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Pink Mermaid (Pink Mermaid)Pink Mermaid (Pink Mermaid)

Okinawa / west coast, east coast

Trying to share with everyone the best of memories!

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☆ Absolutely recommended ☆

For the first time of the trip to Okinawa, daughter is 1 year old and small for marine sports is OK that there is, but there was also some other photos from any and 1 year old, but I had given up looking happily decided to here It was! !
Correspondence towards Taffeta my pink mermaid away late in the day time under .. was very impressed to say is okay slow yo ~ and really kind and smile! Nothing very great experience while I think that I wish not sorry to me I will kindly tell me cradling a smile even to the daughter of under .. from beginning to end crying leave and you do not know is full with the feeling of gratitude can be a family for the first time also those of the instructors ! It became hot topic in the memories of Okinawa No. 1 in the story of snorkeling from the back!
Absolutely also here ♡

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Participation date: August 2014
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Thank you for choosing our shop from among many shops. I'm very pleased to be able to help one of your memories in Okinawa. If you have the opportunity to visit Okinawa again, please come and visit. .

Snorkel together with one year old child

I felt the charm of what I could do with my 1 year old child and chose it.
Even though my child fell asleep and forced me to wake up, I was so happy that the staff was friendly to my children and did not make me feel uncomfortable (^. ^)
I also want to get revenge for children to wake up!
Thank you very much.

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Participation date: September, 2017
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Thank you very much for using our shop this time!
I am also pleased that such a wonderful message ^ ^

Apparently it seems that the child has fallen asleep.
Pukapuka on the sea, did Yurayura feel comfortable? ^ ^

Please let us guide the sea of ​​Okinawa again.

I could go snorkelling even when I was one year old and enjoyed it!

I came to Okinawa with my 1 year old child and the snorkel was giving up but I was able to do it with Pink Mermaid, so it was really nice! It was my first time to have a snorkel so it was a lot of fun. A lot of fish were seen and my daughter just floated and did not see the fish sleeping properly and seeing the scenic point of the crucial blue cave, but I was able to snorkel securely to the sea with me It was a good memory. At first it was stupid to dislike the wet suit, but as I entered the sea and shook up floating, it became quiet and comfortable I went into the blue cave and it was drowsy and fell asleep fast. It was a tour that I enjoyed enough with my 1 year old child. It was also a season and there were lots of people, it was a bit noisy, but despite rain forecasts it was sunny and it was after the typhoon so the color of the sea was clear and it was a very good condition day.

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Participation date: September, 2017
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Hello ^ ^ Thank you for using this shop and this kind of wonderful message this time!
One year old sister seemed to have fallen asleep, but it was so nice to have everyone enjoy the sea of ​​Okinawa.

I had a happening, but I think that it was good.

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My son was having fun

The Osaka instructor enjoyed it very hard. It was a good memory. I'd like to use it again.

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Joined date: May 2017
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Good morning. Thank you for visiting our store this time.
It is a great honor even if we made it to our shop that you enjoyed it.
If you have another opportunity to visit Okinawa, please come and visit. .

The first snorkelling in my family! It became the best memories!

First of all, I was deeply moved by the plan to be able to snorkel together with my little son, I found it on the web and applied immediately. Particularly I was attracted by the limited-offer charter.
There was a small child who was prone to irregularities and something, and it became a reliable material.

The day we met.
An instructor from Osaka, who is a wonderful smile and a fun talk, was in charge of me and also living in Osaka, so it was also very nice to have fun and entertaining communication from the beginning.
I think that the son who was the first time to enter firmly in the sea, not the beach, was able to enjoy familiar and enjoy it, thanks to the instructor.

I was able to attach a life jacket and fins tightly, so I was able to enjoy the husband of the beginner smoothly.
(The weak husband in the shake eventually became sluggish, but, (^ ^;)

Although I was able to enjoy enough even while going swimming and moving, the cave was still the best!
Blue Lagoon ___ 0 Natural white sand, light to insert, transparent water surface to reflect, sea shining in light blue or blue. It was a truly impressive experience!
I was able to experience the excitement together with my family, and it made me really good memories!
Thank you very much!

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Participation date: April 2017
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Thank you very much for participating in our shop tour.
It is a pleasure to have you glad and make it our shop.
We are looking forward to your participation. .

And children of the 1-year-old, 5-year-old

In January of the cold season, further enter the child and the sea of ​​1-year-old was worried because it was the first time. Furthermore weather Dari stopped or raining or rain. But was worried until the last minute, toward the staff is cold measures was also able to attend all fun because with us to firmly support. Precisely because not entrust their children to the Child, I think that parents also were able to enjoy in peace.
Also thank you in here when I went to Okinawa next time.

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I'm sorry for the late reply.
We also make wet suits for children for winter, summer and all custom made.
Next time we will be waiting for the summer.
Thank you very much for your participation. .

Blue cave!

2歳とゆう イヤイヤ期な子を 嫌な顔せず 一生懸命あやしながら飽きないように 沢山 声をかけて頂きました。 子供もすごく楽しそうで とても良い体験をさせて頂きました! 絶対オススメです!

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Thank you I am to choose a shop out of a lot of shops.
We will be waiting for further opportunities. .

Participation and daughter of 1-year-old three months

This time, there is a clash with sleepy children time, crying, I was or went to sleep, I think that it was a good experience. Photos also became a fun time I will take a lot.
In addition, I want to revenge to take children ♬

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We choose our shop from among the many shops, Thank you very much.
Also if you have the opportunity, please come to play.
Thank you for your hard work. .