Hokkaido in Smelt fishing / Ice fishing

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I want to enjoy open the still holes on the ice if the smelt fishing, to recommend to you of such authentic is determined by the Hokkaido. Jinshan Furano Lake in the activity Japan, Abashiri Abashiri, Hakodate Onuma, Sapporo is possible experience with such Baratogawa Ishikari. Drilling work on the ice from those that challenge course on your own, you can also get help towards the guide. I am waiting battle on ice is in Hokkaido, is not to say that that can deliciously in the tempura after the course caught. ■ price of fee rates smelt fishing is different also depending on the conditions, but you can enjoy from around 4,000 yen to 5,000 yen. ■ are many plans that can be enjoyed in rooms season winter.

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