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Information about forest adventure experiences, clothing, and what to bring

What to do if you want to experience a forest adventure - Forest adventure is an outdoor attraction that makes the most of natural trees and spaces. The exhilarating and liberating feeling of moving through the air from tree to tree, and the fact that you can fully enjoy nature.


Japanese fishing professionals and boat fishing masters

Japan's three major fishing masters, who is the first person? - The first person is Mr. Tetsuya Takahashi, a professional angler who is familiar on TV. Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture on January 30, 1965, he grew up enjoying fishing from elementary school, and when he entered high school, his father opened a guest house on Miyake Island, so the family moved...


Ama breaks new record in diving

Dive into the sea with skin diving without equipment! - Normal diving uses breathing aids, but in skin diving, you dive without using any equipment. Even if you are an amateur, if you are a healthy person, you will soon be able to dive about 5m. Also, a trained professional...


Enjoy the Seto Inland Sea with snorkeling!

Is it possible to snorkel in the Seto Inland Sea? - In the warm Seto Inland Sea, there are many leisure spots that you can experience with your whole body. The Kuroshio Current, one of the world's largest warm currents, flows along the coast of Tosa Bay in Kochi Prefecture, which is rich in food and many whales migrate. Looking at it "Whoa...


How to enjoy snorkeling even if you have bad eyesight

I usually wear contacts, but can I snorkel? - In conclusion, you can snorkel with your contacts on! Hard lenses that are expensive and easy to fall off, soft lenses that absorb bacteria and become dirty, etc. are originally contact lenses.


When can you surf

When can you surf - Surfing is the sport of riding waves in the ocean. It is popular for its exhilarating feeling in sports against nature. In fact, Japan is surrounded by four seas, has various topography, and has four seasons.


What is the difference between rafting and line kudari?

Rafting and line rafting, explanation of each - I will explain the differences between the two river rafting. Rafting first. This is a rubber boat with several people and rowing by themselves. And enjoy it by plunging into the rapids with white waves! We're in trouble ourselves...


Tools and equipment necessary for canoeing and kayaking

Do you know about the equipment used in canoes and kayaks? - Canoes and kayaks look similar but are different. What is different is the paddle, which is a tool for rowing water. Canadian canoes are "single-blade" with only one side of the blade that catches water.


Famous surfing points in Japan

Where is Japan's Mecca for surfing? It is also famous for its four seasons and typhoons that attract the attention of overseas surfers. Spring in spring...


How to improve wakeboarding for beginners

Recommended marine sports that even beginners can easily do - Marine sports become more popular in the summer, but surfing and flyboarding require technique and are not something that beginners can enjoy right away. And if you go with friends...

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