What is a company trip? Introducing recommended areas, activities and experiences!

What is a company trip? Introducing recommended areas, activities and experiences!
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This time Company trip featured.

Explain the purpose and benefits of employee travel.
Together Recommended areas, activities and experiences for employee trips also introduced.

Please refer to the article and consider a company trip.

What is a company trip?

Purpose of company trip
  • Activate communication with members who do not have opportunities to talk in daily work
  • Learning new things through teamwork and challenges
  • building team building
  • Giving employees the opportunity to change and refresh
Benefits of employee trips
  • Able to communicate with members of other departments
  • Gain new experiences and discoveries in unusual environments
  • You can change your mood and refresh yourself

What is employee travel? A trip to get away from daily work and interact not only with the same team but also with people from other departments .
Compared to the bubble period of the late 1980s and early 1990s, the number of companies conducting employee trips has decreased.

However, experience in an environment separate from daily work Company trips have many benefits I have.
When I'm working, I don't interact with members who have nothing to do with my work, so I rarely have the opportunity to talk to them.

If it is a company trip, you will be able to talk more by forming a team with members who usually do not have the chance to talk. Also, new awareness is born, and you can also make use of it in your work.
If you conduct a company trip in an area rich in nature, Change of pace It will also be

Feel free to stay, not stay Half day/Day trip It is also recommended to carry out the .

Recommended areas for employee trips

Below, Recommended areas for employee trips Carefully selected.

Good access from central Tokyo Okutama , one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations Okinawa or Hokkaido I'd like to introduce_______

Recommended area for employee trips 1: Okutama

Image of enjoying rafting in Okutama ELEANOR

Only about 90 minutes from the city center Surrounded by nature while having excellent access Okutama .
The location is good and you can go on a day trip, so it's perfect for company trips.

Recommended activities for employee trips in Okutama are: BBQ (barbecue) at an old private house + moss ball making experience .

Sharing the work and enjoying a meal over the BBQ should be a lively conversation with members who usually don't have the chance to talk. .
You can also refresh yourself by immersing yourself in the moss ball making experience, which is popular as a stylish interior!

[Tokyo / Ome City] 3 minutes on foot from Mitake Station Hands-free old private house barbecue (BBQ) Mitake dining room & moss ball making experience

forest hut
7,000 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review and testimonial)

You can enjoy BBQ while feeling the nature of Mitake Valley up close, using an old private house with a history of over 150 years in Mitake, Tokyo. Full BBQ content Fresh vegetables (cabbage, onions, carrots, eggplants, green peppers, etc.), meat (beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken thighs, etc.), BBQ iron plate, yakisoba, etc. are waiting for you. soft

[Tokyo/Okutama/Ome] Excellent access! Enjoy the nature of Okutama with rafting♪

5,500 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (3 reviews and testimonials)

[River rafting] This is an outdoor sport where you work together with your friends on a raft boat for 8 people (with 1 guide) to go down the mountain stream. You can enjoy the superb view of nature that you can't imagine in Tokyo. The water of the Tama River is really beautiful~ There are many ways to enjoy the tour, such as playing in the river, jumping from rocky areas, and floating without thinking about anything. By all means, Oku

[Tokyo/Okutama] Beginners are welcome with a guide! A cycling tour around Okutama's great nature♪ Okutama Mukashimichi Course

trek ring
11,500 Yen~ (tax included)

This plan is our most popular Okutama Mukashimichi course♪ Tour time is 13:00-16:30 for 3.5 hours. Meet at 12:30 (Please finish lunch) Rent from the morning and join the tour! Or you can join the tour only! (Capacity 6 people: minimum 2 people, guide 1 person) We will guide you efficiently to the recommended points of Okutama.

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Recommended area for employee trips 2: Okinawa

Image of employee trip to Okinawa

Warm and comfortable all year round Okinawa is one of Japan's leading tourist destinations.
White sand beach and beautiful sea are the biggest attractions is.

Chartered charter boat for employee trips in Okinawa Sea Technico (Sea

Okinawa is full of tropical mood and makes you feel open.
cruise or Marine Sports How about renting out a full tour and enjoying it?

If all employees have a good time together, the cohesion will increase even more!

[Okinawa, Ishigaki Island, Taketomi Island, Kohama Island] Group use such as graduation trips and employee trips! Half-day charter boat! Customize your experience!

Sea Technico
Iriomote Island and other Yaeyama Islands (Yubu Island and Barasu Island)
70,000 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 4.3
  • (2 reviews and testimonials)

Departure and arrival places & You can play by chartering a ship without choosing an island to arrive and depart! You can depart from Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal for Ishigaki Island, Kohama Port for Kohama Island, and Taketomi Port for Taketomi Island. Since the boat is chartered, you can create memories with only limited people such as friends, couples, families, and relatives! There are many unexplored sea points that are not visited on regular tours.

