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Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)

北海道 / 函館・大沼・松前
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アイスパーク・スノーマン(ICEPARK SNOWMAN)の特徴

In Onuma 遊船, you can boating and such pleasure boat experience in the lake ♪ Hokkaido one of the best of the scenic spots, water walking in leisurely excursion boat and boat at Lake Onuma. Please enjoy in the motorboat of exhilaration enjoy. In addition, winter ice domination in the snowmobile! In the wilderness of Onuma, We look forward to welcoming staff customers the help of memories making the motto!

アイスパーク・スノーマン(ICEPARK SNOWMAN) のギャラリー


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