! Ice Jewelry "Jewelry Ice" Experience Tour

プランID:14267Samurai Produce
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

The only one in Japan, the only one phenomenon that can only be seen on the coast near the mouth of the Tokachi river in the winter season "jewelry ice". It is a spot that has been featured extensively in the media as a "magnificent spot that you want to see once" and is drawing attention. A number of ice that shines like jewels is a magnificent art work produced by mother nature. And we will guide you to the spot where you can enjoy Hokkaido in winter, such as the estuary which becomes the source of the "jewelry ice" and beautiful snow scenery which Tokachi boasts can boast. ♪ I can encounter a wild seal if I am lucky ♪ Because it is an experience tour that children can participate with peace of mind, we recommend experiences with family! Let's make memories of my life in this winter, "Jewelry ice" of Tokachi, Hokkaido ☆


[Hokkaido, Sapporo] dwells winter forest Snowshoe trekking of Ezofukurou

9,000yen6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)
Special Deals

About 30 minutes from Sapporo, snowshoe trekking in the forest where Ezo Owlow at Nopporo Forest Park lives! Family, fellow, with a couple. Let's enjoy walking with heart, warm private snow forest! You can take photos that will be instantiated!

Shiretoko Nature Cruise

[Hokkaido Shiretoko] feel free to experience! O'clock ice floe cruising & Bird watching 1 hour course 13 departure

プランID:13345Shiretoko Nature Cruise
4,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

While wade through the sea ice in Evergreen, cruising while looking for a such as the winter to have the animals and birds in Shiretoko. About 700 birds of white-tailed eagles that come only in time drift ice, Steller's sea eagle, you can see the figure at 90% probability. This good-cruise to experience the winter wilderness of Shiretoko in a short period of time.

Nature Activity Center Ocean Days

[Hokkaido Chitose Shikotsuko] Ice Walk

プランID:11183Nature Activity Center Ocean Days
6,000yen~​ ​(tax included)

Ice Walk experience is the winter of the real thrill! ! Shikotsuko, peace of mind support the only local shop stay. Please experience the crystal blue was chosen in the "national one clean water." So wear a dry suit that the body is not wet, warm without getting wet. Even if you can not swim, it is safe because it floats. Mysterious lake in winter, challenge the Ice Walk! Let Tsukuso to play with snow and ice!

maiden's kimono


プランID:12878maiden's kimono
6,264yen~​ ​(tax included)

着物や浴衣レンタルで小樽観光ができる3時間コース。(7月~8月は浴衣です。) ガス灯やオルゴール堂など、歴史と情緒溢れるレトロな雰囲気の小樽の街には、当店の伝統的な着物がよく似合います。 お好きな場所で写真撮影をすれば、素敵な旅の思い出になりますよ! 余裕をもって観光するのにおすすめのコースです。

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