[Miyakojima] Limited to one group per day! Fully reserved marine enjoyment plan! (9:00-16:00)

Sea Breeze Five Ocean Miyakojima
Miyako Island (Irabu Island, Shimoji Island, Kurima Island, Ikema Island)
200,000 Yen~ (tax included)

From 9:00 to 16:00, this is the best plan that allows you to fully enjoy marine activities, fully chartered, with no limit on the number of people! ! In addition to jet skiing, you can enjoy marine activities such as banana boats, marble towing tubes, wakeboards, etc. for a full day! ! Of course, two veteran staff members will be on hand to assist you.

All-you-can-eat 7 types of marine sports for 3 hours All-you-can-eat for 1 group "43,000 yen" for any number of people

Five Ocean
Nago/Motobu/Sesoko Island/Minna Island/Kouri Island
50,000 circle 43,000 Yen~ (tax included)
Discount campaign in progress!
  • 4.8
  • (2 reviews and testimonials)

It's a plan where you can freely enjoy marine sports for 3 hours with only couples, families, and friends! ! It's a charter and the same rate for any number of people is 43,000 yen. You can play as many times as you like during the three-hour experience period~(⌒0⌒)/~~※[Please choose a start time between 9:00 and 15:00. (3 hour course)] BBQ is also possible (^_^) 4000 yen per person Fa

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Recommended area for employee trips 3: Hokkaido

Enjoying survival games on a company trip in Hokkaido Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)

boasts a vast land Hokkaido .
It is attractive that you can experience the expressions of the four seasons and the great outdoors. is.

Recommended for company trips in Hokkaido, Survival game (survival game) .
Survival game (survival game) is a shooting game divided into an enemy team and an allied team, mainly using airsoft guns and BB bullets.

Survival game image of Sapporo, Hokkaido Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)

Bonds are deepened through the game, as you think about how you can win with your friends and take action. .

Advantageous plan with Sabage (survival game) + BBQ (barbecue) There is also!

[Hokkaido/Sapporo City] Survival game in Hokkaido's wilderness field!

Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)
4,500 Yen~ (tax included)

About 20 minutes by car from central Sapporo! Would you like to enjoy a survival game in the Hokkaido wilderness field? Even beginners will be given a lecture, so you can feel free to experience it. It is also popular as a group recreation for companies and team building. Unusual play in real life! 〇 Number of users: 4 or more (8 to 20 people, recommended number of people) 〇 Usage time: 3 hours (reception

[Hokkaido/Sapporo] Survival game in Hokkaido's wilderness field !! & charcoal barbecue !!

Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)
7,000 Yen~ (tax included)

About 20 minutes by car from central Sapporo! Would you like to enjoy a survival game in the Hokkaido wilderness field? Even beginners will be given a lecture, so you can feel free to experience it. It is also popular as a group recreation for companies and team building. Unusual play in real life! Survival game + charcoal barbecue (buffet & free drink 90 minutes) 〇 User

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Recommended area for employee trips 4: Hyogo

A group of men and women who enjoy forest adventures in Hyogo Forest Adventure Asago (FOREST)

It faces the Sea of Japan to the north and the Seto Inland Sea to the south. Hyogo .
Representing Hyogo in the north Resort area, Kannabe Plateau surrounded by greenery Harima It is also popular for company trips.

On company trips, we have a " forest adventure How about "?

The largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, Awaji Island . Enjoy the view of Awaji Island, known as "Hyogo's Hawaii" BBQ experience Also recommended.
If you look at the superb view and taste the gourmet food, you should be able to have more conversations with your friends!

[Hyogo/Okugami Nabe] Group plan that can be enjoyed with a 300 yen discount applied for 8 or more people ♪

Forest Adventure Okukami Nabe
3,600 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a group discount plan that you can enjoy forest adventure that adults can enjoy at a great price. Please come and have fun with college students who are on vacation, family and friends! 8 to 20 people. We can accommodate various customers such as group trips, corporate training, and forest schools. (Please contact us for the number of participants) "Forest Adventure Okukannabe"

☆ [Hyogo/Himeji/Nishiharima] Excellent access from Takeda Castle! Forest Adventure (adventure course)

Forest Adventure Asago
4,000 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review and testimonial)

The adventure course is the standard course of Forest Adventure. A dynamic and most difficult course that takes advantage of the characteristics of the forest. The height and length of the course will give you an extraordinary experience. The most thrilling [Tarzan Swing] can only be experienced on this adventure course. An adventure that adults can play seriously

[Hyogo/Akashi] BBQ plan to enjoy in a location overlooking the sea! (Empty-handed and easy ingredients included)

5,000 Yen~ (tax included)
  • 5.0
  • (1 review and testimonial)

Would you like to enjoy BBQ in a location overlooking the sea? It is an easy plan that does not require preparation because you can come empty-handed.

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Recommended area for employee trips 4: Fukushima

Woman enjoying survival game in Fukushima R-GUN

Tokyo Although there is an image that it is far from the Fukushima .
The beauty of nature is that you can enjoy fresh seafood, fruits, and seasonal expressions. is.

