Ice Park Snowman (ICEPARK SNOWMAN)Ice Park Snowman

Hokkaido / Hakodate-Onuma Matsumae
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I want to go many times.

Anyway psycho ~! It was.
While leaving footprints on the fresh snow of no Onuma, sucking clear air, enjoying the scenery, exciting while watching footsteps of the fox ....
And, we looked at the swan and duck slowly and closely.
ガイドさん‼︎ ありがとうございました(^^)

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Very fun!

This time for the first time I experienced fishing fishing. It was from Hakodate, but it arrived in about 40 minutes, and transportation costs did not go roundtrip 1,000 yen, so I was able to visit easily. The staff was very friendly, taught me and talked happily. Although I was not able to raise it well at first at first, I was able to escape, but after grasping a knack, I was very happy to have a big fascia caught. Although it sometimes was sunny, it was not as cold as I thought, and I could do it in a plastic house again. Although I caught not only the wakasagi but also the spider mackerel well, I was able to do deep-fried only because the wakasagi was the only thing I remembered was really bad luck It is 500 yen for me to deep-fried but when it is not enough quantitatively The shop 's person will supply us with a sticker. Of course, it separates from those we caught, but comparing it, it was soft and delicious, as it was already acquired! I think that I also want to go there soon.

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Smelt fishing
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It is an ice park snowman.
Thank you for reviewing the fish fishing. In a few days you will be able to enjoy "fish fishing on ice". . . A spectacular panoramic tour of the reservation system will be OPEN soon. Enjoy fishing here at a private fishing spot! Moreover, 100 bombs can catch normally. I am waiting for the use of another. Thank you very much. .

Smelt fishing

It was not as cold as I thought, I enjoyed it enough. Although I could not catch much, I had an unexpected experience. Tempura of rice bran was also delicious.

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Smelt fishing
Better-than-expected speed!

I had thought that want to ride every time I see on the slopes, Nante when No way ride to come.
Better-than-expected sense of speed, you can experience. But I face was painful cold and the wind.
But it is not relevant because it was fun. Lol

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