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[Yokohama] Small group tour (2-hour course) to enjoy the city and waterside of Yokohama with SUP

  • Beginners welcome - First try
  • Solo participant
  • Charter possible
  • Operate rain or shine
  • Children welcome
  • Photo gifts
  • Possible number of bookings
  • Participating age
    10Age ~ 70 Age
  • Duration
    1~2 hours

Yokohama You can enjoy the waterfront of Ooka River and Minato Mirai city with SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) that is easy for anyone to learn.
The scenery seen from SUP is another world. Whether you are new to Yokohama or local, please try a new hands-on Yokohama tour. I hope you can discover the new Yokohama. We can handle from beginner training to 6km middle tour for experienced people. SUPA (Japan Sap Association) or SIJ (Japan Sapp Leaders Association) certified instructors will provide training and guidance. As a general rule, we have adopted a small number of Number of participants systems that allow a sufficient separation distance, and incorporate a prior movie class in the riding course to minimize contact opportunities. It is School that has taken measures to prevent the spread of infection. I also take a lot of photos during the tour, so after SUP is also fun

Even people of all ages who have no experience in water sports can row immediately.

It is safe for those who want to experience SUP for the first time. Rivers and canals without waves can stand and row in about 10 minutes unless it is stormy! Departing from the Ooka River and going around Minatomirai, I think that the way back is stable like a lie. There are individual differences, but some children can row alone from the 4th grade of elementary school. Those who are exercising on a daily basis even in their 60s are mastered once. Experienced players will be attended by longer courses and faster boards.

Practice on the surface of the water, which is not easily affected by waves and wind and is easy for beginners to row

Unlike the sea, rivers and canals in the city are less susceptible to wind and do not make waves. The surface of the water is usually flat, so it is the best slope for beginners to practice. You can rest assured that you are wearing a life jacket even if the water falls. The water quality is cleaner than I expected and there are many fish. Please feel free to join us as it is not dirty. Even families with children can participate with peace of mind. An instructor certified by the Japan Sapp Association or the Japan Sap Instructor Association, who is familiar with Yokohama, will provide support and guidance.

After-sales is fun at SUP in the city!

After going around the central block of Yokohama, you will be hungry with your physical strength. There are many shops and lunch spots with delicious beer nearby. It can also be reserved as an attraction before a banquet with friends. The rice after SUP is the best. Ask your instructor about recommended shops nearby. In addition, there is Kuroyu Onsen after 15:00, so why not go there? It feels good. In addition, we will also introduce you to the Yokohama cycling tour that was in the Corona era and a delicious take-out lunch.


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    Detailed information of this plan

    Required minimum number of participants 1 Person(s)
    Possible number of bookings 1~8
    About duration
    1~2 hours
    About 2.5 hours including changing clothes and orientation. The SUP class is about 90 minutes.
    Operating period one Year I'm doing inside!
    Assembly time <AM> 9:20 <PM> 13:00, 15:30 (summer only)
    Booking deadline until 19:59 the day before

    Changing room Toilet
    Shower Parking

    Dress code - Must bring items ・ Please wear a hat, rush guard, swimsuit, drinking water, (glasses band), and polyester-based clothes with good drainage.・ Please refrain from wearing jeans, cotton pants, or cotton shirts.・ Don't forget to change your clothes. ・ Please bring warm clothes such as a windbreaker in autumn and early spring.
    About rental items Wet suit ・ ・ ・ 1000 yen. It is not necessary from May to October except when it rains. If necessary, please pay locally by cash or PayPay

    Matters require attention ・ If you are late, please be sure to call us. Please be careful not to mistake it for other SUP schools ・ The tour may be photographed and uploaded to SNS etc., please declare in advance if you do not want to be photographed ・ Please refrain from participating due to hangover, lack of sleep, cold ..・ The cancellation fee will be 50% the day before and 100% on the day. In case of cancellation, we will contact you by email by the morning of the day. Please be sure to check your email before you go out.・ If you are an experienced SUP and want to row a long distance or bring a board, please contact us in advance.
    Other notifications ・ Luggage can be stored at the office. There is a valuables locker.・ Please use the coin parking lot along the opposite bank river.・ There is a coin shower near our shop for 300 yen. (Please refrain from using it as much as possible from the viewpoint of preventing corona infection.) ・ If you rent a winter wet suit, please let us know the size etc. in advance. ・ Wet boots and wet socks with cold protection are not rented.