Activities that allow you to experience nature are popular on company trips.
get in touch with nature Farming/harvesting experience Aim for victory in cooperation with friends Survival game (survival game) is recommended is.

Day trip experience [Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture] Children are welcome. Seasonal farm work and harvest experience with farmers. For corporate training and food education for adults! [Exploration D type]

Nihonmatsu City Towa Area Green Tourism Promotion Council Secretariat
1,500 Yen~ (tax included)

It is a plan where you can experience farming while interacting with farmers. You can experience seasonal farm work with farmers, such as making seedlings in spring, planting seedlings in May, and harvesting vegetables in summer. The experience and the crops to be harvested depend on the farmer where the experience is held and the crops of the season, so please look forward to it. We will visit the farmer's field and house, and work while being taught by the farmer. spring to autumn

[Fukushima Prefecture, Nihonmatsu City] Farmer's stay & farming experience, let's experience life in Satoyama-Winter version-2 nights and 3 days (Area 1) [Exploration C type]

Nihonmatsu City Towa Area Green Tourism Promotion Council Secretariat
14,980 Yen~ (tax included)

Farm stay and agricultural experience in Towa's satoyama surrounded by nature in the "Kenhoku region" of Fukushima Prefecture *Farm stay cannot be specified. This is a request, so please understand. A 3-day, 2-night plan that nurtures an appreciation for the blessings of nature, food, and agriculture through experiencing seasonal satoyama and farming and interacting with the people at the inn ★Experience plan at a farm inn - winter Season example (1st day

[Fukushima/Iwaki] Full-fledged indoor survival game/facility charter plan

R-GUN studio
30,000 Yen~ (tax included)

A group of barricades placed in a building of about 300 tsubo, and a long 50m outdoor shooting range. Only those who have experienced it can experience the ultimate thrill and the pleasure of defeating an enemy. Cooperating with friends will give you the greatest sense of accomplishment. Please try to experience this excitement. This is the fee for renting the venue. Rental and consumables are not included.

Recommended activities and experiences for company trips

Below, Recommended activities and experiences for company trips Carefully selected.

Please spend a meaningful time through activities!

Escape Game

Escape Game

Escape Game What is An activity that aims to escape within the time limit by solving problems while cooperating with friends .
To learn to work with others, great for team building is.

Most of the facilities that hold escape games Tokyo most of them.
If you want to participate in an escape game in other areas, please check the ranking below!



Rafting What is An activity to enjoy river rafting on a small rubber boat .
Row down the torrent while cooperating with your friends to row and shift your weight depending on the flow.

A sense of unity is created by overcoming the torrent together, so it is perfect for company trips. .
Excitement and exhilaration There is, so you can enjoy it!

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Survival game (survival game)

Sabage (survival game) Snowmobile Land Sapporo (Wonderland Sapporo)

Survival game (survival game) is a popular activity these days.
The rules are different for each game, such as capturing the enemy's flag while shooting each other, or competing for the number of survivors.

Sabage (survival game) is a team battle where you think about strategies with your friends and work together to defeat the enemy. .
It may be surprising, but it is also recommended for company trips because it is common to team building.
You can learn "to cooperate" and "to help each other" while having fun!

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Disaster prevention camp/survival camp

Disaster prevention camp/survival camp KIBOTCHA

Learn to do group work and cooperate Disaster prevention camp/survival camp .
You can learn practical things such as disaster prevention, fire starting, cooking, etc., so it will be useful in case of an emergency.

It is also attractive to be able to think for yourself about "what to do" and take initiative in any situation. .
You should be able to use what you learned at the disaster prevention camp and survival camp in your work!

[Miyagi/Higashimatsushima] Supervised by the Self-Defense Forces OB! Uninhabited island experience! Full-fledged disaster prevention camp where you can learn while playing with accommodation! 《KIBOTCHA》【Inquirer type B】

Matsushima and Shiogama
33,000 Yen~ (tax included)

======================== Don't forget 3.11 Connect to learning for the future ============= =========== Former Nobiru Elementary School, which was damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake and closed its curtains, has been reborn as a disaster prevention experience-based lodging facility 《KIBOTCHA》

[Shizuoka Prefecture Asagiri] [Useful for disasters] Practical survival camp STEP1 "Think about disasters, eat, drink"

Sunnyside Outdoor School
6,500 Yen~ (tax included)

We will use camping tools and knowledge to practice "escape, eat, and drink", which are necessary in the event of a major disaster. ~ Flow of the day ~ ① Precautions (10 minutes) ② Cooking rice preparation (15 minutes) ③ Escape (30 minutes) ④ Eat (30 minutes) ⑤ Drink (30 minutes) ⑥ Looking back (15 minutes)

Book an employee trip at Activity Japan!

Enjoying planning a company trip

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of employee trips to learn about team building while enjoying various activities.

Activity Japan is holding activities and experiences that can be used for company trips nationwide!

Please check!

*The information in this article is current as of March 2023.

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