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Okhotsk Shizendo (Okhotsk Jinendo)Okhotsk Shizendo (Okhotsk Jinendo)

北海道 / 網走・北見・知床

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Trekking of the virgin forest on Shiretoko Goko and Shiretoko Peninsula

We took a boy with a small city of urban city and took part in a family of three. I was taking the child's school as a main event of resting, but I had a very meaningful day. Although I was blessed with the seasons and the weather, I kept walking for nearly 4 hours across the lunch break, but it was comfortable trekking. Mr. Umebayashi's explanation also depends on knowledge of history, cultural climate, geography, animals and plants, not only for children, but also for us. I also like the Shiretoko Peninsula very much and now I'd like to experience Shiretoko Peninsula's four seasons.

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参加日: 2017 年 09 月
Trekking (climbing / hiking)

Very careful correspondence received. it was fun!

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参加日: 2017 年 09 月
Trekking (climbing / hiking)
Shiretoko 5 Lake

Just walking was a pleasant exploration while teaching various things about 90 minutes, Shiretoko nature, brown bear, including living things, plants
I was made to think what to do in order to leave this amazing nature ❗
Also when I get tired in city life I want to go to heal.

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参加日: 2017 年 08 月
Trekking (climbing / hiking)
Lake Shiretoko who went to the Golden Week

It happened to be like a summer day, the snow melted, so I took a gold lake to Golden week. From the guide, I got a call when I was able to walk from tomorrow the day before and joined with delight.
Fresh weather and refreshing temperatures just right to walk.
While doing bird watching with the binoculars prepared by the guide, walk slowly, teach me the nail of the bear, the footprints of the deer and the fox, and take pictures of the water basho and the lake Did.
Although there were some people who did not attach the guide, as you can explain it in various ways, the view of the scenery, how it looks also changes, I think I enjoyed it twice.
I'd also like to go to a different season.

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参加日: 2017 年 05 月
Trekking (climbing / hiking)
I am very satisfied! It is!

Although I was concerned about weather, thanks to the tent I enjoyed it without hitting the wind. The feeling of fishing was fun and the time passed quickly! Although I was wondering whether I should go by myself, I thought that I was happy to ask you to experience this guide and the polite guidance of the guide, with points of preparation and transfer. Even if it is first time, I am satisfied with no problems, I am caught as busy as I can. And above all, fried deliciousness! It is! It became really good memories! When I go to Abashiri again I would like to take care of you! It is!

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参加日: 2017 年 03 月
Smelt fishing
Stroll through the forest of the World Natural Heritage Shiretoko

It was unfortunately of light rain September 23 days, 8: We participated in 30 courses. Guide in charge of: was Meilin song Kanako like. Because it was trekking in the rain, it seems to have survived very for those who also rainwear, boots, etc. do not have have been available. The time I was able to spend meaningful without encountering brown bear slowly the 3km course. The process of seed to a fallen tree grows fell felt the sturdiness in the very severe nature.

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参加日: 2016 年 09 月
Trekking (climbing / hiking)
Shiretoko Five Lakes tour

Recently it became very indebted. Blessed with fine weather, we were 3 hours of a blink thanks to the easy-to-understand guide fun of Bairin's, was able to enjoy the wilderness of the charm of Shiretoko. I would like to also visit a different season. Thank you!

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参加日: 2016 年 08 月
Trekking (climbing / hiking)