    Plan attractions

    プランの魅力 It is a small group of detailed beginner training の画像

    It is a small group of detailed beginner training At Mizubeso, a small number of people are conducting careful beginner training. SUPA (Japan SUP Association) certified instructors or SIJ (Japan SUP Instructors Association) certified instructors will give careful training according to the physical strength and skill of the participants. Children and seniors can participate with peace of mind. In addition, in the case of group participation with a large number of people, we will reserve enough support staff to guide you.

    プランの魅力 Experience with peace of mind on the calm water surface without waves の画像

    Experience with peace of mind on the calm water surface without waves The rivers in the city, which are not easily affected by waves and wind, are ideal as a slope to experience SUP for the first time. You will be able to stand and row in about 20 minutes. The water quality is cleaner than you think, so it won't get dirty even if it falls. There are also many fish.

    プランの魅力 Free shooting at the superb view point on the water の画像

    Free shooting at the superb view point on the water Departing from the pier of the Ooka River, a commemorative photo was taken in the middle of Minatomirai. Immerse yourself in a strange sense of superiority that seems to monopolize this landscape. We will take a lot of pictures, so please share this mysterious experience with your friends and family. I also think that the shared experience with friends and family will create a sense of solidarity. It is also an interesting part of SUP in the city that people wave their hands from the bridge. Immerse yourself in the superiority complex of the harbor.

    プランの魅力 Riverside waterside villa の画像

    Riverside waterside villa Mizubeso faces the river. The changing room on the 2nd floor is sunny and well ventilated. River view. You can see the cherry blossoms in spring. You can also store your luggage, so please feel free to come.

    プランの魅力 If you are intermediate or above, you can also get a separate guide. の画像

    If you are intermediate or above, you can also get a separate guide. For those who can row more than 2.5km non-stop, we will guide you to a longer course in a separate frame. You can enjoy a total of 5km speedily. The available date depends on the instructor's spare time, but please contact us.

    プランの魅力 Seasonal planning tours such as Sakura SUP の画像

    Seasonal planning tours such as Sakura SUP For SUP masters, we will guide you to a planned tour according to the season. Especially, the cherry blossom viewing SUP tour that goes back to the famous cherry blossom river Ooka River is impressive. Please go through the endless tunnel of cherry blossoms with SUP. In addition, we will attend various long courses for those who can row. This is a limited-time, SUP-experienced tour, so please come to Mizubeso for beginners.

    Access - Map

    2-163 Hinodecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
    Assembly point

    Mizubeso (near Ooka River Kogane Bridge, next to Koganeso) Please be careful not to mistake it for another company's SUP school

    If you arrive by car

    About 10 minutes from "Hananoki IC". There is coin parking along the opposite bank river

    If you arrive by train

    About 5 minutes on foot from "Keikyu Hinodecho Station"

    If you arrive by other means of transportation

    Bicycles and motorcycles can also be parked.

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    Selling points regarding safety

    The training will be provided by an instructor certified by the Japan Sap Association or the Japan Sap Leaders Association, or a small boat operator who is familiar with Yokohama. We also have a sufficient number of support staff so you can learn sap safely. In addition, as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we will hold a school with a small number of people and a sufficient distance. Reduce contact opportunities on the day by distributing video lectures in advance. We do not neglect sterilization measures such as paddles and life jackets. We also have a system for contacting participants in the unlikely event that an infection is discovered.

    Insurance information Recreational accident insurance
    License and Qualifications SUPA (Japan Sap Association) Certified Instructor, SIJ (Japan Sap Leaders Association) Certified Instructor, Small Vessel License Level 1 or Level 2
    Member organizations and associations SUPA (Japan Sap Association), SIJ (Japan Sap Leaders Association)
    Number of staff 10
    Number of instructors 10

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